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Distributism, Covid Tyranny & Wool Jackets

Ave Maria Sung by Spaniards


Re: Dios Te Salve, María

That was beautiful, my wife and I just returned from a High Mass for the Holy Name of Mary at Saint John the Evangelist in Bellefonte, PA.

      God bless, JMJ

      Gary Morella


Catholic Family News Promotes Distributism

Dear TIA,

As a faithful daily reader of your website, I was saddened to notice that CFN, a Catholic organ with so many good positions in the past, today is openly aligning itself with Distributism. Please, check here the publication of the fifth article of a series promoting it by Peter Kwasniewski.

We all know that this system is actually socialist, as a series of articles on your site proved very well. [On Gill, Belloc, Penty, McNabb, Shove; Distributism in general here, here, here & here]

So, it is sad to see that after John Vennari died, CFN has gone astray. However, we have the obligation to warn our friends about this shift.



Covid Tyranny


A Polish traditional priest was arrested for not wearing the face mask.

Here is a video of the very recent event (October 19, 2020) in Poznan, Poland. The brave Polish traditional priest Michal Woznicki was arrested with his acolyte for not wearing the face mask while he was preparing to say a Mass.

Here is one of the videos of this very disturbing event.


Polish priest arrested for not wearing mask


Bad Protestants, Good Protestants

Hello TIA,

Interestingly, for progressivists when a seminarian is against Francis, he is kicked out and personally offended, by saying that he is a Protestant and should join the Protestants, check the report below.

However, when there is an inter-faith meeting like the one Francis held in Rome two days ago, the progressivist Pope and the Protestants pastors exchange all kinds of eulogies.

My question is: If Protestantism is wrong, why the progressivist eulogies? If it is right, why do the progressivists despise the seminarians by calling them Protestants?

A lot of hypocrisy is at play…


Anti-Francis Seminarians Need Not Apply

William Mahoney, Ph.D.

Los Angeles - October 7, 2020 - A California prelate is suggesting that archdiocesan seminarians displeased with Pope Francis should become Protestants.

"I'm incensed and I need to give voice to why I am angry," said Los Angeles auxiliary Bishop Edward Clark recently in a social media post. "I recently learned that there are seminarians at our archdiocesan seminary who are vocally anti-Pope Francis."

Clark was referring to St. John's Seminary in Camarillo, California, where he received a master's degree in religion in 1972.

His post continued: "They [the seminarians] criticize faculty members who are loyal to the pope and they refer to our seminary as a FFZ — Francis Free Zone. Catholics who stand in opposition to the Holy Father, Pope Francis, are really Protestants at heart and should find a Protestant church where they can be happy. Priests who voice opposition to the Holy Father are disloyal to the vows of their ordination.

"And seminarians who speak against the Holy Father should do the Church a favor and forget about becoming a priest. They are disloyal to the priesthood of Jesus Christ and are a source of division in the community of apostolic faith that Jesus prayed would always be one."

But many seminarians see the situation differently than Clark.

They are sick of the gay network and see themselves as the vanguard for restoring real concern for souls.

Original here


Wool or Polyester Jacket?

Dear TIA,

I would like to thank you all for all the useful information on your site, especially that concerning civility, manners, and fashion.

Moreover, I have a question about fashion that I have been researching as of late. Would it be acceptable and/or preferable for a traditional Catholic gentleman to wear polyester (or mixed polyester/wool) suit jackets, blazers or pants, or would it be best to opt for classic 100% wool options (or pure cotton, cashmere, etc.) at Mass, in public, and in a business setting, respectively?

Also, though these following verses refer to the Mosaic Law and are no longer binding, I found them interesting and relevant to paste here, particularly regarding mixed polyester and wool:

"Thou shalt not wear a garment that is woven of woolen and linen together." (Deut 22:11)

"Thou shalt not wear a garment that is woven of two sorts." (Lev 19:19)

I know that polyester is synthetic and therefore is not as highly desirable as natural wool, and it also appears much shinier and cheaper. What would you give as general advice concerning the wearing of polyester or mixed fabric combinations in the previously mentioned locations?

Thank you very much in advance.

     In Christo Jesu,


TIA responds:

Dear D.B.,

Thank you for your consideration.

Regarding material options for men's clothing, we do not believe that the Mosaic Law is in any way binding on Catholics, nor would there be anything sinful or even awkward in men wearing jackets, slacks, etc. made with synthetic fabrics or fabric blends.

For both men and women today, it can be difficult to find or afford the fashions that could be more preferable, and so, following the laws of propriety and modesty, the more convenient option can be chosen without a problem of conscience.

Leaving aside factors of economy or convenience, it would be both more comfortable and preferable to have a wardrobe with clothing of all natural fabrics, simply because these materials breathe better and are more comfortable in both the heat and the cold.

For example, the Bedouins in the blazing Sahara Desert wear thin all-wool clothing to keep themselves cool in the blistering heat. In hot temperatures, wool absorbs moisture from the skin and helps to dissipate heat more rapidly. This is why they are cooler in their flowing robes that completely cover their body than many Americans who take off most of their clothing to stay cool in the heat.

There would certainly be no restrictions on Catholics for wearing clothing made with mixed fibers. In the matter of comfort and practicality, there are very nice blends of natural fibers (cotton/linen, cotton/wool poplin) that you should never fear to purchase or wear.


     TIA correspondence desk


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted October 22, 2020

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