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New Year, Pedo Priest & Brexit

Happy New Year


Happy New Year!

I would like that all of you listen to this nice song.



Offering the New Year

Hello TIA,

Here is something that probably you readers from knowing.


Offering the New Year


Blessed Christmas Season & New Year

Dear Ms. Marian Horvat,

Wishing you and all TIA a very blessed Christmas season and a new year with God's blessing on all your endeavors in defense of Christian Civilization.




Quand Dieu Naquit à Noël

Dear TIA,

Thirty-five years ago a friend gave me a cassette tape with Christmas music from Notre Dame in Paris, from a Christmas Mass in the 1950s. So many wonderful hymns and carols, and this one, Quand Dieu Naquit à Noël, played as Louis-Claude Daquin wrote it for the organ, has been my favorite. I have played it (at least my approximation) on the organ as a postlude after Mass several times. And now I have the words!

I can't thank you and TIA enough for posting it.

Merry Christmas, and even merrier now.

     Patrick O'Brien


Masonic Handshake


That photo of Bergoglio with the Eskimo shaman clearly shows a Masonic handshake between the two.



Mother Teresa's Pedophile Spiritual Director


I remembered your article on Mother Teresa's spiritual director, Fr. McGuire, when I read that article. Now it's openly being admitted that the Jesuits and Mother Teresa knew about the many accusations and covered for him, or defended him in Mother Teresa's case.

Here are some excerpts:

The lawsuit charges that McGuire, a globe-trotting Jesuit with ties to Saint Teresa of Calcutta, abused Goldberg “more than 1,000 times, in multiple states and countries,” during sojourns to spiritual retreats throughout the United States and Europe.

On these trips, the lawsuit says, McGuire referred to Goldberg as his “protégé.” All the while, the suit says, the boy carried his briefcase, ran errands and often endured daily abuse that included “sexual touching, oral copulation and anal penetration.”

The lawsuit filed Monday doesn’t currently name any defendants, but Goldberg’s attorneys say the defendants will include the Jesuit religious order in the United States and the order’s top leader in Rome, among others. They also say that Goldberg’s abuse occurred at a time when powerful church officials - including Mother Teresa, who was elevated to sainthood by Pope Francis three years ago - knew that McGuire had been repeatedly accused of sexually abusing boys. Church officials went to great lengths to cover up his crimes, the suit alleges. ...

Each time the Jesuits received complaints that McGuire was sexually abusing boys, they would move him to another post, where he would continue his predatory behavior. Even after a psychiatric evaluation showed McGuire was sexually attracted to underage boys, the Jesuits continued to insist he was a priest in good standing, in part due to the urging of Mother Teresa.

In a letter dated Feb. 2, 1994, after McGuire had been released from a residential treatment center, the future saint wrote to the leader of the Chicago Jesuits, saying she had received a letter from McGuire and believed that the accusations lodged against him were untrue. “I have confidence and trust in Fr. McGuire and wish to see his vital ministry resume as soon as possible,” she wrote.

Mother Teresa got her wish, and McGuire continued his world-wide ministry, “openly traveling with young boys as his companions,” according to Goldberg’s lawsuit. ...
- Original here.

Now when we hear that SSPX was also covering for pedophiles, it really shakes the confidence. Is there anything pure left in the Church today?

Thank you for your courageous reporting.



Brexit, Finally

Dear TIA,

You had sheered Brexit when it was first decided by the English referendum of 2016. Then, all kinds of obstacles were raised by the left either in Britain or in Europe. Now, finally, Boris Johnson won an enormous victory with the recent election, which gave his party a comfortable majority to pass the permission to leave the European Union with or without an accord.

I am very glad with it. I imagine you are also.

Below, is a news report that translates well the change of panorama that occurred with the last election.


It’s Boris Johnson’s Britain Now

Tom McTague

His impact in a short period of time has been revolutionary, and his resounding victory means he can remake the country.

THE BRITAIN THAT has emerged today is different from the one that came before, its old political map erased, its economic model upended, its prospects uncertain – even its very unity in doubt. The Britain built by Tony Blair is gone, fatally undermined by David Cameron’s Brexit referendum and now swept away in a provincial tide of support for Boris Johnson’s Conservatives.

To understand the scale of what has happened, remember that less than four years ago, Johnson was still London’s mayor and undecided about whether to back Leave or Remain in the referendum; Cameron was prime minister, with the first Conservative majority in more than 20 years; and Britain’s economy was among the most dynamic in Europe. A poll carried out the day before Johnson announced that he supported Brexit showed Remain running 15 percentage points ahead of Leave.

With the Brexit vote, the United Kingdom entered a period of rolling political drama. Johnson helped precipitate a crisis, benefited from it, and then called yesterday’s election to end it. In his triumph, he has killed off not just Blair’s Britain, but Cameron’s conservatism too.

In the six months since Johnson took over from Theresa May, his impact has been revolutionary. He has sheared off the Conservative Party’s most liberal wing, radicalized Britain’s divorce deal with the European Union—and won a thumping mandate from the public to see it through. In doing so, he has eliminated the opposition’s chances of blocking Brexit and set the country on course for a future not only outside the EU, but also one that remakes its regulatory, legal, and economic order.

Original here.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted January 2, 2020

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