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Our Lady’s Video, Moral Lesson & Relic

Video on Our Lady of Good Success


I enjoyed the YouTube video of Our Lady of Good Success (Part 1) by Marian Horvat. I was wondering if the second part to this has been issued yet?

Please, advise.

     Thanks so much,


TIA responds:

Hello, V.A.,

Thank you for your compliment.

We are doing our best to have the second part ready. It will be announced to our readers as soon as it is released.


     TIA correspondence desk


Magnificent Video


Your new video is magnificent. Loved it. Watched it multiple times yesterday and then went on to listen to other YouTube talks on Our Lady of Good Success also. Our Lady of Good Success became my Sunday meditation.

All the best to you as you prepare Part 2.




Dear Marian,

Wonderful presentation about Our Lady! I was at L.C.'s home yesterday Sunday and we viewed it together.

Looking forward to all your offerings!

God Bless in Our Lady,



Moral Lesson


In your "What People are Commenting" section you have a letter from someone that claims he heard a priest say something that is then criticized. Did you verify this comment by the priest before you negatively commented? Don't get mad at me for questioning either.

This is the kind of stuff we need to stop or at least confirm the assertion is accurate before posting a comment. Damaging another person’s reputation can be sinful.

I suggest you dispatch with the stories that say "a reader heard" unless you follow with and we verified.

As Catholics that try to live the faith we can't behave like TMZ.

     May God bless you,


TIA responds:


Thank you for your moral lesson.

The fact that we are answering honest readers who send us reasonable questions does not oblige us to verify each of their affirmations. We post our readers' comments as they come to us, with very small edits. In the case that there is a mistake, normally other readers will correct it and we will post the objective version of the fact. You may see at the bottom of this page that this policy coincides with our disclaimer affirming that on this page each reader is responsible for his/her own opinion.

Besides, in the answer that raised your anger, we stuck strictly to that which the reader attributed to that priest. We did not even mention his name in our reply. We offered an impartial doctrinal answer to a precise doctrinal question, without concern for persons or names.

So, your hyper-sensibility for “harming the reputation of another person” and the accusation that we may be incurring a sin sounds more like a way you found to protest against our position than a real defense of that priest's good fame.

You, who implied that we are sinfully defaming that priest, curiously forgot to present the proof that we are wrong and that priest did not say that, or said the opposite of that. Thus, for you, it is fair to accuse us without proof, and for us it is sinful to believe that our reader told us the truth about that priest. Yours is a curious concept of justice…

What is quite amusing, is that, after our answer was posted and before receiving your complaints, one of our writers, out of curiosity, went to find the aforementioned video by Fr. Chad Ripperger and found exactly that which the reader had mentioned: that lay celibacy is due to failure either in getting married or entering the religious life (check from 41:45 to 44:30).

Therefore, your complaint/accusation revealed itself to be just a blank shot in the air.


     TIA correspondence desk


Pope Gives St. Peter Relic to Schismatics

Good morning TIA,

Woke up to this in my email.

Francis continues the policy of his predecessors giving away the treasures of the Holy Church to schismatics and heretics. This time even more offensive because he is giving a relic of St. Peter, thus suggesting that the schismatics share a right as successors to the Pope.

It is outrageous and outraging.

     Keep up the good work.


Pope Francis Presents Relics of Apostle Peter to Ecumenical Patriarch

TNH Staff

Relic of St Peter given to Schismatics

Patriarch Bartholomew venerates the holy relics of Apostle Peter that
Pope Francis gave as a gift to the Ecumenical Patriarchate

CONSTANTINOPLE – July 2, 2019 - Pope Francis sent a part of the Holy Relics of Apostle Peter, founder of the Church of Rome, to Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew.

In the context of a visit to Rome of an official delegation of the Ecumenical Patriarchate, Pope Francis of Rome took the initiative to offer the Church of Constantinople an ornate reliquary.

The relics, which were kept in the Papal Chapel, were handed over by Pope Francis to Archbishop Job of Telmessos, head of the Patriarchal Delegation, Bishop Maximos of Melitene auxiliary Bishop at the Metropolis of France, and Deacon Vosporios Magafas, Codex Writer of the Holy and Sacred Synod of the Ecumenical Patriarchate.

The official reception of the Holy Relics of St. Peter the Apostle in Constantinople took place on Sunday, June 30, the day when the Church celebrates the Synaxis of the Holy Twelve Apostles, at the nave of the Ferikioi neighborhood of Constantinople, where His All Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew officiated at the Divine Liturgy.

Patriarch Bartholomew in his sermon said that “Pope Francis made this huge brotherly and historic gesture to give us from the Papal chapel of Paul the Sixth, some small pieces of the Holy relic of Apostle Peter founder of the Church of Rome, which I venerated a while ago, and I was very touched. It was a brave and bold initiative on behalf of the Pope towards the Church of Constantinople, for which we express to him our great gratitude.”

The Patriarch also made reference to the relations between the Churches of Rome and Constantinople, to the dialogue of love that followed the meeting of Pope Paul the Sixth and Patriarch Athenagoras in 1965, and the lifting of the anathemas in 1965, as well as to the Theological Dialogue that is taking place between the Roman Catholic and the Orthodox Church.

Original here.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted July 11, 2019

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