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Silence, Quito & St. Therese

Silence Is Golden


Re: Science says silence is much more important to our brains than we think.

We have forgotten all our old adages "silence is golden". Noise and ruckus is moving away from God, moving to and accepting silence is allowing God in and to speak, it is what brings peace, tranquility.

It is funny how you always see these pics of people going into the woods or on a lake to just absorb the silence to bring peace and calm into their lives...

They do know that "silence is golden," but nobody seems to embrace it in their lives - shut off the TV, the radio, take away the noise. But it is very hard, if you are used to noise the moment you try to remove it, it is like any addiction. The body can't seem to take it. The soul is not at peace.


Betraying Founding Principles


Re: SSPX in Quito: Final Balance

Atila Guimaraes, Marian Horvat and other holy people at TIA are merely trying to defend the convent of Quito, and Our Lady of Good Success against lesser minds and compromised principles.

With the continuing SSPX betrayal of its founding principles, the SSPX is spiritually unprepared to take over the convent of Quito, a convent steeped in holiness and relevance for all Time. Some of the present nuns at Quito certainly have learned nothing from Mother Mariana.

The present-day defensive and compromised SSPX seems to be projecting its recent petty and cultish behavior upon others.

     J.S., Ph.D.


Strong Link between Our Lady of Good Success & Dr. Plinio

Dear TIA,

Re: TFP in Quito: Final Balance

Thank you for this latest article. Thank Atila too.

So good to know the truth.

     Our Lady keep us close.



Pro-Homo Trump

Dear TIA,

Here is a (truly shameful) Tweet posted by Trump recently.

Statements like these from Trump prove he is controlled opposition. This is why the leftists haven't impeached or assassinated him already: he does their bidding while pretending to be a conservative. He is only bringing the Nation further and further to the left.


     Mark J. Williams


Was He Sent to a Reeducation Camp?


Re: Sheen a fan of Teilhard

It is confusing and sad to distinguish Fulton J. Sheen pre- Vatican ll and post V-ll. He seemed to the masses to be mostly not only good but excellent pre-Vll and some have said he was sent to a reeducation camp after the council.

He did in fact encourage the faithful to read the Barclay Bible and not say a word about the translation or study notes.

He was said to have endorsed the Billy Graham crusade in New York, a man who preached a false Gospel, telling Catholics to go on and attend and listen to a Protestant who had not Catholic Divine Faith in Jesus nor his mission.

Graham had human faith in Jesus and that faith of Protestants has, before they came this country, been one of the main reasons they were not called Christians but separated brethren.

     Mary Mother of divine grace, pray for us.



‘Blessed Ramadan’


Can you believe???

The Viatorian Religious Order is headquartered in Arlington Heights, Illinois, where they sponsor a high school.

This recent picture has been taken from that place.


Blessed Ramadan


Underground Bishops Must Be ‘Patriots’

Dear TIA,

Pope Francis’ answer to a journalist says it all: now, the anti-communist Bishops from the true Chinese Catholic Church, which is underground, are told by the Pope to be “patriots.”

Since the name of the fake and communist “church” is Catholic Patriotic Association (CPA), does one need to be too shrewd to realize that to be “patriot” he needs to comply with the CPA?

Read below, please.


May 29, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – In his recent marathon interview with a Mexican journalist, Pope Francis said “relations with China are good, very good” and that two Chinese bishops – one Vatican-appointed from the “underground” Church and one appointed by the Communist government – with whom he recently met “know that they must be good patriots.”

Original here


Logic of Gun Control


How to save sober drivers...


Gun control


Fr. Martin Celebrates the Month of the Sacred Heart…

Dear TIA,

It is known that June is the month dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Take a look at this snapshot of Twitter showing how Fr. James Martin. S.J. initiates his month of June.

     Fr. P.A.N.

Fr James Martin on June


Charming Story Regarding St. Therese


Sister Marie of the Trinity, favorite novice of St. Therese, writes after the death of Therese:


"When Sister Therese of the Child Jesus was laid in state at the Choir grille, as is the custom, many persons came to see her, and to touch her out of devotion with objects of piety, and even with toys. At this moment, a rather curious thing happened.

"Contrary to the directions of the Servant of God, I did not stop crying, and could not console myself about her death. Then approaching her in order to touch her with a rosary that a person had handed to me, she held it in her fingers. Very delicately I lifted her fingers to move the rosary, but just as soon as I detached it from one finger, it was caught again by another. I repeated this five or six times without any result, and my Little Therese said to me interiorly:

"If you don't smile for me, I will not give it back."

And I answered her, "No, I am too unhappy, and want to cry."

In the meantime, the people behind the grille were wondering what I could be doing for so long a time. I was very embarrassed and begged my Little Therese to let me return the rosary. I pulled on the rosary. It was useless! Then, completely defeated, I began to smile. That was just what she wanted, for immediately, she let go of the rosary of her own accord, and I was able to return the rosary!


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted June 4, 2019

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