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Virus Madness, Birds & Homeschooling

The Coronavirus Hysteria

Note from the Editor:

TIA received the comments below by Esc. Cosme Beccar Varella from Argentina posted on his publication La Botella al Mar – A bottle on the Ocean.

We agree with Mr. Beccar Varella’s assessment and believe it will be useful for TIA readers to know them in order to better situate themselves in the present day coronavirus hysteria. – A.S.G.

Test of World Madness: ‘Coronavirus’

The whole world seems to have gone mad. The apparent cause is "coronavirus." In my long life I have seen some similar phenomena, such as when AIDS appeared, caused or spread especially by homosexuals and their degrading "sexual life" against nature, although this was not stated by anyone for fear of being denounced as a discriminator worthy of hanging. But what is happening now far exceeds the case of AIDS or any others I can recall.

All the governments of the world have surrendered to the demands of an anonymous power that directs universal public opinion and issues tyrannical orders with the excuse of preventing the spread of the execrating virus. And yet, outside the gigantic wave created by clearly exaggerated information and insinuations that consequently generate oversized consequences, reality does not authorize such a display of social cauterization: Catholic Masses are suspended throughout Italy, in my country (Argentina) the National Marian Congress that was going to take place in Catamarca cancelled, the government considering decreeing a national quarantine, flights between certain countries suspended, sporting events held without a public, the cancellation of public transport being studied, and, to top it all, the Argentine "government " recommended the isolation "of all those over 65," confining them to what is their home prison. In Italy, this prison is already in force throughout the country and whoever violates it can be fined and even imprisoned ("La Nación", 11/03/2020, pp 1 and 4). With no clear cause-and-effect relationship, stock markets around the world are falling and the threat of a global economic downturn hovers everything.

This all started with an alleged epidemic in a remote and unknown region of China, Wuhan, and based on the "word" of the Chinese communist government, which we know lies by ideological definition and by a permanent political system. The truth is that in the rest of the planet so far it has caused only a few thousand infections in a world of seven billion inhabitants and, of these, most have been cured and only a few hundred have died, several of them complicated because of other health problems.

In other words, specifically, there are not enough facts to justify this "pandemic" of insanity or such measures that neither the KGB nor the Gestapo dared to adopt. But no one seems to suspect that there is something "rotten" behind this collective dementia. That is why I am forced to write these lines to alert readers that it is almost certain that we are being manipulated by a powerful world force (the same one that has imposed the "agenda" of the feminist, homosexual, abortion and free-love moral revolution). Being thus duped by it is a way to show that humanity is on the verge of falling into a culpable credulity that will be the psychological and moral climate in which the antichrist will be accepted without any protest. Foreseeing the culpable credulity of men in the antichrist, Our Lord said. "I came in the name of my Father and you do not receive me; if another comes from his own authority, you will receive him" (St. John 5, 43).

Therefore, dear reader, stay out of this collective idiotization and take care of your soul, preserve the freedom of your intelligence and your will, and wait for this "balloon" to deflate, as we hope will happen because I do not think the times of the antichrist have yet arrived, although we are closer than ever before.

     Cosme Beccar Varela


Crazy Jung


It was interesting Dr. Ivan's article on Jung, who I never knew anything about. Some of his ideas were actually sound, although he went crazy at the end. Part of the profession, I think.

Especially was surprised to learn about his realization that a man or woman must self-identify with his/her biological sex to be stable.

It is the opposite of today. Just read an article that the gender activists are now trying to convince the world that people are born without biological sex. Body parts don't matter, just what you think you want to be counts. Talk about an affront to God and natural law.

Reality is what you want it to be, we're reaching the end result of the modern world and new psychology. Jung and even Freud look old-fashioned in comparison...



Flying with Birds

Dear TIA,

A friend sent me this video of some French youth who arranged a way to fly in an open machine at the same speed of migrating birds. The result is that they can pet the birds as they fly. It is a praiseworthy experience among so many censurable things youth go through in our days.

The video is here.

I hope TIA staff and your readers will enjoy it as much as I did.

     In Jesus and Mary,

     P.H., Brazil


Special Event

Dear TIA,

This is a special event and all are invited here in Santa Fe at San Miguel, the oldest Church in the USA (not a chapel/parish at this time). Last year, Fr. Herrera did this reading and I am honored to fill in for him this year.

Please feel free to forward to folks and they are looking for sponsors as well!

     Donald Meccia

Concert at Santa Fe San Miguel Church


Take Your Children Out of Public School


Here is a better reason than coronavirus to take your children out of public school.


Phoenix - Diane Douglas, former superintendent of public instruction for the state of Arizona, is giving parents some practical advice: Get your kids out of public schools — now.

In an interview with The New American, Douglas, who oversaw Arizona's Department of Education, sounded the alarm over what is occurring in public schools across the nation.

She warned that children are being indoctrinated with globalism and deliberately dumbed down, as well as subjected to extreme obscenity and sexualization. As a result, she no longer sees public schools as a legitimate option.

Douglas suggested placing children in private schools or educating them at home — an option Christian analysts argue is parents' safest bet for preserving their children from intellectual and moral deformation.

John Dewey, secular humanist, 'father' of American education

"This is part of a 100-year or 150-year battle for the souls of our children," Douglas said. "John Dewey was very clear; his intent was to change our society and make sure our children were un- or under-educated."

Douglas campaigned to repeal the Common Core national education standards and to bring phonics into public schools, but the establishment fought to block her efforts.

Read more here

Posted March 12, 2020

The opinions expressed in this section - What People Are Commenting - do not necessarily express those of TIA

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