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Video, Anarchist Singer & Papal LGBT

Our Lady Wins

TIA, (from YouTube)

Re: Video on Our Lady of Good Success, Part 2

Beautiful, so good to hear the faithful speak like this! Our Blessed Lady wins, we have to see this through! We must live our Catholic faith like never before! God bless you.



Ongoing Process of Church Purification

TIA, (from YouTube)

Re: Video on Our Lady of Good Success, Part 2

The Holy Mother Church must go through this kind of process to be purified from all sorts of impurities from within. But we must trust in God's ways and wisdom because we know that in the end the Catholic Church will come out of the dark gloriously.

The snares of Devil who is always seeking the ruin our souls will never prevail as Jesus' promised for His Holy Church. In the end the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts of the Lord Jesus and Mother Mary will triumph.




The Loss of Innocence

TIA, (from YouTube)

Re: Video on Our Lady of Good Success, Part 2

The loss of innocence… News reports are saying that this Fall in Britain they will be teaching 4-5 year olds about sex and how to 'pleasure' themselves.

What kind of evil and sick minds would implement such a plan?



Why Don’t You Protest?

TIA, (from YouTube)

Re: Video on Our Lady of Good Success, Part 2

Oh Our Lady of Good Success please help us mere mortals in this dark and troubled time, especially our dear little ones trapped in schools like little birds in cages, being taught this filthy gender ideology. My heart breaks and cries.


Pray for them Mother, it seems like no one else does.



The Bishop Knew It Perfectly…


Re: Anarchist singer profanes Catalonian church

Nothing is compared to what this bishop allowed to happen in the church.

The excuse that he didn't know is an outright lie. He was fully aware of the concert, since it was advertised that Albert Pla would be performing there on September 7th. The bishop's excuse is that they "changed the program" without consulting him, but that doesn't fly either since Albert Pla's music is well known for its vulgarity and lack of respect - he's basically a "shock jock" performance artist...though I wouldn't call what he does "art."

Besides all this, the venue for the sacrifice of the Mass is never an appropriate place for banal and low entertainment, regardless of the fact that they have been allowing this stuff to go on since 1981.



Spain Betrays the Blessed Mother


Re: Anarchist singer profanes Catalonian church

This is too horrible!

Oh my beautiful Spain! How could you betray the Blessed Mother!



St. Remigius


Thank you for your Saints of the Day. I really like the one on St. Remigius, who played such an important role in the conversion of France.

I read this about him:

It is written of this Saint that he regulated his life according to the following three principles:
      I. Avoid everything that is sinful or forbidden; nay, even abstain from that which, although permitted, is not necessary, but frivolous and tending only to vain amusement.
      II. Suffer and bear patiently every misfortune that may assail you, of whatever nature it may be.
      III. Be courageous. Let not the fear of trouble restrain you from what God or the salvation of your soul requires of you. Call on God for aid, and then act. You will find by experience that, with God's help, you can do more than you thought. (1)

I thought that was good advice for our days. Or do you think it is alright to do some worldly things (go to a play, concert, etc.)? Would that be vain amusements? Should we give these things up because of the bad times we live in?

I would really like your take on this.



TIA responds:


We are glad that you benefitted from reading Prof. Plinio’s comments on St. Remigius.

St. Thomas teaches that no one can live a life of continuous suffering and deprivation. So, we should look for some legitimate pleasure to prevent us from becoming discouraged and abandon the practice of virtue under the pretext that it is unsupportable.

These legitimate pleasures vary for each person. For one it would be to go to a concert, for others would be a good meal – St. Thomas himself liked to eat well – for others it would be practice or admire some art; let us not forget that St. Luke the Evangelist was also a painter; we owe to him the first picture of Our Lady.

These pleasures are not worldly as long as we do not seek them out in order to fit into the modern world, or to follow some worldly fashion.


     TIA correspondence desk


LGBT Priest Honored by Pope

Dear TIA,

Do you have any doubt from where Fr. James Martin gets his stamina to promote LGBT in the Church? Just read the news report below and have the courage to not let your head be buried in the sand. All these vices are only given liberty because they are approved by the Conciliar Popes.

How could the clergy have the audacity to defend these degenerates if they were not sure that no one would punish them?

Yes, Our Lady of La Salette was right: The clergy became a cesspool of impurity because Rome became the seat of the Antichrist.


Pope Francis meets with Father James Martin in a private audience

Gerard O’Connell

Fr James Martin received by Pope Francis

September 30, 2019 - Pope Francis received James Martin, S.J., in a 30-minute private audience in the papal library of the Vatican’s Apostolic Palace this morning, Sept. 30, in what is seen here as a highly significant public statement of support and encouragement for this U.S. Jesuit. Father Martin is well known as a public speaker, author and for his pastoral ministry to L.G.B.T. people.

“I was very moved by my encounter with a real pastor,” a joy-filled Father Martin told America after the meeting. “I am most grateful to the Holy Father for his generosity in granting me an audience in the midst of his busy schedule,” he said.

Father Martin would not reveal what the pope said to him in the course of their conversation, except that “we both laughed several times.” He did say, however, that “among other things, I shared with Pope Francis the experiences of L.G.B.T. Catholics around the world, their joys and their hopes, their grief's and concerns. I also spoke about my own ministry to them and how they feel excluded.” He concluded, “I saw this audience as a sign of the Holy Father’s care for L.G.B.T. people.”

Original here


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted October 1, 2019

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