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Talking Animals & Soros Buys Fox News

Talking Animals


Re: Talking Animals in Children's Books

Your piece on children’s books is excellent.

     Thank you.



Animals in Children's Literature

Dear TIA,

Your website is a source of inspiration and joy.

I just read and reread some of your articles on animals in children's books. Such a delight to read the work of kindred spirits! I am a (traditionalist) Catholic writer (the Remnant, Glory of the Olive, Burning Faith and The Iron Gate. I was hoping you might be interested in The Iron Gate.

Ostensibly a children's book, it can be read allegorically by grown-ups as well. It contains talking animals, evil players, virtuous heroes, questing children. Written about 20 years ago, it had a pretty good readership among our fellow Holders of the Faith. I would be very interested to know what you think of it.

Besides writing short stories and columns for The Remnant, I have been slaving away at another "children's" book: The Adventures of Peter and Pooga in the Land of Faraway. Like you, I find most children's books mind-flattening. I am committed to lighting a little spark in the imagination. You've encouraged me to – as my husband says – get it done!

     Yours in Our Lord's Beautiful World,

     Susan Claire Potts


Where to Find Good Saints of the Day?


Praise be Jesus, Mary and Joseph!

Thank you so much for your wonderful newsletter and website! I have been searching for something like this! You all are genius and clearly inspired by the Holy Spirit!

I am trying to find a website that offers the daily readings and prayers as well as information about the particular Saint's Feast celebrated for that day according to the Form and Rite used prior to V2.

If you are aware of a Traditional Catholic site or App that does this, please let me know.

Thank you again for your great service to Our Lord, Our Lady and Our Church!

     God bless!


TIA responds:


Thank you for your amiable words.

Regarding Saints of the Day, why don't you browse through the TIA page on the Saints to see if this is what you are looking for?


     TIA correspondence desk


Soros Buys Fox News


Watch Fox News Anchors tell Newt Gingrich that to point out the hand of "George Soros" in all this chaos and anarchy - is "forbidden on Fox News."

Fox News has become nothing but the "controlled opposition" - now owned by George Soros and his Jewish money …



Chinese Maneuver


Here is a recent testimony by an insider Chinese virologist who tells us that Covid-19 was intentionally released by the Chinese Communist Government to infect the West.



Jesuit Parish Goes Anti-White


The Jesuit-led Roman Catholic parish of St. Francis Xavier in New York City goes full anti-white, says being white is "racist." Read here.

Let's not forget that this is the church Card. Dolan gave for the LGBT ministry in his Archdiocese. Some years ago the church went through a complete (and expensive) renewal, which ended by having Dolan re-consecrating its main altar.

Curiously, "gay power" is giving its full support to "black power" with its good friends Antifa and BLM.

Everything with the blessings the New York Cardinal…


St. Francis Xavier Church in New York becomes anti-white

Recent display on the main altar of St. Francis Xavier Church, New York City.


Courageous Statement


I am forwarding to you a message I sent to my mailing list.

The Tradition in Action website has today, appropriately 9/11, issued a very courageous statement on whether or not it is a mortal sin to attend the Novus Ordo Mass.

Duly citing the necessary exceptions, the site affirms that if a Catholic is fully aware that the New Mass was promulgated to please Protestants by removing many of its important Catholic elements, then it is a mortal sin to attend it.

In order to avoid my giving any inaccurate descriptions of their conclusions, I refer to their website article itself.

This is relevant to me since I no longer attend the Novus Ordo, but pray the Traditional Mass at home, making a spiritual communion. I blogged about this last year.

     Frank M. Rega


Reading Holy Scripture

Dear TIA,

I love reading Holy Scripture.

Do you receive special blessings or protection from evil if you read Scripture regularly?

     Thank you very much


TIA responds:

Dear P.F.,

It depends upon whether you are Catholic or not.

The readings Protestant often make of the Scripture and the Jews do of the Torah, which is composed of the first five books of the Scripture, do not bring them "special blessings." On the contrary, they confirm them in their errors.

Even if you are Catholic, it is possible to read it through the lenses of Liberation Theology and become entrenched in communist errors.

So, there is no magic formula: "Read the Scripture and receive special graces."

It is good to pray before reading it that you can understand the Holy Scripture with the mind of the Catholic Church and be humble enough to follow her centuries-old interpretation in every passage that is not clear.


     TIA correspondence desk


Nuns Promote Paganism

Dear TIA,

Below are sisters gathering at the US Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR). You'd certainly never guess they are nuns by their clothing. The few in semi-habit are almost more revolting, because their presence implies their full consent to the revolution.

Their new aim is to fight racism and promote inter-culturalism, which means paganism, witch doctors and every other atrocity. The only sin is to do what they used to do: teach and spread the Catholic Faith as Christ commanded us to do.

The one who wrote this article, Sr. Mumbi Kigutha, is from Kenya and is in Chicago acting as an international consultant for the reconciliation and social cohesion department of the Jesuit Refugee Services. That says it all…


US Leadership Conference of Women Religious


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted September 17, 2020

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