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Totalitarian State, Bill Gates & Wuhan Virus

Coronavirus & the Fourteen Holy Helpers

Dear TIA,

Amidst the growing hysteria and panic over the Coronavirus, I remembered that our forefathers who suffered through the plague often turned to the Fourteen Holy Helpers for their intercession. It is a good Catholic response, amongst others. I also saw online that some Catholics have turned to praying to St. Corona, a young girl who was martyred for the Faith. I wanted to offer the prayers to the Holy Helpers for fellow Catholics to pray at this time, to ask them to plead for God’s mercy on us poor sinners.

I also wish to thank you for the article detailing possible origins to the Coronavirus. I have been following Prof. Francis Boyle, who has been making it publicly known what he has discovered regarding this virus. The fact that more men contract it than women, and that it can make men sterile, it seems to me that this is no accident.

Yet, regardless of the genesis of the virus, I have no doubt that it is a punishment from Almighty God. I accidentally discovered that, according to the regression model, the virus was “born” on the day after the Pachamama idol Mass in the Vatican. Since the word “coincidence” doesn’t exist in my vocabulary, I take this as a clear sign that the virus is partly a punishment on the Church for the idolatry. Since the members of the Church have become faithless, the Lord is causing public Masses to be suppressed as a means of essentially banishing them from His Eucharistic Presence. It is timely that is happens at Lent. I pray that He performs a miracle, namely, that He weaken the virus by Easter so that the Church may attend to the public offering of the Sacrifice of the Mass in thanksgiving.

     In Jesus & Mary,



We Live in a Totalitarian State


Steve Hilton is upset with the shutting down of everything that makes those not in the high risk category for coronavirus unhappy like him. I just heard Hilton on NEXT REVOLUTION calling for the isolation of all Americans 65 and over regardless of their health. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Newsom in CA just ordered that, and Hilton saw no problem with it.

Well I sure do and I want you to know it. I'm 73 and my wife is 70. We have no family close. Our sons are in West Virginia, Kentucky, and the Persian Gulf in a Navy Squadron. Just what are my wife and I supposed to do to survive if we can't be allowed under force of UNJUST LAW IN THE EXTREME to go anywhere, regardless of how healthy we are? How are we supposed to get food?

That's not AMERICAN, that's the action of a totalitarian State which is what the Communist Chinese did to their population.

Did I serve in the Navy during the Vietnam War in the Security Group Command and is my son now serving in an attack Navy Squadron doing that to turn our country into a tyrannical state that trashes its citizens in their Golden Years?

     Gary Morella


Coronavirus vs H1N1

Dear TIA,

A friend sent me this.


Corna versus H1N1


Amazing Prediction


Isn't this prediction interesting?


Dean Koontz


Overnight Control


Please, read this comment.


Mind control over coronavirus


Global Control of Our Minds

Dear TIA,

I am passing on to you and your readers a good analysis of the present day coronavirus hysteria.


The plan for the internal destruction of the U.S.A. was way too easy

Sher Zieve

March 16, 2020 - The reality that the Republic of the United States of America is under assault and that we are a gnat's eyelash away from losing our country – and much of the rest of the world – to the Communist Luciferian Left comes as no surprise to many of us. If there was still any doubt that the purpose of our adversaries is that takeover, one need only look at their latest effort to create fear and mayhem over a "new" disease that appears to cause far fewer deaths than the more well-known and experienced flu. However, the Leftists' current campaign to tout this recent strain of Coronavirus (one of many which we've experienced as the 'common cold' for hundreds of years) has pushed populations of humans off the rails and into the cold unforgiving arms of insanity. Both men and women are fighting each other over "provisions" in stores.

The latest manufactured world-hysteria has caused people to buy and hoard toilet paper, napkins, other paper goods and bottled water in such vast quantities that the manufacturers of said product have been unable to keep up with the demand. Markets are being gutted of foodstuffs in a panic mode that I've never seen before. People are physically fighting inside stores over packages of the aforementioned "white gold" TP, while others are simply stealing the product from others' shopping carts and then running away with their ill-gotten prizes.

Civilization seems to be breaking down all around us over a "new" virus strain that appears to be killing far fewer people than, even, the common cold. And it, also, appears to be intentional. On July 23, 2015 a request for patent was made and, after those opposing the patent had been heard, the patent was upheld on June 19, 2019. One of the peculiarities of this patent offering was and is: "Attenuation and Restoration of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus Mutant Lacking 2'-O-Methyltransferase Activity," JOURNAL OF VIROLOGY, vol. 88, no. 8, 29 January 2014..."

And, now the world is – quite literally – shutting down. Commerce around the planet is ending due to a cold virus that appears to be – at its worst – less virulent than the [common] flu. Humankind seems to have lost its mind and is, now, going along with its self-immolation. It is, also, providing the globalists with what they have wanted for control over humans. And due to said humans going along with the charade and madness, the Luciferian Left are currently winning.

Folks, isn't it time to chill out and calm down? Haven't we all had enough of this madness? How long will it be for people to wake up to what's really going on? When a panic of this measure is activated, you/we can be certain that something far more insidious is being developed by our enemies – both foreign and domestic – in the shadows and we're to self-absorbed to see it. Above all, please remember the one who clears panic and uncertainty from our lives.

These are increasingly dark days in this world but, our hope lies elsewhere.

"Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is – his good, pleasing and perfect will" – Romans 12:2

Original here


Bill Gates & the Wuhan Virus


I believe you will benefit from reading the news below.


Here are some facts behind the Wuhan virus

Peggy Traeger Tierney

Bill Gates & Barack Obama released a docuseries on Netflix called PANDEMIC in January right before the Wuhan virus was "discovered." The docuseries pushed the need for the Gates Foundation to receive funding to carry on virus research to prevent the next PANDEMIC!

Bill Gates-funded the Wuhan lab in China that released the Wuhan virus. Bill Gates' was a member of China's Academy of Sciences who built the lab and he was awarded their highest honor.

The Wuhan virus was originally developed at the University of North Carolina by NIH grants approved by the Obama administration in 2012.

The NIH defunded the UNC research in 2016 so the Communist Chinese scientists left UNC and took their work to the NEWLY BUILT Wuhan lab in 2017 - funded by Gates & pals.

The head of the Harvard Chemistry department, with ties to Gates & Epstein, was arrested for accepting bribes from the Communists…

The Pirbright Institute, funded by Bill Gates, owns the "patent" on the Coronavirus genetic sequencing. They did simulation testing on a global PANDEMIC in 2018.

Bill Gates & Barack Obama docuseries marketed the need for a global "universal" vaccine to replace all other flu vaccines. I believe it will be designed to deliver a human chip via nanotechnology.

12,469 people in the US died of H1N1 flu (from Mexico) under Obama in 2009, many of them children, because he waited 6 months to do anything & never closed the border. Over 60 million were infected and over 300,000 hospitalized.

The media said nothing about fatalities from H1N1 but is creating a huge panic around the dozens of US deaths, primarily from a city of Kirkland nursing home in the state of Washington, from the Wuhan virus to destroy the US economy. B-t-W, half the staff at that nursing home have been infected with Wuhan virus. They appear to be the carriers. The nursing home draws employees from a large Chinese population across the border in Canada.

Over 20,000 people in the US have died from the common flu this year and the media says NOTHING about that - but is creating a huge panic around the relatively few deaths from the Wuhan virus. And the media keeps pouring gas on the flame that 10s, over 100 million will be infected this year. Why the speculation?

Right after the first deaths were reported in Bill Gates home area, the Governor declared a national emergency & Congress is legislating over $8 billion - even though Trump asked for only a quarter of that. Rest assured that much of the funding will flow to Gates' global partners, including Planned Parenthood (it is in the proposed legislation).

Suddenly Bill Gates says his "foundation" will offer in-home testing kits where you swab your nose with a Q-Tip and send it to his labs. How convenient!

They are now forced to use an app which tells them when they can come and go and tracks their every move. How did the Communists suddenly develop this technology in a month? This was part of the plan.

After Trump closed travel from Communist China in January, the Chinese blamed the US and threatened to hold back our pharmaceuticals unless we opened travel back up again. They didn't expect him to do that - that thwarted their plans to seed the US with more cases.

Is this virus no more dangerous than any other flu virus or even the common cold?

Is the virus unleashed by the Luciferian NWO to manipulate public opinion worldwide?

Did the Communist Chinese government unleash this virus to crash the world economies and financial markets and the US economy in particular, in retaliation to the Trump Administration's hard line tariff negotiations?

Is this virus an attempt to validate TPTB's vision to cull the world population by targeting specific segments, e.g., the elderly and weak? Thank God, that this virus apparently does not target the young.

ALL respiratory viral outbreaks peak in March and end in April. Will this one too?

Circumstantially speaking, the SARS Coronavirus panic dropped the market 20% in March 2003 under Bush, and it came roaring back even higher by July. In other words, they've done this before to a Republican administration before an election.

Read more here

Posted March 18, 2020

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