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Surriento, Pilots & Religious Exemption

Grieving the Loss of a Relative


Re: Torna a Surriento

Thank you so much for this song, and 2 versions!

It is blessed timing, to share with my Italian friends who grieve the early loss of a Mother and wife.

God bless you greatly.




Dear TIA,

Are Bible scholars supposed to follow the guidance of the Council of Trent? Some say they are not obliged to do so. Is this true? Some leave out the books that are listed in the Council of Trent; such as the Macabees.

Many follow the prompts of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. And most probably, Vatican II.

Some of the translations are questionable, the modern language is confusing, and changes the meaning of what has been inscribed in the bible traditionally.

Are not holy priest theologians delegated the task of translating the Bible accurately, without modern language and fanfare?

Are lay biblical scholars qualified in creating a new catholic bible?

Thank you very much for your time, courtesy and consideration in answering this question.



TIA responds:

Hello A.R.,

Yes, you are correct. A Catholic scholar of the Bible should follow the traditional norms of the Catholic exegesis. Among the approved norms of scriptural interpretations are those of the Council of Trent. Those who say we should not follow those norms are wrong.

The confusion started with the modernists and progressivists who infiltrated the Church, trying to sabotage the study of the Scriptures. Among the "new norms" were those of the so-called "historical method" of interpretation, which was used by modernists and progressivists to make the traditional interpretation relative. This method was duly condemned by St. Pius X in his Encyclical Pacendi.

Nonetheless, in Vatican II those same bad tendencies were reaffirmed. After the Council we have seen even a Pope, Benedict XVI, when he was the Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, give full support to the "historical method," which was analyzed in this booklet The Biblical Commission on the Jews: Changes in Doctrine and New Anathemas.

We Catholics should stay faithful to the Bible as it has been always accepted by the Church, which is the Vulgate, transalted by St. Jerome. No biblical Catholic scholar – be he clerical or lay – can modify the Vulgate. We also should be faithful to the traditional interpretation of its texts as constantly taught by the traditional Magisterium prior to Vatican II.

Regarding the translations, you are also correct. They should be as faithful as possible to the original Latin Vulgate.

We believe we have answered your questions.


     TIA correspondence desk


All Vaxed Pilots Should Be Grounded Immediately


Army Flight Surgeon, Whistleblower: All VAXED Pilots Should Be Grounded Immediately After 3 Pulmonary Embolisms within 48 Hours Of Vaccination Pose High Risk Of Cardiac Arrest In Flight.
Read here.

There are also several top athletes who have declined the jab. …



Breath of Air in the Asphyxia of Present-Day Oppression


Please, read/watch the post below.
It is a breath of air in the asphyxia of the present day oppression.


Poland Defends Family, its Borders, and Common Sense

This is but one reason I respect Poland. I lived there for two years.

We hear so many ‘persecuted’ people whining away in America as if they get treated so horribly. You want to see people who almost certainly had it worse…even worse than the Holocaust at large…Polish. They suffered, and suffered, and suffered…millions dead under Nazis and Communists.

When did you last see Polish running around with signs about how bad they have it? They are too busy raising families and making their children do homework. They don’t have time to whine.

Watch here.


Thirty Days Prayer to Mary


Thirty Days’ Prayer to the Blessed Virgin Mary in honor of the Sacred Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ.

I recently came upon this wonderful and powerful prayer in an old missal and prayer book dated 1928. Powerful, because it is based on the merits of the suffering Christ, and wonderful because it is so thorough. I have been unable to determine any information about the author or history of this prayer. But it was definitely composed by someone who was devoted both to the Blessed Virgin and to the Cross of her Son. The following is transcribed just as the way it is written in that old missal.

By the devout recital of this prayer, each day for thirty days, we may hope to obtain our lawful request. It is also recommended as a proper devotion for every day in Lent, and all the Fridays throughout the year.

Read here.

     Frank Rega


Church Denying Religious Exemption for the Vax

Dear TIA,

It is revolting to see the authorities of Catholic Church denying a certificate of religious exemption for those of the faithful who have an objection of conscience in taking the vaccine

These authorities are the same that are always defending the "rights" of homosexuals, transgenders as well as those of BLM alleging they are a minority and should be respected.

Now, when it comes to defend their own faithful, they brutally deny them the elementary right to choose the experimental vaccine.

It is a contradiction that shows well that they are also working for the One World Order, and perhaps for the planned great genocide for which this vaccination seems to be a tool.

Below is a photocopy of the letter of the Bishop Jaime Soto of Sacramento, California, ordering his priests to deny the certificate of religious exemption.

     Keep up the good work,


Bishop of Sacramento Vaccine Letter


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted September 30, 2021

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