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Lighthouses, Aborted Children & Mass Validity

Wonderful Website

Hello TIA,

I am an activist of Ecclesia Militans – San Diego (EMSD). I just received this from our Board of Directors’ mail.

     Thank you for your important work.


Dear Team,

We wanted to introduce you to a wonderful website, Tradition in Action.

A large selection of Catholic articles as well as excellent books to purchase can be found on the website.

Mr.L.G. highly recommends this group and is personal friends with them.

Please help support them if you can.



Gloria TV & Our Lady of Good Success

Dear TIA friends,

Salve Maria!

Look what I found on gloria.tv today - it was posted yesterday, 10/10/19:

They are calling her "Our Lady of Quito", but it's still something!

Our Lady of Good Success is being known!

     In Jesu et Maria,


Our Lady Good Success and Amazon  Synod


Suppression of Feast Days


Thank you for the recent article illustrating the suppression of feast days that went on in the Ancient Mass Missal" of 1962.

The problem for the modernists in de-mystifying miracles was already in the early 1920's version of Butler's Lives of the Saints, which was an exercise going on to the nines by Fr. Donald Atwater. He did not miss too many chances to turn the miraculous into a legend.

The difference in the late 1780's version of Butlers Lives of the Saints is quite striking to say the least. While it is beside the point that the Raccolta's later editions, especially the 1957 one, shortened the St. Michael prayer and in the prayer to establish the Reign of Christ the King struck out the verse for the conversion of Moslems.

     St. Pius X, pray for us.



Bretagne Lighthouses

Dear TIA,

If you want a moment of solace from your hard work, click here to watch the fury of the ocean around the lighthouses of Bretagne in France. The coast in this part of France is considered very dangerous and the submersed rocks along it have caused many shipwrecks.

     In Jesus through Mary,

     P.H., Brazil


Inappropriate Pro-Life Activities for Catholics?

Dear Sir or Madam:

I wish to ask your opinion on suitable pro-life/anti-abortion activities for Catholics. I was recently invited to participate in a public display of graphic images of aborted babies hosted by a pro-life organization with no religious affiliation. The event took place at a busy intersection not in close proximity to an abortion center or hospital.

When I was at university, I participated in a similar display cosponsored by the same organization and our Students for Life group, which consisted mostly of Catholics. At that time, the benefits of displaying such images on a state college campus with rampant immorality seemed to me to outweigh the objections.

I would reason the same for graphic images exhibited outside of abortion centers, but I have reservations about the propriety of such displays in other places. The organization in question explicitly advocates "non-consensual" encounters with these images - in other words, forcing them on people who might rather not see them.

Is this tactic within the bounds of Catholic propriety? If not, can it in any way be justified in light of the good that could come from it since the means used are not in and of themselves bad?


TIA responds:

Dear P.W.,

Thank you for the consideration for our opinion that you reveal in your question.

The advantage or damage of displaying graphic photos of killed babies relies on the moral situation of the audience to whom you are showing them.

Today, there is a great effort by Academia, strongly supported by the media and enjoying the complacence of many pastors/bishops of the Catholic Church, to tells people there is nothing wrong with using contraception medications or gadgets and committing abortion. The example of the day-after pill is just one of many. So, both young men and young women are thinking it normal to contracept and, if “it does work,” to commit abortion. For these people it is very salutary to shock them with graphic photos of aborted children. They have a chance to see the horror they are committing and change their lives.

Something analogous applies to displaying them in front of abortion centers.

However, if you are addressing an audience of Catholic ladies, who are already against abortion, it would be kind not to shock their delicate sensibilities with the exhibition of those graphic photos.

Likewise, if you are dealing with children or persons with nervous problems, it would be charitable to prevent them from seeing those photos.

Here you have some guidelines base on Catholic sense meant to help you.


     TIA correspondence desk


Validity of the Mass & Sacraments


I visit your site every day and am profoundly grateful for the excellent articles and advice that you offer. You have strengthened my Catholic Faith in so many ways.

I was born in 1947 and served as a Master Server, the priests who said the Tridentine Mass at my parish church, Immaculate Conception Church. I left the altar when the changes were introduced in 1962 as I could not abide those changes, though I continued to go to Mass, as I continued to go to Mass even after the new mass was introduced in 1969. But this new mass caused something to grow in my heart that was never there before....doubt!

I began to doubt the validity of the new mass. I began to doubt the validity of the consecration. I began to doubt the validity of other changes as well, as you will see below. So I turn to you to ask three questions which I am sure are in the hearts of many older Catholics such as myself. Please give a clear answer, a yes or no answer... no beating around the bush. But if you are uncertain of the answers yourselves, just say so.
  1. Is the new mass valid, or more specifically is the consecration in the new mass valid?? (yes, I know, that's really 2 questions)

  2. Is the new rite of confession valid?? I have heard some traditional sites complain that it is not. I understand that there are many factors to consider here, but my question is about the rite itself. Is the new rite of confession valid? Yes or no.

  3. Is the new rite of ordination valid?? I have heard that the new rite of ordination closely resembles the anglican rites that were condemned by, I believe, Leo XIII. This question affects the other 2, of course, for if the new rite of ordination is invalid, those so ordained cannot say a valid Mass or forgive sins. So is the new rite of ordination valid or not??
Please give us a clear answer to these questions. Doing so will help me to see more clearly the path I must follow to save my soul.

     God Bless,



TIA responds:


Thank you for being a constant reader of our website. We are very rewarded to know that our work has benefitted you.

Since you are very straightforward in your questions, we will be the same in our answers:
  1. We believe the New Mass per se is valid as well as the Consecration, although it should be avoided because the changes were made to please the Protestants and, therefore, to lessen as much as possible the sacrificial character of the Mass.

  2. We believe the new rite of Confession is valid.

  3. We believe the new rite of ordination is valid. Even if it may resemble the Anglican rite, it was established by the Pope, who has authority to do so.
For more on this topic you may benefit from reading several other similar questions duly answered here.


     TIA correspondence desk


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted October 17, 2019

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