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Black Power Militia & Communist Revolution

269 Companies Support Antifa & BLM


When you ask yourself why so much unrest is being allowed in the U.S., you reply that it is because of the conniving governors and mayors and, consequently, the police chiefs themselves, who are complicit with the urban terrorism. Without the support of this mafia, the present day unrest would not be possible.

But what you don’t know is that there is another mafia, which in many ways controls the political one. It is the economic leftist mafia, which is giving all possible support to Antifa, Black Lives Matter and other organizations trying to overthrow the American system and regime. It is not only Soros and the Rockefellers. There are 269 companies supporting Antifa, Black Lives Matter.

Click here and you will see.



Avoiding the Patriot Bikers in Seattle

Dear TIA,

It was being spread everywhere that groups of motorcycle bikers from all over the country had decided to go to Seattle on the Fourth of July to take over the CHAZ area and return it to the United States. I know that included in these groups are many ex-military and ex-police officers; I also know that they love weapons and know how to use them. So it's not difficult to imagine that they had devised the best possible plan to dislodge those anarchists in Seattle.

Well, when many of these patriots were already on their way, the Mayor of Seattle found a pretext to close the CHAZ on July 1. The media is saying that the reason the Mayor finally acted was because of the escalating violence in the area; however, the “shrewder” commentators are saying that the Mayor only reacted when the anarchists went to her house and made a demonstration. Then she got scared and closed it, so they say.

I really believe there is another reason. It was to prevent those patriots from beating up those communists and dragging them away, thus acquiring fame and glory for their feat and generating a chain-reaction among the majority of the public who are already fed up with this nightmare.


     In Christ Jesus,



Ending CHAZ in Seattle

Hello TIA,

Watch the Seattle police dismantling the CHAZ in this video.



Starting CHAZ in New York


While CHAZ /CHOP in Seattle ends another CHAZ is just starting in Manhattan, New York, where the communists have the support of Mayor Bill DeBlasio and Governor Mario Cuomo…

Two videos -  here and here  - show how easy was for them to take over a central park.



Atlanta Mayor Closes BLM Zone


Read this article to see a good reaction against another “occupied zone.” The Mayor of Atlanta ordered it closed due to the violence and killing taking place in it.

A decision that should be followed be all other Mayors.



Black Militia Pops up in Georgia


These two videos (below - Warning: profane language) show that the BLM is becoming the Black Power and Black Panthers – the old terrorist groups of the ‘60s – and organizing for war.

Although it is permissible to carry weapons in Georgia, the demonstration in its whole as well as in the details show the intent to provide armed support to BLM. The group gathered at Stone Mountain close to a monument honoring heroes of the Confederacy. One of the members of the group was pointing his rifle toward those heroes as if he were going to shoot them.

The group of about 200 was wearing military-like apparel. Besides, if I understood what the speaker-instigator was saying, at the end of the video he shouts: “We are in war.”

The police considered it to be a “pacific protest.”

This article on it gives some good information, although the author is fearful.

     Keep up the good work.



‘We Want a Communist Revolution’


In Washington DC close to the White House, a protester spelled out the ideal behind all these manifestations: a Communist Revolution.

Please, click below (Warning: profane language) to watch this short clip.



Bishops’ Prayer Raises Objections

Dear TIA,

I have something to say about this prayer made by the American Bishops.

Prayer for Freedom from the Devil
(We will all pray the following prayer each day)

My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,
At a word from You the devil and his minions flee in terror.
You are the source of all truth. You are the source of all strength.
By the power of Your Cross and Resurrection, we beseech You, O Lord
To extend Your saving arm and to send Your holy angels
To defend us as we do battle with Satan and his demonic forces.
Exorcise, we pray, that which oppresses Your Bride, the Church,
So that within ourselves, our families, our parishes, our dioceses, and our nation
We may turn fully back to You in all fidelity and trust.
Lord, we know if You will it, it will be done.
Give us the perseverance for this mission, we pray.

Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception ... pray for us
St. Joseph ... pray for us
St. Michael the Archangel ... pray for us
(the patron of your parish) ... pray for us
(your confirmation saint) ... pray for us.

Here are my comments:

This prayer is not "prescribed" by the U.S. bishops. It appears to be disinformation. At best it reflects a mere handful of bishops.

God helps those who help themselves and who seek His grace, so if the bishops were trying to obtain for the church "freedom from the devil," they would first have to rid the church of devilish practices like Communion in the hand and expel modernist clergy who are using their rank to seduce the faithful with "doctrines of devils." And they'd have to stop using church money to fund the LGBT agenda and left-wing communist activities like the BLM race riots.

But they would also have to stand up to state devils that are now using COVID-19 as a tool to infringe upon the church and lock it down. How could the bishops "pray" that the devil be exorcised from the church and then turn around and order the church to bow to political devils whom they've pledged allegiance to?

When the bishops can lock the state out of the Church, ban Communion in the hand, expel homosexuals, order women off the altar, condemn modernism, and return to Mass ad orientem, then prayers for deliverance would be heard, but for now the continuance of these polluted practices are only fueling the devil and giving him power over the church.


Posted July 7, 2020

The opinions expressed in this section - What People Are Commenting - do not necessarily express those of TIA

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