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Will Rome Be Destroyed? - II

The Value of St. Malachi’s Prophecy

Homer Sweeney
In the last article we raised the question whether the Conciliar Church is the "Babylon that is fallen" in the Apocalypse? We also looked at the warnings of Our Lady of La Salette, the Deciphered Version of the Third Secret and the Prophecy of St. Malachi regarding the Popes.

One of the most famous and best known Catholic prophecies concerning the Popes is attributed to St. Malachi, an Irish Bishop. While in Rome in the year 1139 he wrote 112 short very accurate Latin mottos about future Popes. The document was found in the Vatican Secret Archives in the year 1556 and published in 1595.

Some historians and theologians doubted its validity because the document was not available for 400 years and, while the early prophecies were very accurate, some of the prophecies from later years have been questioned. For this reason, the prophecy has been called a forgery.


An accurate  description of JPII, born and buried on days of eclipses

For a forgery, the accuracy of its application to many of the Popes is astonishing. Recent Popes have had mottos that concur with the prophecies written over 900 years (mottos translated into English and in italics):

Pius XII – 1939-1958 - An Angelic Sheppard - A Pope with an affinity for the spiritual world and received visions which have not been made public. As further proof for belief in the prophecy, in a 1901 document Melanie Calvat, a seer at La Salette, is quoted as saying that Our Lady used the Latin motto Pastor Angelicus to identify the future Pope who would be Pius XII.

John XXIII – Sheppard and Sailor – The pastor of Venice, a sailor’s city, and frequently wore clothing displaying a large sail boat.

John Paul II – 1978-2005 - Of Solar Eclipse/the Labor of the Sun - The only Pope to be born on the day of an eclipse of the sun and to be entombed the day the sun was eclipsed.

These mottos written over 900 years ago are accurate, but there are others in a long list whose relevance can be discussed and debated. Rejected by some Catholic commenters, the prophecy has been accepted by many scholars as genuine.

God’s wrath at Benedict's resignation

God showed his anger a few hours after Benedict announced his resignation. Two lightning bolts struck the cupola of St. Peter’s Basilica sending shockwaves through the Vatican, stunning even the most ardent skeptics, possibly reminding them of Luke X:18 “And He said to them, I saw Satan as lightning falling from heaven.”

satanic cross

Francis accepts and carries a satanic forked staff at the 2018 Youth Synod in Rome

It was announced by the Vatican soon after the lightning strikes that the Bishop Emeritus Benedict would wear white.

It was at first hard to believe that the current Pope, a Cardinal from Argentina, the last one listed in the prophecy, could fit the motto of Peter the Roman.

The new Pope took the name St. Francis of Assisi whose middle name was Peter. To further please his Protestant comrades, the new Pope’s first words emphasized that he was the Bishop of Rome, de-emphasizing his role as leader of the Universal Church. He made headlines around the world with his pleas to feed the poor at a time of great crisis, chaos and suffering inside the Church.

Does Francis fit the motto? Like a glove. He may be the last Pope in Rome, then the name Peter the Roman.

Novus Ordo Catholics are told not to be concerned about this prophecy because it is called a forgery and is not an approved revelation.

Others have never heard of it, or panic at its content, thinking it is the end of the world.

Protestants and those who despise the Catholic Church love this prophecy because they interpret to mean that Francis will be the last Peter, the last Pope, and there will not be another to follow.

Are they right?

Is Francis the last Pope of the Holy Catholic Church

As written in the Deciphered Version of the Third Secret that we looked at in my last article: “Because the dogma of the faith is not conserved in Rome, its authority will be removed and delivered to Fatima. The cathedra (or chair) of Rome will be destroyed and transferred to Fatima.” Farther on it reads: “If 69 weeks after this order is announced, Rome continues its abomination, the city will be destroyed.”

When will this occur? According to the prophecy of St. Malachi, this will occur when the many tribulations of Francis are completed.

It was written by St. John the Evangelist over 2,000 years ago in the Apocalypse, the Third Secret and many prophecies. It was not until St. Malachi's Prophecy of the Popes that a time for the destruction was given to be at the end of Francis’ period of tribulation.

It is hard to imagine that this generation might witness the destruction of Rome and Francis’ pontificate. Francis seven-year period of tribulation may end in March of 2020.

The Conciliar Church says the prophecy of St. Malachi is a forgery and therefore Catholics have nothing to fear.

Are they right?

If we will live long enough, in the year 2020 we will discover the answer to this question.

Posted June 17, 2019

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