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Utah Sheriffs & Profaning Dead Bodies

Using Children for Ideological Purposes


An article written by Donald Trump on June 18, 2021, tells us about the perverse agenda of the democrats using illegal immigrant children for their ideological and political dishonest purposes.

Read here about how students are being subjected to a new curriculum designed to brainwash them with the ridiculous left-wing dogma known as “critical race theory.”



When Stupidity Becomes the Norm…

Hello TIA,

This picture is self-explanatory.

Welcome to the kingdom of stupidity!

     Mark J. Williams

outdoor seatbelt


Most Helpful Information

Dear Marian,

Re: The Chastisement, Vatican II, Prophesies of End Times-- Marian Horvat, Ph.D.

Thank you for all you do! As always, your research was very impressive and you made your case very well. I learned much and found the information most helpful in placing our current predicament in proper perspective.

I forwarded a link to over 40 people, including several priests, and will send you any feedback I might receive...

My best to you and everyone at TIA.

     Dominus tecum,



St. Germaine Cousin

Dear TIA,

I shared the story of St. Germaine at the Catholic Social media site.

I didn't know she had the scrofula - had to look that one up - some kind of weird thing on your neck from similar bacteria as TB. Anyway, it is sad that her family rejected her. I am assuming her mother baptized her and then I guess she died - the story mentions more about the stepmother who basically hated her.

However, St. Germaine should be a hope for those with deformities or born with Down Syndrome, etc. She's a good example that you don't have to be the "smartest" or "best" to get to Heaven - you just have to be like a little child.

I recently obtained a statue of the Infant Prague and I know that the more you honor the Infant Prague - the more He will help you. So, honoring saints like St. Germaine and Infant Prague -we will gain more than by honoring people like Martin Luther.

OK, Gotta go now!! Just some thoughts for your readers.



Utah Sheriffs Rebel against Biden's Ban


The real U.S. is starting to show, after the great frustration caused by the patriotic demonstration in Washington (January 6). I don’t know why Trump committed that "mistake" telling people to go to the Congress, which was the biggest trap in our History.

The Left turned everything upside down and the patriots / anti-communists were taken as "domestic terrorists." This betrayal disoriented the entire Right reaction.

Now, things are returning to their places - after the Left took power and is speeding our country into the abyss.

I consider this reaction of the Utah sheriffs, along with the letter of 120 retired generals of the Armed Forces, a good re-start.

Read below, please.


Sheriffs Promise To Safeguard Second Amendment
As Biden Cracks Down On Gun Rights

All 29 sheriffs in the state of Utah have signed their names to a lengthy statement emphasizing their commitment to safeguard the Second Amendment as President Joe Biden promises an executive crackdown on gun rights and Congressional and local Democrats continue to advocate gun control measures.

The statement was issued Friday by Cache County Sheriff Chad Jensen, the president of the Utah Sheriffs’ Association, reported The Salt Lake Tribune.

“Prompted by increasing public concern to safeguard constitutional rights, we, the elected Sheriffs of Utah, soundly reaffirm our sworn oaths to ‘support, obey, and defend the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of Utah,” the statement opens.

“We humbly serve as the chief law enforcement officers of the 29 counties of the great State of Utah,” the sheriffs continue. “As such, we publicly reassert our individual and collective duty to defend all of the constitutional rights of our citizens.”

“Importantly, the Second Amendment of our divinely inspired Constitution clearly states … ‘the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed,’” the statement says. “We hereby recognize a significant principle underlying the Second Amendment: the right to keep and bear arms is indispensable to the existence of a free people.”

Original here


Bodies Recycled into Fertilizer

Dear TIA,

Things are going fast regarding the profanation of dead bodies. You posted recently news about liquefying human bodies and dumping them into the sewage system. Now they are going further.

Check below this new system of transforming dead bodies into fertilizer…

We see that everything that Catholic doctrine taught has being systematically denied. Regarding the sacredness of the human body, which should be respected as it awaits the its resurrection at the Final Judgment, we first had cremation, and now these new systems under different pretexts.

It is the onslaught of the Devil against everything Christ taught us.

     In Jesus and Mary,

Oregon Has Legalized Human Composting

Audrey Carleton

June 17, 2021 - Oregon is now the third state in the US to allow a deathcare option that’s gaining popularity for its environmental benefits: human composting.

Gov. Kate Brown signed House Bill 2574 into law on Tuesday, adding natural organic reduction to the range of approved after-life options in the west coast state. Sponsored and developed by Rep. Pam Marsh (D - Southern Jackson County), the bill met Oregonians’ growing interest in sustainable alternatives to traditional deathcare.

“This is a hard issue for people to think about; it's not a decision that any of us get to avoid,” Marsh told Motherboard over the phone. “It has an appeal, certainly not to all consumers, but to many of us who are really looking for ways to think about how our footprint on the earth continues after life is gone.”

Bodies turned into fertilizer

Steel tubes where the bodies are placed to decompose, the bones broken down and the final product is used as fertilizer after drying - Photo from Recompose company in Kent, Washington.

The move heeds a growing call from environmentalists across the country to clean up the end-of-life industry. The most common methods of body disposal come with hefty environmental impacts: traditional burials, in which a corpse is embalmed with formaldehyde and placed in a casket underground, permanently occupy large swaths of land and have been found to leach toxins into nearby soil and waterways. Cremation–in which a body is burned into ash—is an energy suck and emits damaging pollutants and carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, contributing to global warming.

By comparison, the process of so-called natural organic reduction, which breaks down the body into soil, has a small environmental footprint. For example, Recompose, the country’s first human composting funeral home does it like this: a corpse is placed in a cylinder with organic materials, like wood chips, plants, and straw, then heated and turned repeatedly for several weeks with a hook until it’s broken down into a nutrient-rich soil that can be delivered back to the family or used for planting.

Original here


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted June 22, 2021

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