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Mobs, Tribalism & Anti-Cop Rhetoric

Mobs against Christian Civilization

TIA, (from YouTube)

Re: Tribalism Video

Great video explaining the current situation we are in, where mobs aim to destroy Christian Civilization. Actually part of the prophecies by Our Lady of Good Success, Our Lady of Fatima and other apparitions in recent history.



We Must Resist

TIA, (from YouTube)

Re: Tribalism Video

An extraordinary presentation! Thank you for this very clear and frank explanation of a very murky, even frightening, turn in the supposed teachings of the Church. We must resist, but until now I wasn't totally certain what I should resist.

As I listened to this, my memory was bringing up "visions" of certain things I was uncertain of how to understand; now the truth of what is happening is crystal clear.

This is very good. I have some people to educate by sharing this video.


Indonesia: 'Present'

TIA, (from YouTube)

Re: Tribalism Promo Video

We and our community based in Indonesia are waiting for a video series on this topic. We are lay Catholics who gather independently and consciously reject the Second Vatican Council, and support the Traditional Faith of the Church.

I am a fan of the website and always monitor the latest news.

     Jesus bless us all.



Miscellaneous Comments

TIA, (from YouTube)

Re: Tribalism Promo Video

  • Seriously we need to get these guys more views and shares. Their quality of work is so top notch they need to be getting thousands more views. - D.F.

  • Excellent initiative. Totally necessary and opportune. I wait with my prayers for an ample dissemination. - C.A.

  • Totally agreed we really need to learn the truth teaching of the Catholic faith so we don’t fall into these heresy. Another tip is if you pray your rosary DAILY (devoutly) Our Lady will not let you fall into heresy. - T.G.

  • Can't wait to watch this when it comes out. GOD bless you and Mary protect you. - S.R.


Burning Incense to Idols

TIA, (from Facebook)

Re: Bishop of El Paso kneels to BLM

  • Just throwing a little incense on the coals - how often does the Martyrology show the courage of those who would never bend a knee to a false god. So sad! - S.M.

  • Do they also pray in front of Planned Parenthood? Don't those helpless lives matter? - M.R.

  • I guess this type of stuff is "essential" to some clerics in comparison to having Holy Mass and the Sacraments available to the faithful. - R.S.

  • Boy, do they have their wires crossed!!! - C.C.

  • “Useful Idiots!” - G.C.

  • I pray this ends soon. - R.T.


It Is Just to Show up

TIA, (from Facebook)

Re: Communion-from-a-box

It has long been clear that this has nothing to do with health. It is, instead, pure and simple exhibitionism. Each one wants to show, more than the others, how engaged, how careful, and how creative he is in finding unusual solutions to the "problem" of social contact.

The prize is to appear on television, winning the smiling praise of celebrities, and to be shared and liked on social networks.

Meanwhile, the new world order is extending its dominions, not only over the economy and politics of nations, but already over the souls of people.



Share TIA's Information

TIA, (from Facebook)

Re: Non-Catholic Services Replacing Mass

One of the things I admire most about the Tradition In Action people, it’s not just the body of work put together by the authors there, but the network where these kinds of things are shared with TIA that are very important because they represent a complete attack on our Lord and his Most Holy Church from the US bishops without the slightest reservation.

This information must be shared to convert more of the Novus Ordo.

Clearly the fake one world religion is being formed here right before our very eyes, a sad day indeed.



Conciliar Church's Confusion on Marriage

TIA, (from Facebook)

Re: St. Teresa, Princess of Portugal

Interesting. She experienced an annulment. I am amazed at the colorful paths of many saints. It strengthens my faith in God’s Providence even now in our times of confusion.

Due to Vatican ll and being received into the Novus Ordo Church before becoming Traditional, I have no idea if I’m married and if who? I’m not the only one.

Thousands who came in during the 1990’s have no clue due to a clause entitled “probable probable.” It’s too complicated and I don’t want to text all but this “probable probable” was from hell and did much damage.



Reliving the Anti-Cop Rhetoric

TIA, (from Facebook)

Re: Countryside Speaks and Destroying Our History

I was looking forward to obtaining a sincere and honest Traditional Catholic perspective towards the growing hatred of law enforcement which is ensuing upon our morally eroding culture.

This atmosphere of hatred for white-Euro Christian culture which was ignited under the abysmal Obama administration has continually manifested itself today once again, during the Trump administration.

Barack Hussein Obama’s token presidency inspired a growing disdain for our nation’s historical Christian roots, which he ridiculed and consistently rejected.

He injected his opinions throughout a succession of local incidents involving law enforcement. Between young & unruly black men. Who after committing acts of crime, were properly arrested but showed no respect for our laws.

As a result of disregarding police protocol, these criminals often incited an altercation with the police, which attributed to their premature deaths.

Rather than applaud law enforcement for trying to restrain these belligerent criminals - who also possessed lengthy criminal records upon their arrests - the left wing media and SJW activists, immediately side with the criminals, while fostering a climate of hate for our police.

Now we are once again, reliving the anti-cop rhetoric of the Obama years and the Democrat left’s sickening obsession of reinforcing the notion that “America is racist”.

With the two most nefarious movements, ANTIFA & Black LIES Matter, also developed and approved under Obama, leading the anti-cop charge of racial division.



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted July 30, 2020

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