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Doomed USA, Racism & Hockey Girls



Merry Christmas.

Thank you...




Dear TIA,

A very Merry and Blessed Christmas to all. Pray God, save our Country!

Gary Morella


A Doomed United States

Dear TIA,

If African-Americans and Hispano-Americans would have heard this statement by Biden before the election, they certainly would not have voted for him.

Scrow down and click on the screen.



Know What Racism Is About

Dear TIA,

This is a must-watch video to understand racism... It hits it right on the nail.

In Jesu et Maria,



The Poor Souls


Are the poor souls in Purgatory able to hear our prayers for them? Can they understand us if we elect to talk to an individual?

Thank you for replying.

     God bless you,


TIA responds:


Yes, the souls in Purgatory know about our prayers for them and our requests to them. For example, it is a pious custom of Catholics to ask the Poor Souls to wake us at a precise time when we need this assistance. Since this favor is habitually granted, it demonstrates that they know of our requests and are pleased to help. In exchange, we should pray for them.

We can pray specifically for this or that soul in particular, and the soul will know it and be grateful for it, although we should not expect that the soul will make us aware of it. Otherwise, we would have a sort of indirect interlocution with them, establishing a kind of necromancy, which is not according to the teaching of the Catholic Church.


     TIA correspondence desk


Francis' Hockey Girls

Dear TIA,

Hard to believe this muscled tough team is composed of women! Read the news report below.

Ice hockey is a rugged sport for men, sad to see these women enter the field.


Longmeadow, newly formed Pope Francis girls hockey
‘rolling with the punches’ this winter amid pandemic

Jason Kates

Hockey Francis girls

As the lone girls high school ice hockey team in Western Massachusetts prior to this season, Longmeadow typically fills out its schedule with matchups versus various opponents throughout Central Mass.

This year, despite the effects of the coronavirus pandemic lingering over the season, the Lancers don’t intend on deviating from their usual slate of games.

According to Longmeadow coach Melissa Vandermyn, the hope is to play a smaller amount of games this season against the teams the Lancers play in a normal year.

The opponents on Longmeadow’s schedule are newly-formed Pope Francis, Shrewsbury, Algonquin, Leominster, Oakmont and Auburn. Connecticut school Woodstock Academy is usually in the division as well, but won’t be on the schedule due to out-of-state travel restrictions.

“What the MIAA had suggested and what the ADs came up with is we’re going to play 12 games and it’s going to be only interdivisional, meaning our division is basically in Central Mass.,” Vandermyn said. “The idea is play every team twice, obviously one home one away, but we’re not sure what we’re doing travel wise yet.”

Albeit an unusual one, the upcoming season is set to be the inaugural campaign for the Cardinals. For coach Chris Connors, taking things day by day is the approach forward for him and his team.

“This is definitely testing everybody on a daily basis, but the end of the day, I’m rolling with the punches,” Connors said. “I’ve been telling our girls life is hard, you’re gonna be thrown with various peaks and valleys and how you adjust to them is what defines you.”

One of the peaks and valleys Connors is dealing with is coming up with a proper schedule that is suitable for all parties.

When asked about forming a schedule, he rejected the notion that it was frustrating, opting to call it “challenging” instead.

“You go to make a schedule one day, for instance I was speaking with a parochial coach in the Boston area on a Friday afternoon and we agreed to two games,” Connors said. “By Monday, the two games were completely off the schedule because their program was not allowed to participate in any winter sports.

“Even as we speak today everything is still a moving target up in the air.”

Prior to the end of November, the MIAA took a giant step toward ensuring a winter season when it approved and released its modifications for winter sports.

Ice hockey was one of the high risk sports that received specific alterations for this upcoming season, including a modification to scrums that Vandermyn singled out when discussing the changes.

“I think the biggest factor for me for the modifications in play is the modification about third-man in,” said Vandermyn, referring to scrums that take place at each end of the ice.

“There’s a part of it that says first two in, obviously offensively and defensively depending where you are on the ice, and that if a third goes in, the whistle will automatically be blown and the faceoff will be at the nearest faceoff dot,” she added. “It’s kind of tough because hockey 101 is first player in pins the opponent, second player comes in and gets the puck so that’s kind of a huge one for the game itself.”

Other modifications include allowing just one player in a penalty box at a time, blowing play dead if a scrum is prolonged greater than five seconds and the need for players mark up six feet apart on face-offs.

With social distancing guidelines in place, Connors acknowledged the challenge that extends beyond the rules of the game being modified, especially for a first year co-op.

“If you think about it, a big key ingredient to building a successful program is creating a family culture which includes team bonding,” he said. “Right now, with all of the social distancing, the curfew that’s in place and limited number of participants in indoor facilities, the bonding basically now takes place in the form of zoom meetings and handheld devices.

“Life at the end of the day is hard and if anything, we could use these times as teaching life lessons to our girls.”

With logistics like travel still up in the air, both Connors and Vandermyn want the same thing for their players.

“Hockey’s a team sport and everybody that we’ve dealt with, including the rinks, the administrators, the coaches, we’re all in the same boat together so we’re just doing the best we can to ensure that these student athletes have a season, or a resemblance of one.,” Connors said.

“We’re gonna make the best of it and be as competitive as we can be,” Vandermyn added. “At least especially for my seniors, they get 12 games, five-and-a-half weeks of practice to still be with their teammates and not just say ‘see ya later.’”

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Posted December 31, 2020

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