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Chastisement & Homosexuality in the Hierarchy


TIA, (from Twitter)

Re: Videos 1, 2 and 3 from TIA 3rd Event

Thank you very much.

I watched all 3 and very glad I did. I experienced much encouragement which resulted in much longed for peace.



Memories of the Iwo Jima Take Over


I put it to you. Do we owe the memory of men like this [in the video below] something?

Because if we don't fight to save our country from the Communist insurgency that has it by the jugular, the answer will be No which is unconscionable!

Watch Tales from a 19 year old WWII Navy Corpsman, Iwo Jima

     Gary Morella


Homosexuality in Catholic Hierarchy


Dear Friends, my thanks to Editor, Louie Verrecchio at AKA Catholic who has been running my mini-series documenting the influence of the homosexual Catholic Hierarchy on the Pro-life Movement.

If you have ever wondered why the American bishops’ “pro-life” efforts have been such a miserable failure over the past five decades, this series will answer your question. You may be surprised to learn that the “official” prolife efforts of AmChurch over the last fifty years have rarely been out of the hands of the leaders of the Catholic homosexual hierarchy.

If you have time to read only a part of this series, please make sure it is Part 5 which ends with a special appeal to remember and honor our deceased prolife comrades.

THE NATIONAL PROLIFE ARCHIVE PROJECT seeks to record for posterity the history of the Anti-Abortion/Prolife Movement in the U.S. Please read the details concerning this special project of the International Catholic Media Association of Chicago at the end of Part V and send in your tax-exempt donation today. Randy Engel, National Director, U.S. Coalition for Life

The Forgotten Man in the McCarrick Equation

Part I / Part II / Part III / Part IV / Part V

     Please Circulate

     Randy Engel


The Eight Most Ancient Catholic Hymns


I'm L., thank you for wonderful website and lyrics to Magnificat in Latin and English.

In your website you mention that Magnificat is one of "eight most ancient Catholic chants"

Kindly provide me the rest of the eight chants. I'd like to use them during my prayer sessions.

Thank you for reading.

     Warm regards,


TIA responds:

Good evening L.S.,

Without trying to give you an apodictic answer, the common most ancient Catholic hymns are:      Cordially,

     TIA correspondence desk


Most Valuable Player


Whenever any conversation between Catholics and Protestants includes our love and devotion to Our Lady, sparks seem to fly. Why ? Perhaps Satan has initiated this disdain that many have for Her due to his vicious hatred of Her. Maybe these few words might help them in realizing their error.

Most Americans fully understand and appreciate the 'need' in the world of sports to honor certain players. Especially in the popular playoff games such as the Super Bowl. Sports announcers even start speculating before the game ends as to who will receive the 'Most Valuable Player' award. When they decide on the MVP, the winner is honored on center stage with an expensive gift, usually a beautiful automobile. Everyone seems to be fine with giving all of their attention to just 'One' of the many players. Life has been described as a 'stage' and each human being must play a part. Very true indeed.

So, why are so many upset and confused when God chose the Mother of His Son, Mary Most Holy, to be the MVP of the human race?

She was so special to Him that He would not allow Her to lie in a grave but, instead, He assumed Her body and soul into Heaven and crowned Her Queen of Heaven and Earth. After all, sin had no victory over Her from Her Immaculate Conception to Her Glorious Assumption.

Catholics must praise the Glory of Mary, Daughter of God the Father, Mary, Mother of God the Son, and Mary, Spouse of God the Holy Ghost, wherever and whenever they can. Some may say that Our Lord is the MVP but He is far greater since He is God and Man... not just a human being as Mary is.

The Blessed Virgin Mary... the Most Valuable Player of the Human Race.



Restoring Historic Truth


To discredit the initial history of the European Colonization of America, as put forth by establishment histories and the command of the liberal media, dwell on distortions, half-truths, omissions, and out-right falsehoods it is good to read the book Discovering a Lost Heritage, The Catholic Origins of America, by Adam S. Miller.

I will transcribe below some excerpts on different topics:

Christopher Columbus

Columbus was sent mainly to the propagation of the Holy Catholic Faith and to convert those he met.

Columbus knew that he had not landed in India, because the name "Indian" had nothing to do with what we now call India. In those days, it was called Hindustan.

It is a very good example of the anti-Spanish (and hence anti-Catholic) propaganda put forward in the history texts of the WASP (White Anglo Saxon Protestant) for generations, and in the current media. Why? To make Spanish Catholics look foolish, thinking they were somewhere they weren't. [This is no laughing matter. ]

America's first Thanksgiving

The first thanksgiving in America was celebrated in 1541 and again in 1598 in New Mexico by Spanish Catholics and Indian converts to the faith. With both of these events, they thanked the Lord for bringing them through many difficulties: first, by offering in thanksgiving the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass (Divine Liturgy), second, with great feasts of thanksgiving.

The United States Revolution

The American Revolution was fought: 1a) to apply the radical ideas of the so-called "Enlightenment" in the political realm (the "Great American Experiment" of self-government), 1b) which ideas were greatly propagated by Freemasons, and King George III was not at all friendly with Freemasonry (since it worked to undermine monarchies) and, 2) to stop the spread of Catholicism and its influence in America, which practice was granted by law by King George III. (Catholicism was -- is -- the great enemy of the politico-social ideas of the so-called "Enlightenment", zealously propagated by the Masons.)



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted July 1, 2021

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