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Betrayal in Poland, Satanic Crimes in Chile

Betrayed by His Own Brothers

Dear TIA,

Re: Polish priest arrested by the police for not wearing a face mask

I found out what happened. It is much worse than the police closing down that chapel.

That is a Salesian residence (note St. John Bosco image behind altar), filled with both modernist priests as well as the traditional priest in the video. They are all mixed together.

The traditional one still led his faithful, but the modernist priests were against him, and made life difficult for him, (in fact three other traditional priests could not stand the bad treatment and left while this one stayed), and it was the modernist faction of priests who actually called the police to take the traditional priest away!!!!!

Probably using some excuse of not wearing masks or violating some of the Covid rules.

Just terrible!

      Thank you for posting.



Satanist Profanations in Chile


Re: Francis silent on vandalism of churches in Chile

Salve María!

I share with you these photos taken by a friend recently.

Never in Chile has such a great profanation and destruction of Catholic churches taken place. They were inspired by a Satanic hatred.

I authorize TIA to publish these photos, if you so desire.

     J.V.V., Chile

Church burned in Chile 1

Above, the main altar of St. Francis of Borgia profaned and destroyed;
below, a hooded terrorist sits atop it to mock the Blessed Sacrament

Church burned in Chile 2 Church burned in Chile 5

Above, a partial view of the destruction of the Presbytery and central nave; below, two details

Church burned in Chile 6

‘Death to the Nazarene’

Church burned in Chile 7

‘Witchcraft 666 - Pal Paco’

Church burned in Chile 10

Above, view of a destroyed side altar; below, a detail

Church burned in Chile 4

Under a beheaded Christ carrying the Cross, the words: ‘Satan approves C/C’

Church burned in Chile 8

Above on a non-identified arch, the words in bad Latin:
‘666 - In the name of our Satan Lucifer, the excellent’

Church burned in Chile 9

A view of the right lateral nave


Vicar of the Antichrist


Re: Francis silent on vandalism of churches in Chile

I believe your article and heartbreaking photos of burning churches answers your question: Francis is the Vicar of the Antichrist.



Babel Tower


Re: The Babel Tower Governing Europe

Thank you for the further important information concerning that Tower Of Babel, the United Nations.



Friends in the State of Marriage

Dear TIA,

I was wondering in how spouses should handle friends.

My parents are very traditional and to them, a spouse should never have a friend of the opposite sex and they should never bring friends of the same sex into their homes. They should only see them occasionally or when there is a feast.

I fully agree with them, however I wanted to know if the Church ever taught something similar or a way to get a much more clear elaboration.



TIA responds:

Dear J.N.,

Sometime ago, Fr. Paul Sretenovic wrote on Social Relations between Married Persons and Friends of the Opposite Sex.

We believe that you may find in this article the orientation you are looking for.

If not, you may write us a note specifying further your doubts. We will try to help you to the best of our competence.


     TIA correspondence desk


History of Salvation in the Rosary

Hello TIA,

I would appreciate it if you would look at the document below and consider if it is fitting for publication on your site.

I have been a reader of your site for many years and trust your judgment. So I will not be disappointed if you do not think it worth of publication or that it will not do souls any good.

     God bless,


History Contained in the Rosary

I have read several times over the years how the whole of History (or rather, Salvation History) is contained in the Rosary. Unfortunately for me, those authors failed to expound on how this was so. So, I have been left to my own devises to discover this hidden history.

At 73 years of age I have said many Rosaries and have meditated on the Mysteries over these long years. Future events hidden away are hard to pry out into the light. But here is what I have seen in the Rosary Mysteries so far.

Remember that I am not a theologian, nor do I have any special charism in the interpretation of prophecy. These are my own thoughts.

The Joyful Mysteries:

These are fairly straightforward.
  1. The Annunciation: The promise given after the Fall of man of a coming Redeemer.

  2. The Visitation: The preparation of the world for the coming Redeemer particularly through Israel.

  3. The Birth of Our Lord: The promise fulfilled.

  4. The Presentation: The establishment of the life of the Church – The founding of the Eucharist.

  5. The Finding in the Temple: Christ found on all the Altars of the Catholic Church throughout the world until the end of time.
The Sorrowful Mysteries:

These refer to the Passion of Christ, of course the central act of History. They also seem to refer to the Church. 'As the head goes, so goes the body' is an old saying. Many approved Catholic prophecies speak of the Passion of the Church, saying that the Church under renewed persecution will seem to disappear for a time.

In our own age we see some of this suffering in the Church in the loss of belief throughout the world. Some even say we live in a post-Christian world. How people can be so foolish is beyond me.
  1. The Agony in the Garden: The struggle of the Church for the souls of men throughout History.

  2. The Scourging at the Pillar: The loss of the moral authority of the Church in the world.

  3. The Crowning with Thorns: The repudiation of the Wisdom of the Church.

  4. The Carrying of the Cross: Christendom sliding into apostasy embracing indifference and paganism.

  5. The Crucifixion: The apparent death of the Church.
The Glorious Mysteries:

The present world is so divorced from Christianity as to be in a very dangerous state. The woeful state of things at the end of the Sorrowful Mysteries implies a direct intervention from Our Lord in some way to free the Church from her enemies.

Many approved Catholic prophecies speak of this moment – a chastisement worse than the Flood. The great and terrible day of the Lord, as mention in the Old Testament. After which the whole world will be Catholic.
  1. The Resurrection from the Dead: The sudden restoration of the Church.

  2. The Ascension into Heaven: The Victory of the Church throughout the world.

  3. The Coming of the Holy Spirit: The glorious reign of the Church until the approach and time of antichrist.

  4. The Assumption into Heaven: The joy of the just at the Last Judgment.

  5. The Coronation in Heaven: The reward of the just in Heaven.
Remember these are my own thoughts, and they come from a slow and poorly educated mind. But I think it is right and fitting that the Rosary should contain all of Salvation History as our Blessed Mother is central to our salvation.

     Blessed be the Glorious and Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary!



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted October 27, 2020

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