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Amazon Synod, Infanticide & Valid Absolution

Married Priest & Yucca Eucharist

Dear TIA,

The Synod on the Amazon is getting closer. Interviews about it are being published here and there.

Here is one with a Brazilian priest who discusses the married priests to come and the Eucharist made not with wheat bread, but with yucca.

No doubt the Progressivist Church wants to replace the Catholic Church in every single detail…

     Keep up the good work.



Abortionist Ireland


Why I will never visit Ireland again.

In a landslide vote last year, the Irish people voted 66% to repeal the Eight Amendment to their national constitution and enshrine the 'right' to murder their pre-born children.

Note the men's support initiative in the linked article.



Christian Men Will Be Overrun

Dear TIA,

Christian men will be overrun by Muslims if they don’t man up.

Thought you may find this of interest.



Senators Vote for Infanticide

Note from the Editor: We received the message below from our friends in Ecclesia Militans San Diego. - A.S.G.

Ten 'Catholic' Senators Just Voted In-Favor of Infanticide

The U.S. Senate, in an evening vote on February 25, failed to advance a measure sponsored by Sen. Ben Sasse, R-Nebraska, that would have required babies born alive after an abortion to be given medical attention and "the same protection of law as any newborn."

The vote to bring the Born-Alive Survivors Protection Act forward was 53-44. Sixty votes were needed to invoke cloture and cut off a filibuster of the measure, which Sasse's press office said was co-sponsored by half the Senate.

Ten 'Catholic' Senators were among those who opposed the measure. Bishop Thomas Paprocki of Springfield issued a statement that Senator Dick Durbin will be denied communion until he repents for his sin.

TAKE ACTION: Contact bishops who have failed to impose canonical penalties on these Senators.

PLEASE share this important message with others. Thank you.


Valid Absolution


I'm so confused. Since returning to the traditional church, I've been told and read two different things about the new rites of priestly and Episcopal ordinations. Some say the new rites are invalid and others say they are valid.

Both "sides" give good arguments. If we can only receive absolution from priests ordained before 1968, then we are running out of priests to hear our confessions as they are getting old and dying. Some of these elderly priests aren't even available in some areas nor are priests ordained in the Byzantine rite.

How can I be certain that priests I go to can validly absolve my sins whether in the old or new rites? I don't want to risk damning my soul by going to priests who I think have absolved me but in reality haven't.

Also, if all that is available is the Novus Ordo mass is it acceptable to attend? Can a person satisfy their Mass obligation by staying at home and watching and participating in a live-stream Latin Mass via the internet.

The closest Latin or Eastern rite masses are about a 3-hour drive away (6 hour round trip). However, there is a CMRI church about an 18 minute drive down the highway but they are sedevacantists since after Pope Pius XII and I've been told there are problems with the way their priests and bishops have been ordained.

     Thank you,


TIA responds:


Actually, we live in very confused times. In times like ours when the religious authorities teach the opposite of what the Catholic Church has always taught, each one must answer to God for his own conduct. This is what Sister Lucy told Fr. Fuentes each Catholic should do in our days.

When you open your ears to sede-vacantists, who preach that no sacrament is valid in the Conciliar Church, the confusion increases. So, we advise you to not follow their theories.

Here are parameters we can offer to help you make your own decision.
  1. No one is obliged to attend a Mass that is more than one hour away from where he resides. This is considered a “grave injury.” You may read more on this topic here.

  2. In case one cannot attend a Mass because of “grave injury,” he can recollect himself and make an act of piety during the time he would go to Mass: e.g., pray a Rosary, read a book on the spiritual life, meditate before a pious statue of Our Lady, or other similar acts of piety.

  3. One does not fulfill his Sunday obligation by assisting at Mass via Internet, television or radio. This can be considered an act of piety, but is not a replacement for the obligation.

  4. The Sacraments were established by Our Lord for the salvation of the faithful. The latter are not obliged to make an exhaustive investigation about the validity of each priest nor of each Sacrament. When there is a reasonable appearance of validity, the faithful can suppose such validity and receive the Sacrament. If, despite the appearances, objectively speaking that Sacrament is not valid, Our Lord supplies and benefits the faithful, which translates in the case of an absolution that the sins of the penitent are objectively forgiven.

  5. We admit Paul VI was a valid Pope, although a very bad Pope. A valid Pope has the right to reform the rites of the Sacraments, although Paul VI’s reform was inspired by Progressivism. Therefore, generally speaking, the Sacraments administered by the Conciliar Church are valid. This does not exclude that there are many abuses. The abuses, even when constant, do not invalidate the general rule.

  6. Although Novus Ordo Mass can have valid Sacraments, we do not advise anyone to attend it because it has a flavor of Protestantism. The constant attendance at such a Mass induces a Catholic to assimilate its spirit and became a progressivist.

  7. We believe the Masses said at CMRI are valid. If by any chance you decide to go there, avoid entering into the parish life and socializing with the attendees, because the priests and the normal parishioners will try to make you adhere to their sede-vacantism. It is a similar position to the that regarding the Novus Ordo Mass, which we advise not attending. In the former, you are induced to become a sede-vacantist, in the latter a progressivist.
We hope these guidelines will help you to recover your peace of spirit and to face with hope the tragic situation in which we are living.


     TIA correspondence desk


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted March 7, 2019

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