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Bernardin’s Crimes, Reiki & Skateboard

Exposing Bernardin’s Crimes


I am sure your readers will benefit from watching this video reporting a small part of Card. Bernardin’s crimes.



Ecumenical Carnival in Aachen


Re: Immoral & Ecumenical Carnival in Aachen

TIA has furnished us, again, with photos and comments to which the N.O. Mass has fallen. I do not understand how anyone can consider this sad spectacle a Mass - the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

I am with the late Rev. Fr. Gommar DePauw who said way back in the early ‘70s : " The New Mass Sacrilegious at its best and invalid at its worst." We need to make serious reparation to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, now more than ever, for this kind of stuff.

     Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us.



Royal Marines Band


As a man who marched in many bands in his youth HS, College and Military, this one is of the best, if not THE best, I've ever seen!

Watch it here.

     Gary Morella


Website in Polish

Dear sir /madam,

I am just wondering if you know of a website for Traditional Catholic books in Polish.

I wish to introduce my Polish girlfriend to the joys of true Catholic reading.



TIA responds:

Dear R.H.,

You can send your girl friend to our website and tell her to click the right side of her mouse and choose the Google translation to have its content in Polish.

Many people of other countries/languages are doing this and are satisfied with the results.


     TIA correspondence desk


The Lefebvre Issue


Thank you for the logical explanation and proofs regarding the Archbishop Lefebvre issue. So clear and so succinct. I will hope and pray, like you, that it is untrue, however evidence surely points in that direction.

And for whatever it is worth... the issues the SSPX is having now are in direct correlation to this possible and tragic association.

Stick with freemasonry and one goes down. Pure and simple.

Evil must be flushed out. The sooner the better.

Thank you again,

     And ever keeping you all in thought and prayer,



Practicing Reiki


My sister is a Reiki master. She has been doing this for years. She will not listen about it being wrong and evil. She has even gotten angry when my mother said she was praying for someone. I have told her when you believe you are more powerful than God, you've got a problem.

Quite frankly, she scares me. She has the symbols for reiki on a wall by her computer.

Unfortunately, my niece and her children live there.

She hasn't had good luck since she started "practicing" this evilness.

Should I cut ties with her?


TIA responds:


If the fact that she practices Reiki does not have a bad influence on you, you need not break with her in order to keep a door open to help your niece, her children and possibly also your sister; also to confirm your mother in her good position.

But, if you believe that your soul can be in danger of being contaminated by the pagan/occult aspects of Reiki, it seems more prudent to remove yourself from her.


     TIA correspondence desk


Appearances May Fool You


How many illegal immigrants can fit into an F-150 truck?

Check it here.



Amazonia Synod – Church Tribalism


FFYI:  Remember, this is the Church that is aligning itself with the new philosophy of palliative medicine which is about taking more control at the end of your life by those who are in a position to take control.

When a society goes there, is tribalism far behind?

     Elizabeth Wickham


Unacceptable Skateboard

Dear Tradition in Action,

I discovered that the Catholic Internet Personality and Author named Timothy Gordon designed a skateboard with the Blessed Mother on its design. Aside from the bad custom of skateboarding, the implication of this design is troubling.

Check it here and here.

Considering how a skateboard is used, certain tricks would grind upon the image of the Blessed Mother and deface it.

Not to mention Timothy Gordon spreads his idea of the "Catholic Republic" in America with this skateboard design which is clearly very liberal and abhorrent in contrast to a Catholic Monarchy.

     With all due respect,



Calm Down!


Your conclusions with the pictures of the Pope are unwarranted. You don't need to embellish and put words in his mouth that he didn't speak.

You risk sin with this at most, and an undermining of the faith at least. Yes, we are in trouble with this Pope. Don't add to it in your distress.



Islam in the UK

Dear friends,

Please watch this video and see what Britain's leaders have done to their country.

LiLike our own leaders, their politicians live in leafy suburban bubbles and never see the results of their handiwork, except when it appears on the TV. And the media cooperate in minimizing anything Islam-related.

We could stop it from happening here, but first we'd have to get rid of the Greens, the ALP and the LNP.

Perhaps, if we got some bishops with a bit of courage, we could turn it around. But not when they are silent while Israel Folau is destroyed for quoting the Bible.

As for the British, the only way they can save the country is sending the jihadists back where they came from.



Pro-Life Catholic in the UK House


Re: Pro-life Catholic who attends Latin Mass appointed as new UK House of Commons leader

This seems to me an earthquake – a pro life Catholic UK leader? – is there a sign of life in the West?? While the Church continues down the communist/homo/satanic road to hell, there are some signs of a remnant in the secular hierarchy. …

ItIt seems climate change and tribalism is the next move – Gaia worship. Bishop McElroy’s unusual period of silence seems to be that he was waiting for his promotion. Now there is rumor the voluminous one will leave San Diego on Cupich's coattails (don’t everyone rejoice at once).

As for climate change check McElroy's position here

As for Tribalism check the Amazonia Synod and Tribalism is the Next Step after Communism by Prof. Plinio.



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted July 30, 2019

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