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Rome, Birds & Chinese Indoctrination

Will Rome Burn?


With the aftermath of Vatican Council II, the article "Will Rome burn," must be considered in respect to the office of the Papacy and the person who occupies the Chair of Peter. Henry Cardinal Manning in the 1870's wrote a book on the temporal power of the Pope. He interpreted Thessalonians 2, chapter 2, which mentions the fact the Antichrist cannot come until the "restrainer" is taken away and "he" is removed, as relating both to the office of the Pope and the person of the Pope.

Fr. E. Sylvester Berry in his The Apocalypse Explained, wrote Satan will have his Satanic trinity and a false Pope will take the place of the Father and the false prophet the place of the Son.

     Our Lady of Good Success, pray for us.


Fantastic Detective Work!


Re: Trying to Decipher a Scrambled Message

It is this kind of thing that makes it hard to be me, because I would like to send it to everybody but remember that not everyone is at all ready to hear this... and how a born protestant arrives at this point – that would be me?

It shows the way God works.

For canon212 and churchmilitant, the link from which I took this one, is here



Murmuration of Starlings



I thank you, Dear Lord, for your beautiful creation and all the wonderful things within it!



Although I have seen other little videos of murmurations, I have not seen this one before and it is wonderful!

This is absolutely stunning! Better to watch it on a large screen.



Australian School Answering Machine...


The Aussies have a great sense of humor and plenty of common sense. Randy

This one is priceless !!!

This is the actual answering-machine message for the Maroochydore High School in Queensland, Australia.

Wait for the phone to ring for the voice mail.

The Aussies are a practical lot!

Click here to hear the message

     Randy Engel


Women Should Wear Veils in Church

Dearest Tradition in Action,

Re: Jewish Passover celebrated at Brazilian Catholic Parish

Christ Our King: Thy Kingdom Come!

I noticed the women involved in this [Jewish passover in a Catholic Church] had no problems covering their heads and being modestly dressed, even the men seemed more modestly dressed for this "service" compared to how the Catholics here [photo below] dress for their "new" Mass.

As always, be assured of my paternal benediction and prayers, especially at Holy Mass. I remain,

     In Christo Rege,

     Most Rev. Msgr. T. Sebastian

No veil


Fruits of the Vatican Deal with China

Dear TIA,

What was expected to happen is happening. Since the China-Vatican Accord (here, here and here), the Chinese Communist Government is obliging the Underground Catholic priests who want to be faithful to Rome to “convert” to Communism.

And the government is doing so with due approval of the Vatican. Doesn't it sound like the Vatican is doing the work of the Antichrist?

Please, read the news report below.


Indoctrination Classes for Disobedient Catholic Clergy

Yang Xiangwen

Forty-five priests from the Diocese of Zhangjiakou were forced to undergo “ideological conversion classes” to make them join the Patriotic Church.

On May 21, the Zhangjiakou city government in the northern province of Hebei summoned 45 Catholic priests for an indoctrination meeting, organized to force them to join the government-controlled Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association (CPCA).

According to a priest who requested anonymity, they were gathered in a hotel, government- assigned personnel kept guard outside it, and no one was allowed to enter or leave at will. Large numbers of staff were present to conduct group indoctrination activities and one-on-one talks with each priest.

Following the Vatican-China Deal of 2018, the Holy See and the CCP de facto recognized each other’s authority, the former taking for granted the emergence of a “new” church that is loyal both to the Pope and the government, while the latter interpreting the deal to the effect that all should join the Chinese Patriotic Catholic Church. To ensure this, the authorities continue to harass the clergy that refuse to do so.

“They used the Vatican-China agreement to pressure us, implying that even the Pope has agreed that the official and underground churches should be unified. They told us that if we don’t join the CPCA, then we’re disobeying the Pope. That isn’t the case at all!” the priest told Bitter Winter.” ...

“The government also demanded that we raise the national flag, sing the national anthem and patriotic songs in the church. This will be implemented in churches nationwide,” the priest added helplessly. He also mentioned that some priests who refused to compromise with the government have been forced to return home and do other jobs, while the authorities continue to harass them, demanding they write a “statement of guarantee” stating that they are not priests.

“Actually, this is how the government is pressuring us into betraying God,” continued the priest. “On October 13, Father Su Guipeng from the Shadifang parish was placed under house arrest for refusing to join the CPCA and was kept there for over two months. Afterward, he was driven out and forced to return home. This time, the government also summoned him to the indoctrination class.”

Even when priests agree to join the CPCA after continuous pressure, government officials still make them attend indoctrination meetings, coming up with a variety of reasons, such as not sufficient clerical training.

“The CCP is carrying out deep-level indoctrination on these priests to make them completely ‘party-fied,’” said the priest. He added that the ideological transformation events are organized on all levels of governance, to make sure that all priests have been thoroughly transformed.

Despite the heavy-handed pressure, priests in China continue to resist, and the authorities to punish them.

Bitter Winter talked to a priest from the Diocese of Yantai in the eastern province of Shandong who was demanded to join the CPCA at the end of April. He was required to sign a statement of commitment, according to which he was to make sure that the number of believers in his congregation does not increase, he does not hold large-scale religious activities or religious training classes; he would collect believers’ ID information and send it to the Religious Affairs Bureau every six months, along with other details on religious activities.

The priest refused to join the CPCA. As a result, some of the meeting venues for which he was responsible have been taken over by the CPCA and others have been forced to close.

While the Vatican authorities and media have recently denied that an Underground Church separated from the Patriotic Church still exists in China, some dissenting voices think otherwise.

“The persecution of underground Catholicism in China will continue to intensify. Bearing witness to God, this persecution will not stop until it reaches the point of bloodshed,” said a Catholic from the Diocese of Yantai.

Original here


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted June 20, 2019

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