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Bishops with Biden & Covid Tests 90% Wrong

A Blind Zen


Cardinal Zen speaks out against the deal with Francis, but is silent about the fact that Benedict approved this deal also, and both John Paul II and Paul VI were always working for it.

Like most progressivist conservatives, he gets a part of the story, but will never resolve the problem til he opens his eyes to see the root: Vatican II and the perito who installed a new notion of Church unity and stopped the fight against Communism.

      In Jesu et Maria,



Shall Rome Burn Like Jerusalem?


Re: Are JPI & JPII Predicted in the Apocalypse?

I don't know who Homer Sweeny is, but I think he has got this right. I think you ought to scrap the idea of going to Spain and just go straight over to Rome.

You will never forget what is there in the Vatican, and if this is true - that it will be burned to the ground - then that follows what I believe about the church-men today who have embraced Satanism, Modernism and all the lies. Then it will be an imitation of the destruction of Jerusalem after they rejected their Messiah.

The Vatican is rejecting Him, and HAS rejected Him, in an ongoing rejection since, officially, 1949, when they refused to back the priest who was teaching the dogma of salvation in Boston.

We are still going downhill from that point till now.

What is the crash going to look like?



Don't Let Them Disqualify Your Ballot


When voting be alert.

Advice for voting day...

Just finished Poll Manager training! I passed all the classes. I want you all to know something...if you are checking in at the polls and they happen to write anything on your ballot before they give it to you to put in the voting machine... a letter, a checkmark, a star, an R or a D any writing of any kind... please request a new ballot.

Your ballot could be disqualified if it is written on. Please be on the lookout for this type of behavior.



Catholic Bishops Finance Biden Campaign


I believe that you and your readers need to know that the American Catholic Bishops are going full steam ahead promoting Biden for president.

Please, read the article with due evidence and list of donations here.



The Arrow & the Covid

Dear TIA,

A little humor cannot harm you in this sad times we live.

The cartoon tells it all.

     Keep up the good work.


Covid tests


Covid Tests 90% Wrong


I received these comments + article from a friend and am forwarding it to you.

Gary Morella.

The title of this article - COVID-19 Test Produces up to 90% False Positives! - could well be, “How to scare the public into submission”!

I’m beginning to think that the “scientists” of today wouldn’t make it past kindergarten science classes. What academic graduate courses were they required to take in order to get their Ph.Ds? Did they ever learn the genuine Scientific Method? What is documented in the article below indicates that they didn’t... Scary...

All of our federal government organizations using supposed “scientists” (e.g., the CDC, the FDA, NIH, etc.) need to identify these fake "scientists" and at least require them to go to summer school (duh!)...

And the public also needs to know why has this fraud been ALLOWED to take place in the first place and then continue to the present ... To say that there is a stunning lack of accountability is a stunning understatement. Much more going on...



Cuba at the UN Human Rights Council

Hello TIA,

I read this disturbing news on CubaNet, which is a well-informed and recommended source of information.

The UN approved Cuba, along with Russia and China, to seats at its Human Rights Council. It is a contradiction in terms. Cuba, the greatest example of the violation of all human rights put together, now is an arbiter to determine who in the world community is guilty of human rights crimes…

That site rightly comments: It is like having Jack the Ripper making judgments on violence in London.

No doubt; the UN has been taken over by Communists.

Read more - in Spanish - here.


Damas en Blanco

A 2018 photo of the Cuban police dragging away a lady of the Damas de Blanco - mothers and wives of political prisoners - at a peaceful manifestation; more here

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted October 20, 2020

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