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Persecution, Witchcraft & U.S. Elections

China Escalates Persecution

Dear TIA,

To add to your recent excellent report on China, the persecution continues and escalates. Now the Communists are offering reward money for those who report "illegal" religious gatherings, that is, the Masses of the Underground Church.

In Just one province (Anhul) the police removed 250 crosses from churches between January and April of this year.

The Religious Affairs Bureau sent a priest in the Jiangxi province a notice notifying him he can no longer operate as a priest because he refused to join the state-approved Catholic Patriotic Association. It looks like this could be the pattern unless protests come from the Vatican, and of course, not a word is forthcoming or it might upset the renewal of the disastrous Vatican-Beijing accord.

Thank you for following this important story.

And thank you for showing the role played by both John Paul II and Benedict XVI in leading to this accord and complete betrayal of the Underground Church.



BLM Is Linked to Witchcraft

Hello TIA,

If you believe in what this Protestant preacher says, you have some evidences that Black Live Matters originated from witchcraft and its leaders to this day receive stimulus and orientation from strange "spirits."

In Jesus and Mary,



Voting: Lesser of Two Evils?

Dear Tradition in Action,

I well understand that no Catholic can vote for Joe Biden, since he is pro-abortion. This is very clear to any Catholic who has at least a somewhat-functioning moral compass.

However, there is an ongoing debate between various traditionalists on whether a Catholic can vote for Trump or not.

The conservatives say Trump seems friendly to traditional Catholicism, he has a Catholic wife (who may have had the White House exorcised), and he is said to be “the most pro-life president ever.”

On the other hand, some traditionalists point out that Trump is not fully pro-life (he supports abortion in cases of rape or incest), he is pro-Israel, and some even say he may be ushering in of the New World Order under our own noses (by implementing mandatory vaccines, among other theories).

The conservatives argue that we have a duty to vote for Trump, because we cannot allow the pro-abortion candidate to get into office even if the Republican candidate is not perfect. They say we should vote for Trump and pray for his conversion. Among those with this thought are Dr. Taylor Marshall, Fr. Frank Pavone and Archbishop Vigano.

The more radical of traditionalists say we cannot vote for the lesser of two evils, lest we be an accomplice of evil. They say that to vote for such a man is a sin, and we can only vote for a proper traditional Catholic candidate. It may even be a good thing if the more evil candidate were to be elected so that chastisement may come sooner. Among those with this thought are Fr. Isaac Relyea and others.

I am personally confused. I have always been politically and economically conservative, and I am even the Vice Chair of my college’s Conservative Club. I had always assumed that voting for the “lesser of two evils” was not a sin, but in fact was a civic duty (so as to avoid the destruction from the more evil candidate). Of course, after I converted to Catholicism, my patriotism began to diminish as I discovered the fundamental flaws of America, such as separation of Church and state and religious freedom. But I still maintained that Catholics should vote for the conservative candidate, even if he is a Protestant or sympathetic to the Jews, while praying for his conversion.

I would greatly appreciate any words of advice or wisdom in this matter!

     Thank you,


TIA responds:

Dear I.R.C.,

We appreciate the consideration you reveal for us when you ask this important question.

The panorama that we are facing in this election is, in our opinion, extremely diminished in its magnitude and gravity when the discussion is reduced to whether or not a candidate is for or against abortion. What is at stake is much more than this.

On November 3, we will be choosing between Communism and Anti-Communism, Chaos and Order, Anarchy and Law, Violence and Peace, Tyranny and Liberty; in one word, we will be choosing between Barbarism and Civilization.

In the discussion about abortion, we believe that your input in the last paragraph of your letter above is correct regarding the choice of the lesser evil.

But, again, the lesser evil is not the only moral principle involved.

Another very important moral principle to be applied in this election is the principle of double effect, which in this case supersedes and overrules the first.

An example follows:

Catholic Morals teaches us that we should not promote homosexuality. The owner of the gas station in my town promotes homosexuality. Therefore, I cannot buy fuel from that gas station, or I will be indirectly promoting that vice and sinning against Morals.

However, if that gas station is the only one in my town and: a) My car needs fuel, b) I need to drive to work and c) I did not have conditions to fill the tank of my car in other places, then, d) I can stop at that gas station and fill my tank, not because I favor homosexuality, but because I need to get to work.

This is an example of the principle of double effect.

Applying it to the coming election: Catholics should vote for Trump not because they will be favoring this or that wrong point of his life or of his platform. They should vote for Trump because, doing so, they will preserve the best values the United States represents and prevent this Country from being completely destroyed by Communism and Anarchy.

This is our take. It is not a political position. It is an ideological position.

As a side note, we observe that those who preach that the “the worse may be better” because it would bring the chastisement sooner should be more careful with their words, so that they cannot be accused of adhering to the immoral principle that the end justifies the means.


     TIA correspondent desk


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted September 15, 2020

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