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Trade War, Macron’s Evidence & Sheen

New 911 Police Response


Please watch this clip to realize where the obsession with minorities' rights is dragging our society.

The normal citizen becomes at risk as the American Police is criticized under any pretext, fostered by the left.

Society is the one who gets harmed, not the police, when the latter is not encouraged to keep its job done.






You've got mentioned on lifesitenews.com, for fourth stage of liberation, Tribalism, in an article by Diane Montana.



Here is the excerpt:

“Why is that?

“Because in the working document [Instrumentum laboris of the Pan-Amazonia Synod] I find a huge influence of a certain type of liberation theology. The problem is that liberation theology, which was condemned by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith in 1986, under then-Prefect Cardinal Josef Ratzinger, has morphed into something else. In order to undergo that condemnation, liberation theology morphed into something different.

“The movement left behind the “conservative,” traditional Marxist path and advanced something else which the Brazilian philosopher Plinio Correa de Oliveira, in his well-known book Revolution and Counter Revolution, describes as “tribalism.” In his view, tribalism is the fourth and last stage in the development of Socialism — and the most dangerous. One finds this idea of tribalism all over the working document. It is a new form of Socialism that is unknown to most people. And because they are unaware of what it is really all about, they do not realize how dangerous it is.

Original here


Trade War with China Communist Party

Dear Friends,

In order to understand what is at stake in this trade war, I believe this interview with Steve Bannon is a must see. It also includes info on a new movie to be released in the USA next month: “The Claws of the Dragon.”

If you agree, after you've reviewed the video, please pass it on. The subject matter certainly concerns our poor nation's very survival.

     Robert Higdon, Ph.D.


Macron’s Fake Evidence

Hello TIA,

Regarding your recent post on the report of NASA about the fires going on in the Amazon, I clicked the link to find the photo used by President Macron to justify his concerns, but the photo was no longer available.

So, I tried to retrieve that photo to see how old it was. In the article you transcribed it
affirmed that it was a 7-year-old photo.

I am sharing the results of my research with you and your readers.

The photo Macron used, which you have already posted, is still visible on his Twitter.

According to AFP [Agence France Presse] Fact Check, the truth about that photo is the following:

"A reverse image search showed that it was taken by Loren McIntyre, a photographer known for his work with National Geographic. You can find the image here on the website of photo agency Alamy. While we have not yet been able to determine the date when this particular image was taken, McIntyre died in 2003 -- meaning this photo must be at least 16 years old." (bold added)

AFP Fact Check delves into all the fake Amazon fire photos that are being shared on social media and showing exactly how old they are, giving sources:


So, the “well-informed” President Macron used an at least 16-year-old photo as if it were taken today. It neither projects a good image of the President of France, nor of his staff of secretaries.

Hope this helps.

     In Jesu et Maria,



Two Sides of Fulton Sheen

Dear Marian and Atila,

May I respond to your posting regarding the apparent Modernism that was embraced by Bishop Sheen after Vatican II?

You will remember in your visits to Catholic Treasures that Bill Feeney often spoke of Father Leonard Feeney and the dogma, "Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus" that he preached in Boston during the 1940's.

While Bishop Sheen was a guest on the Catholic Hour radio program, in his absence he always insisted on having Father Leonard Feeney as his replacement.

When the Holy Office sent a letter to the Boston archbishop, Richard Cushing, it became a warning to all priests and faithful to beware of preaching this dogma under threat of being censured as was Father Leonard Feeney, censured for making a clear case for the legitimacy of this defined dogma.

Bishop Sheen may have had intimate knowledge of the demand made by the Vatican for Father Feeney to appear in Rome to face questioning. No charges were ever leveled against Fr. Feeney, and thus, under canon law, he sought out an attorney in Rome who was close to the Vatican, namely the man who later became Pope Paul VI. Cardinal Montini was in charge of Father Feeney's case which was never to this day heard. Not in Rome, not in Boston, nowhere.

When the censures against Father Feeney were lifted in 1973, it was done at the behest of Pope Paul VI who sent a former student of Father Feeney's to oversee the diocese of Boston, namely Cardinal Medeiros. He arranged the meeting at St. Benedict Center where all censures against Father Feeney were officially removed and his good name restored. This news was never made public except for a few short articles in the Boston diocesan paper.

It is my subjective opinion that Bishop Sheen had such a deep love for authority that he chose to adhere to the "party line" you might call it, that the Vatican projected from that time until now. Everyone knows that Modernism had been condemned by Pope Pius X, but that adherents of it merely "went underground," and remained quiet until his death. Then they emerged as university professors and as instructors in the Vatican's own school of diplomacy. Mary Ball Martinez writes about this in her book, The Undermining of the Catholic Church. All the popes of the last century were educated under the auspices of this school of diplomacy to ready them for leadership of the Church.

What began as an opening to Modernism in the documents produced by the liberal establishment at Vatican II, including those written by the later popes, Benedict, John Paul II, as well as Henri de Lubac and other famous prelates, swelled rapidly throughout the world through bishops eager and prepared to corrupt the ancient faith we all love and would die for.

I wish we could know who are the men who will evaluate the life and death of Bishop Sheen where they will be able to uncover all that pertains to his last years and his life and beliefs just prior to his death. It is rumored that there are very few rules in use today and this accounts for why John 23rd, Paul VI and JPII are now considered as and venerated as saints.

Bishop Sheen's last days are more important than all those that went before if we consider the Good Thief who stole first place in line for paradise by a last minute conversion. Everything depends upon the final gift of perseverance which cannot even be merited. It is entirely in God's hands to whom it will be given.

There is probably testimony given already by those in the room with Bishop Sheen at the time he expired, who will need to give evidence of their perception of those last moments. I believe that information must be weighed heavily against all that went before in any person's life. How we end up trumps everything ever said or done in the past that has already been confessed, and so I hope and pray Bishop Sheen had a gentle and most blessed judgment when he at last met with the Lord he served so well throughout his life.

May God be merciful to us all!

     In the love of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculata!

     Phyllis Schabow, once a member of the board of directors of Catholic Treasures.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted August 29, 2019

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