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Boston Journal, ‘Gay’ Ship & New Saints

Counter-Revolutionary Work's Recognition

Mr. Atila Sinke Guimarães
Tradition In Action, Inc.
P.O. Box 23135
Los Angeles, CA 90023

Dear Editor,

For many years we have followed your site, and the (largely unreported) news that you bring to the faithful Catholic laity, many of whom are now deeply confused and disheartened — even scandalized — by what they hear, witness, and find at the pulpit, in the episcopate, and from the very Chair of Saint Peter…

This is all the more reason that your unwavering faith and witness to the authentic teachings of Holy Mother the Church for two millennia prior to that most unfortunate Council that we euphemize as Vatican II, the legacy of which is indited in the widespread loss of faith among the laity, and unprecedented moral and spiritual corruption in the clergy and hierarchy — and now catastrophically unfolding before us as Francis leads the Church into nothing less than apostasy… and paganism. I fully understand that these words sound harsh — but in light of the loss of so many, many, souls due to this malignant negligence, I find them understated.

Tradition in Action, Inc. has been fearless in promoting Christ, His Holy and inviolable Bride the true Church, and the Evangel of God — not the World.

Simply put … thank you for your witness and perseverance!

God keep you.

     In the Immaculate Heart of Mary,

     Geoffrey K. Mondello
     Boston Catholic Journal


The Editor responds:

Mr. Geoffrey K. Mondello
Editor of the Boston Catholic Journal

Dear Mr. Mondello,

It was a pleasant surprise to receive your letter.

Indeed, as a decades-long counter-revolutionary fighter for the Church and Catholic Civilization, I am accustomed to have my work plagiarized and intellectually stolen and to have my name silenced, despised, boycotted and slandered under different labels. It was, therefore, a pleasant surprise to receive your letter acknowledging some merit in my work.

Thank you.

Your words reveal that you are a man of courage, who does not fear public opinion. Congratulations!

Visiting the valorous Boston Catholic Journal under your direction, I could verify with satisfaction that, like Tradition in Action, you believe that since Vatican II the See of Peter has been usurped by the Church’s worst enemies, but is not vacant.

It is this similarity in doctrinal positions that gives me the hope of a closer future collaboration.

May Our Lady bless you and your work.

     In Jesu et Maria,

     Atila S. Guimarães
     Editor of the Tradition in Action website


Satanic Ritual at Astro World

Dear TIA,

Have you heard of this AstroWorld show? 8 people died in what many are calling a satanic ritual on a massive scale. Just to warn you, there are some disturbing moments in the videos in this article.

Maybe TIA can report on it: see here.

     In Maria,



Youth in the Conciliar Church


The Tablet published an article on the youth in the Church. That is, those who are still left and call themselves Catholics (not the traditionalists, just Novus Ordo were interviewed).

And it is not hard to guess what they found. Very few have any idea of doctrine. To be Catholic is part of being community. They go to adoration sometimes, but do not seem to have any sense of what the Holy Eucharist really is. They treasure the rosaries their grandparents give them but don’t pray it. It reports:

“To my surprise, mention of the Eucharist was almost completely absent from my findings. It does not seem to be a conscious part of the lives of the young Catholics in the group I spoke to at all. Even when they mention Adoration, there was no connection to receiving Communion at Sunday Mass. Instead, what is most often mentioned is the sense of togetherness they experience at Sunday Mass: 'So when I like go to church, I think of all of us as a community, we’re all together, we’re all praying, we’re all believing in the same beliefs,' one young Catholic told me. 'Community' is even confused with 'Communion' on occasion: 'I think being Catholic is all about the way of life, and how you respect others and how you present yourself. And Communion because it’s a united community.'”

So why do young people stay Catholic? To be part of some community...

Here are the springtime fruits of Vatican II... Quite rotten and sad!



Ship Named after Homosexual Leader


While the Chinese and Russians prepare for war, America prepares for "Inclusion and Diversity." Read this news report on a Navy ship named after a homosexual leader.

In Russia now, 5th grade students and up, are taught to take apart, clean and assemble AK rifles while in the U.S. our students are taught to hate their country and white people - CRT - which is another name for Marxist Indoctrination.


Navy ship named after homosexual leader


New Blessed & Modern 'Saints' of the Youth

Dear TIA,

Another “saint of the modern youth” has just been beatified - Sandra Sabattini (1961-1984).

How did she die? On her way to a “Pope John XIII Community Meeting.”

“...In April 1984 she was on her way to attend a meeting of the Pope John XXIII Community and after leaving her car, she was hit by another car and died in the hospital on May 2, 1984, at the age of 22.” (here)

"Blessed" Sandra Sabattini

The face of the Vatican II “Blessed”: Sabattini was beatified on October 24, 2021 by Francis

The Vatican has been making an initiative to canonize “modern youth Saints” to give a model for today’s youth. The “Saints” they are choosing, while it is possible that they died in God’s good graces, have all been fully complicit with the Conciliar Revolution and the Cultural Revolution (to say the least).

When Pope Francis beatified Carlo Acutis (1991-2006) last year, he was beatifying not just the boy, but his life: video games, sneakers, jeans, and the Internet.

Now, statues and stained glass windows are being made of the popular “blessed” (see below).

"Blessed" Carlo Acutis

The Vatican pretends that the message of such beatifications is that “today’s youth can become Saints too!”

But the true message they are giving is that the Conciliar Church considers the mediocrity and modernity of today’s Catholic youth equal to or even superior to the great Saints of old.

A modern girl who dies in a car crash on her way to a Novus Ordo meeting is apparently deemed more worthy of beatification than Venerable Mother Mariana de Jesus Torres, or Venerable Maria de Agreda.

These beatifications (and possible future “canonizations”) are an insult to real Catholic Saints and, in my opinion, debunk the myth of the false right that we should regard all recently canonized “saints” as true and worthy of veneration.

I pray the damage the Conciliar Popes have made regarding canonizations will be reconciled in the Reign of Mary!

     God bless,



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted November 11, 2021

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