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Yodel, Catholic States & Holy Anger

Tyrol Yodel


God bless you all patriots.

I so appreciated the yodeling in Das Kufsteiner Lied. Such a treat to the ears of those who have so tired of hearing such horrible droll in various places of business while shopping!

I thought of Eddy Arnold’s Cattle Call song… another treat to one’s ears, that is, if he loves some of the old western tunes or Eddy Arnold.

I’m thinking country music must have its origins in the yodeling of Austria.

Thanks for sharing that with us!

     E.S., Ph.D.


Lay Celibacy & Forced Vocations

Dear TIA,

I was very pleased to see that this discussion of lay celibacy as a vocation has continued. I was personally edified to see Miss Bachar's new article Historical Precedents for Lay Celibacy.

I was glad in particular to see men listed as the current culture of the world has given men the impression the opposite: that to be impure is to be manly. It's nice to see manly virtue represented in this way in the figures of such men as Dom Sebastian and St. Erlembald.

It was Miss Bachar's footnotes at the end that were oddly enough, the most inspiring. I happen to have had the question in my mind about a "forced vocation," a vocation that one doesn't choose, but circumstances dictate, particularly when the circumstances are the result of sin and the inclinations to sin. I had looked up the story of St. Gush ad Azad because of the note about the possible objection of not having a choice, and because to Western ears it is unusual to hear an Arabic name associated with a Saint, so it was a good reminder that the Catholic world is not limited to Western Europe.

It touched me deeply to read about St. Gush ad Azad and how he was called from his apostasy to suffer martyrdom for the Faith. It's inspiring to see an example of someone responding not only from a place of sinner and contrition, but also through his "forced vocation" as a lay celibate to become a saint. It's the old idiom "To play the hand one is dealt." To accept that in all humility, without pining for a vocation is perhaps the best example of our primary vocation: To love, to know and to serve God.

     In Christ,



Muslim Representative Tells the Truth


Watch this short video from the Michigan congresswoman! Are we nuts - or what?!

She is now in our Congress

This is a must watch do not pass it up!!!

It is a one-minute message from the new congresswoman Michigan, Rep. Rashida Tlaib.

I would encourage everyone to forward this message to all their friends to let them know what is really going on! A roach is a roach, a rat is a rat, a snake is a snake!!!



Catholic States & Conciliar Church

Dear TIA,


Thank you for your excellent apostolate.

I think I remember coming across reports on how the Vatican has been instrumental in getting Catholic countries to remove from their constitutions references to the Catholic Religion as the official religion of those countries.

I don't recall where I saw this. Is this true?

Do you know of any reports or articles you could send me a link to?

Thank you and God bless.

     In Jesus and Mary,


TIA responds:

Dear K.LM.,

Thank you for your words regarding our work.

In the wake of the Declaration on Religious Liberty of Vatican Council II, the countries whose States were officially Catholics – such as Spain and Argentina – were targeted by the Vatican and the local religious authorities to update their status in order to fit with the “new” conciliar thinking.

Indeed, since Vatican II we have seen two phases in the progressivist agenda:
  1. In a first phase, the Vatican and the religious authorities attacked the Catholic State of the past as obsolete and praised the Modern State as it issued from the principles of the Enlightenment and the French Revolution;

  2. In a second phase, the same authorities attacked the Modern State as unjust and self-centered and praised the Socialist State as more appropriate for the “good of the poor.” For this last goal, Liberation Theology has been a precious tool. This Neo-Socialist State preached by these religious leaders is coincident with a Self-Managed State not so different from Tribalism.
You can find an analysis of these two phases with due proof in texts by conciliar theologians in Vol. V – Animus Delendi II (Part I, chaps. V, VI) of the Collection on the Council by Mr. Guimarães.


     TIA correspondence desk


Holy Anger x False Mercy

Dear TIA,

Re: The deadly sin of anger on display

Thank you for your constant faithfulness to truth, and Holy Mother Church.

We now live in a media culture that has weaponized anger. The moral foundation having been abdicated long ago by the Catholic Hierarchy, and the abandonment of Tradition and Faith based on reason – that is, the rise of the Western Church during the Middle Ages that was built upon the foundation Christ laid with His Apostles, and abandonment of reason – being the only remnant of God in human nature after the fall to lead us to Himself.

So, I find myself living in a pantheist culture of man run by liberals who more resemble animals than humans, a culture that spreads lies and anger using high tech weapons like a plague of locusts to deconstruct any remnant of the Catholic Faith and Tradition. I don’t know who is worse: Those who seek self-righteous glory by sucking up to ecclesial authority, or those who destroy the Church by joining the homo-satanic cult of evil prelates.

But what makes me angry now is pundits – not so much the idiots who want fame and self-worth by repeating the lies and anger or the oligarchy of evil who seek power and control by setting the agenda of the moment for the idiots, but the pundits who fail to see the real battle we face and their tactics. Then there are the weak and sinful Catholics. The pundits tend to raise my anger more than the weak and sinful Catholics.

The point of this rant is to identify the real problem (and an appropriate response). It is not the Pope. No one ever told or expected us (so-called Catholics) to follow a liar or a sinner. If the Pope is wrong, NO ONE should for a moment give him a second thought, or much worse, follow his lead. Simply dismiss him as a confused or satanic liar. The same goes for unfaithful bishops or priests.

As for your situation as priest, you must take your orders, your assignments, from the bishop/hierarchy. That vow of obedience defines the Roman Church, and you must have a profound respect for that ancient tradition that is the Church, but you don’t spread the lies or suck up to the hierarchy. For your love of truth, you command my respect and love.

The use of anger as a weapon in the culture war is exemplified when the Modernist Church fosters and enables the enemy by telling Catholics they must not be angry. We have a plethora of pundits spreading false wisdom, dumbing down Christians telling them that anger is our problem, and we must solve it with human false-love, not the divine love which is our heritage.

We Christians should be angry at those liberals who destroy our Church and Nation, AND those weak and corrupt prelates who tell us it is our fault. The constant image in news articles of Francis the destroyer as a weak and smiling prelate makes me quite sick, as well as those who listen to fake news and believe what Francis says on every airplane flight is truth.

When will we stop being patsies, and identify fake news, false mercy, false love? I place direct cause for failure to fight the culture war against our Church and Nation on pundits and those who propagate human false-solutions, false-truth. We need to be angry, properly identify and expose the lies, act in truth and reason using the divine tools we were given through the Church – Faith and reason, and our Western heritage. Not the twisted humanist propaganda, language, methods and tools of the left.

Jesus gave us His divine life and salvation through His very body and blood in Holy Eucharist. Mary gave us divine love, her grace, to love God in the Three Persons. We must use her divine love to solve our problems, not continue to be used by “human” false mercy and love.

Faith, Hope and Charity: belief in God the Father our creator, hope in God the Son our Redeemer King, and the action of love in the Holy Ghost – spouse of Mary – and sanctifier. “Charity” is divine love of God in Himself, and God in neighbor. This divine love comes only through Mary, the mediator of all grace. False mercy is being a patsy for the enemy.

Mary plays the principle role in this age of apostasy. She herself will crush the head of the Serpent. She gives us her love divine love of God – Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Any human attempt to twist divine love ends in this heresy of all heresies – modernist culture and progressivist prelates.

And the thing that really makes me angry is that these heretics want to make us believe it is our fault. I am so done being lied to. I wish that those pundits and patsies who want to make themselves wise and get name recognition would wake up.

This is a war to destroy the Western Church and culture from the face of the earth. I tire of Christian commentators who focus on the feelings of Christians, but ignore the enemy who are using them to destroy our Church and Nation. We get lies and blame from the left, feelings and Pope-worship from the right, and pundits and patsies on the false-right.

Pray for the chastisement, the Prelate and the Reign of Mary.

     Seeking His peace,



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted August 6, 2019

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