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Kumbaya, Marquess & Chinese Persecution

Nuns Singing Kumbaya

Dear TIA,

I don't know where I uncovered this video, but it is instructive. A large group of Benedictine sisters in full habit singing on what I believe is the Ed Sullivan Show. This must date from the mid or late ‘60s.

They are singing the rather stupid hymn Kumbaya.

Here we have an example of a lack of vigilance regarding what Dr. Plinio would call the "Revolution in the tendencies." Here is a manifestation of the gradual slipping downhill after Vatican II. I wonder how many of these religious sisters were wearing full habits five years later, or how many left the convent or worse, lost their Faith.

Looking back fifty years, we now know the rest of the story. Now it is obvious that Kumbaya is a dead giveaway that things will soon be heading in the wrong direction.

I have sympathy for the sisters. They didn't know what truck was coming right around the bend, about to clobber them.



9/11 in Gotthard Ceremony?


I appreciated your explanation of the ceremony for the opening of the Gotthard Tunnel (here and here).

I was wondering if you could tell me the meaning of the clock continually striking 9:11. It also shows people falling as those watching the spectacle are distracted by those satanic figures.

There must be some connection to the events surrounding 9/11. What is the significance?



TIA responds:


Thank you for your compliment.

We could not verify the objectivity of your remark that the clock was continuously striking 9:11. For example, the clock in the photo below shows 9:23.


     TIA correspondence desk

Gotthhard Tunnel


How to Address an English Marquess

Dear sir or madam,

I am sorry to be a bother, I am hoping you might be able to help me with a query. I am lucky enough to soon be meeting with a Marquess, I was hoping you could advise me on terms of address, if I ought to bow and if you had any other general advice in this sphere.

I am also attending a formal luncheon where there will likely be several nobles and also other important dignitaries. Would you please be able to offer some general advise?

If it is of any relevance I live in England, am 19 years old and do not have any titles myself.

Thank you for your website and I do appreciate reading much of what you write.

     God bless,


TIA responds:

Dear C.J.M.,

The second most senior rank in the peerage, beneath duke, is marquess. The marquess stands above the ranks of earl, viscount and baron.

An English Marquess is formally styled "The Most Honourable. The Marquess of [Salisbury]," and less formally styled "Lord [Salisbury]' and his wife is a Marchioness and is addressed as "Lady [Salisbury]". Therefore, at a luncheon, you would address him simply as Lord Salisbury the first time in conversation, followed by "My Lord." At the luncheon, it is proper to refer to all lower ranks by Lord and Lady.

If a duke or duchess is present, however, you would address them as Duke or Duchess, or Your Grace.

A baronet or knight is addressed simply as Sir “First name” and their wives as Lady “Surname.”

While you greet royalty with a small bow or curtsy, this is not necessary for a Duke, Marquess or other lesser nobility.

For details on each rank as well as correct forms of address, we recommend these pages: here and here.

As for general advice, we would advise you to use the proper manners prescribed for a formal luncheon. If you have doubts about how to use silverware or eat the food in a served course, it is best to wait and observe others who are familiar with fine dining, and then discretely follow their example.

We would also suggest you peruse the chapters on table manner in our book Courtesy Calls Again.


     TIA correspondence desk


Store for Modest Dresses

Dear TIA,

For ladies who are looking for modest dresses, I would like to recommend eshakti, a website that sells elegant, feminine dresses that can be customized in length, sleeves, and cut.

With the difficulty there is in finding modest, counter-revolutionary women's clothing, I have found this website to be very helpful. Please pass on to your readers.

     In Jesu et Maria,



Heroic Chinese Catholics Suffer Persecution

Dear TIA,

Since you are one of the few sites that habitually cover the tragic situation of the Underground Catholics in China betrayed by the Conciliar Popes, I am sending to you the most recent development of the persecution they are suffering.

Despite the “agreement” with Francis’ Vatican, the Chinese Communist Regime continues to persecute them and destroy the churches and shrines of those who do not enter under their draconian authority.

The news report reproduced below is clear enough to update you and your readers on what just happened this last October 31.

I hope and pray you will never give up your good work of reporting what is going on in China.

     In Jesus through Mary,


Chinese Catholics barricade themselves in church to prevent demolition

BEIJING — Priests and parishioners have barricaded themselves in a Catholic church in the Chinese province of Hebei. According to reports, the Catholics are attempting to prevent the Chinese government from tearing down the church.

The protest began at 6am Thursday morning at the church in Wu Gao Zhang, part of the Guantao district of Hebei, on the coast of northern China. Officials have ordered that the church be destroyed even though it is fully recognized and approved by the government. According to the website AsiaNews, local authorities have said the building lacks appropriate permits.

In September 2017, China enacted strict new regulations concerning religion. Since then, authorities have been vigilant in enforcing permitting requirements. Churches that are not found to be in compliance are destroyed.

According to AsiaNews, many Chinese Catholics say that last September’s “Sino-Vatican Agreement” has served to embolden the government to take punitive action against Catholics who did not belong to state-approved churches.

Officials have reportedly claimed that “the Vatican supports us” and have ordered an additional 40 churches be destroyed.

Orignial here


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted November 7, 2019

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