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Pilots Reacting & Athletes Dying Like Flies

Women into Military Withdrawn from Defense Measure

Dear Friends,

When the US Coalition for Life entered the battle against drafting women into the military in August 2021, the prospects looked bleak. However, by the time the final vote was taken on the Defense measure in the US Senate, the drafting provision was withdrawn. See Will Republicans Once Again Vote for a NDAA That Drafts Your Daughters?

The “Woke” Defense measure still has many problems but, at least for the time being, the drafting of women under the outdated Selective Service Act is not of one of them.

How was the drafting legislation defeated when everything pointed to a victory of the anti-life forces who were working behind the scenes by stealth ?

First, there was the great leadership of Rabbi Nathan Leiter of Torah Jews For Decency. The USCCB, the “spokes-organization” for Catholics in the US, contributed zilch.

Second, there was the practical aid of many pro-family professional groups including the Center for Military Readiness that prepared valuable think-tank memos covering various aspects of the issue. Solid research and background materials on the implications for the female draft proved invaluable.

Third, pro-life and pro-family groups like the US Coalition for Life were able to motivate the thousands of grassroots emails, calls and letters sent to both House and Senate members over a continuous period of five months.

Many thanks to those who responded to the USCL alert.

We can be grateful for many things this Christmas, but especially this legislative gift from Christ, Our Lord and Savior.

     Randy Engel, US Coalition for Life


Christmas Poem


I have seen the little one
Far below His throne
Swaddled near to Bethlehem
Where cows and sheep still roam

Shepherds near the house of bread
Did you heard Him cry?
Far beneath the morning star
Shining in the sky

Every heart made silent
Every breath made still
Waiting for the Savior
In the morning chill

I awoke to wonder
Just to catch a glimpse
Mother of the Infant Child
What mercy you evince

Even now the sinner
Comes to join the saint
Rich and poor walk hand in hand
The old with young to faint

Let this end our journey
All our longings quell
Looking down on paradise.
What more could heaven tell?

     Patrick Fealy


Pilots File Law Suit against Vax Mandate


Complete Report below from bottom to top for War Room PM 12/23/21. Listen to the testimony of the Airline Pilot Josh Yoder regarding Biden's destruction of Commercial Aviation.

I joined the group and brought them up to date, in my introduction, as to what Biden is doing to our youngest son and many like him via his Woke Pentagon trashing their Service, Traitors all, that couldn't care less about the safety of our country and the sacrifices of those putting their lives on the line for us!

Click on the picture to watch.

     Gary Morella

Josh Yoder


'It's Beginning to Look Like Genocide'


Please, watch this video that corroborates what many doctors are explaining about the vaccine.

Wake up America, while there is still time!


Note: TIA apologizes for some bad words, which, although censured, may be noticed in this video.


Massive Evidence of Harm/Death Caused by the Vax in 2021

Dear TIA,

I believe that you must post this extraordinary research on the number of athletes dead or injured after taking the vaccine.

If someone still believes that this is a coincidence, this person completely lost his common sense.


Athlete Collapses/Deaths Following Vaccination

A former CIA operative fact checked the stories and found they were true.
Why isn't the mainstream media doing these stories?

Steve Kirsch

I recently received an email from one of my followers on athlete collapses and deaths that was quite comprehensive.

I’ve written extensively about this before.

Note the number of deaths change as the vaccines are rolled out and athletes are forced to finally take them. See a difference in the number of reports per month?

Here’s the email

My company has been studying these kinds of cases (see list below) in which young, fit athletes have cardiac-related death or collapse, often right on the field. There have been many more of these incidents in 2021. I assigned one of our CIA-trained analysts to conduct a random sampling to confirm these events below are real.

His reply:

“I reviewed the list, and specifically conducted research on some instances listed, drawing on each month. All of the news stories I reviewed appeared authentic. I also found additional news stories on these cases reported by other outlets. That further corroborated many of the stories.”

January 2021

1. 01/01/21, Windmore Pennsylvania, Dead. Blake Barklage (17), a tennis player at La Salle High School in Windmore, Pennsylvania. Collapsed and died with cardiac arrest, after his team’s victory in the PCL. News Story

2. 03/01/21, Portugal, Dead. Alex Apolinario (24), Brazilian Alverca FC soccer player collapsing on pitch with cardiac arrest during match. Died four days later. News Story

3. 09/01/21, USA. Jordan Glenn, Wisconsin basketball player. Collapsed in a break at the start of the half. CPR with a defibrillator, transferred to hospital by Ambulance.

4. 30/01/21, Indianapolis USA, Dead. Wayne Radford (64), NBA star and former Indianapolis team star, died at his home in Indianapolis. News Story

5. 30/01/21, France. Garissone Innocent (20), Cannes Team football goalkeeper. collapsed and blacked out in a game against Chamblee. Tachycardia attack, unable to speak or breathe. News Story

February 2021

6.06/02/21, Philippines, Dead. Clement Lucchu (25), Cameroonian basketball player. Played in Manila, Philippines. Suffered a heart attack and died. News Story

7. 11/02/21, Wales, Dead. Logan Luker (17), rugby player Youth Captain at Penygraig RFC, died suddenly. News Story

8. 21/02/21, Croatia, Dead. Zlatko Saracevich (59) (former Yugoslavia handball player and world handball champion), won Gold with Croatia at Atlanta Olympics, and recent handball coach. His team just won in a derby against RK Lokomotiva 32:29, and he collapsed with a heart attack just after he gave a media statement. Resuscitation failed. News Story

9. 22/02/21, Portugal, Dead. Alfredo Quintana (32), a Cuban handball goalie in Portugal. Collapsed after going into cardiac arrest during practice. Died four days later. News Story

March 2021

10. 03/03/2021, Wallkill Central School, New York, USA, Dead. Miguel Antonio Lugo (17), high school football player, collapsed and died during football practice.

11. 08/03/21, Egypt, Dead. Abdel-Rahman Atef (23). Al-Rowad Club football player collapsed and died during his team’s Al game in the city of Sharqiya. Swallowed his tongue and resuscitation attempts were unsuccessful (no trained staff). News Story

12. 11/03/21 Illinois USA, Dead. David Wakefield (27), New Zealand cricketer. Collapsed during training with myocarditis. Brought back to life with defibrillator, hospitalized three weeks in intensive care, required extensive rehabilitation before he could walk and talk. News Story

13. 19/03/21, Milton Keynes, UK. Raymond van Barneveld, darts player collapsed and received paramedic attention during PDC Championship. News Story

14. 19/03/21, Charleston NC, USA, Dead. Joe Bradshaw (19), a football player at Charleston Southern University. Collapsed with cardiac arrest – shallow breathing.

15. 20/03/21, Dead. Andy Haman (54), Pro bodybuilder and actor, has died of Pulmonary embolism. News Story

16. 22/03/21, Sacramento California, USA, Dead. Emmanual Antwi (18), a Kennedy High footballer (Canadian), collapsed on the field in Sacramento. On-field CPR attempts failed and he died.

17. 23/03/21. Moussa Dembélé (25), Atlético Madrid striker, collapsed in training and received medical attention. News Story

18. 27/03/21, Stewarton Scotland, Dead. Laura Henderson (42), cardiac arrest while running, Died days later in hospital. News Story

19. 29/03/21, India, Dead. Devaraj Anchan (33), a State-level volleyball player collapsed, clutching his chest, while playing in a tournament and died on the way to hospital in Udupi. News Story

20. 30/03/21, Ghana. Charles Bulu Ghanaian referee collapses during AFCON Match. News Story, Video

21. 30/03/21, USA. Alex Stalock (34), NHL Oilers goalie out for the season or more due to heart condition. Positive COVID Test in November 2020, diagnosed myocarditis in March 2021. News Story 1, News Story 2

22. 31/03/21, USA. Brett Smith, an NCAA college basketball referee, collapsed during a game. Hospitalized with a blood clot.

23. 31/03/21, Norway. Filip Ingebrigtsen (28), Norwegian runner, had a tough 2021 after a reaction to the corona vaccine. Ingebrigtsen got the second vaccine dose just after the Olympics in Tokyo. His goal was “getting back to normal” but on October 17, he finished 10th in a race his brother won. News Story

April 2021

24. 06/04/2021, Callalen, Corpus Cristi, Dead. Moira Claire Arney (15), McAllen High School female Soccer player, collapsed and died during practice. News Story

25. 06/04/21, Italy, Dead. Giuseppe Perrino (29), former professional footballer, collapsed and died during a charity match for his dead brother, Rocco. News Story

26. 9/04/21. Bert Smith (56), NCAA men’s basketball Referee, collapsed due to a blood clot in his lung during a tournament. News Story

27. 12/04/21, Dead. Dejan Oršuš (24), Croation NK Otok player, collapsed from a heart attack and later died in the Čakovec County Hospital. News Story

28. 18/04/21, Jamaica, Dead. Tremaine Stewart (Tan Tan) (32), Jamaican footballer with FC Dunbeholden. Collapsed and died during the kickaround before a match. News Story

29. 22/04/21. Craig Jones (29), Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu world champion black belt, is unable to train or fight after a COVID injection.

30. 24/04/21, Dead. Luis Ojeda (20), Argentine football player, died unexpectedly. News Story

31. 28/04/21, Atlanta, USA. Brandon Goodwin (26), NBA player, suffers blood clots shortly after COVID-19 shot, Possible end of career, still sidelined 7 months later. News Story

May 2021

32. 01/05/21, Florida, USA, Dead. Nickolas Lawrinas (17), Footballer, died suddenly and unexpectedly, cause given by media, unclear.

33. 7/05/21, USA. Everest Romney (17), a healthy 6’9″ high school sophomore, hospitalized after experiencing severe migraines and swelling in his neck post-vaccination. Within 24 hours of getting the vaccine, Everest began experiencing an “exorbitant amount” of pain and swelling in his neck that originated on the same side he received the vaccine.Everest’s dad experienced a similar reaction following a Moderna injection. An x-ray revealed he had over 100 blood clots in his lungs. News Story

34. 10/05/21, Nottinghamshire, England, Dead. Josh Downie (24), cricketer, died after heart attack at practice. His mother Helen said he had no known health problems. “It’s just completely out of the blue,” she said. “It doesn’t seem real at the moment. News Story

35. 11/05/21, Germany. Miroslav Klose (42), former Germany striker and assistant coach at Bayern Munich. Suffering from blood clots in his leg. Had to stop coaching. Apparently ll clear by September after medication and special socks. News Story

36. 14/05/21, Malaysia, Dead. Haziq Kamaruddin (27), Olympian archer, died of coronary artery disease. Died 10 days after Pfizer injections on 13th April and 4th May 2021. News Story

37. 30/05/21 (exact date unknown, but prior to 01/06/21, when Christian Eriksen collapsed). Marvin Schumann, a Gifhorn amateur player, revived after cardiac arrest. News Story

June 2021

38. 1/06/21, Denmark. Christian Eriksen (29), star Inter Milan footballer, collapsed with cardiac arrest on the soccer pitch 12 days after receiving a Pfizer shot. Revived with defibrilator. News Story

39. 04/06/21 Italy, Dead. Giuseppe Perrino (29) from Fujimarino, Italy. Collapsed and died during a tribute game for his dead brother. Paramedics at the scene tried to resuscitate him, but were unsuccessful. News Story

40. 05/06/21 Russia, Dead. Maxim Ishkeldin (30), world field hockey champion, Russian national team midfielder, died suddenly in Novosibirsk, as a result of a clotting event. News Story

41. 07/06/21, Germany, Dead. Michael Schneider (38), Table tennis professional from Germany, died suddenly and unexpectedly. News Story

42. 09/06/21, Ontario Canada, Dead. Kamila Label-Farrel (19), University Basketball star, died unexpectedly – while on a morning jog she collapsed while stretching. News Story

43. 12/06/21 Italy, Dead. Chloe Giani Gavazzi (12), Italian youth tennis player, member of Golarsa Academy in Milan. Died suddenly. Found dead in her bed by her mother. News Story

44. 14/06/21, Indonesia, Dead. Marquis Kido (36), Indonesian Olympic gold medalist in double Badminton, died of heart attack during game. News Story

45. 17/06/21, France. Frederic Lott, Salouël RC team in France, suffered cardiac arrest after a football training session in Salouel. Saved by heart massage and defibrillator.

46. 18/06/21, Honduras, Dead. Robert Lima (49), former Olympia footballer from Uruguay, Honduras. Collapsed and died of cardiac arrest while playing soccer with friends. News Story

47. 19/06/21, Colombia, Dead. Jose Edgar Preciado, Colombian caddie, suffered a fatal heart attack at his hotel after the second round of the Holcim Colombia Classic in Bucaramanga, Colombia. News Story

48. 21/06/21, Czech in France, Dead. Sage Canaday (35), Czech TDS-145km ultra marathon runner, died on the Mont Blanc trail with a bilateral pulmonary embolism and blood clots. He was double vaccinated and started having problems in May after returning from a flight. After the Pfizer booster, he started to have difficulty breathing. News Story

49. 21/06/21, Hungary, Dead. Victor Marcel Hegedus (18), Hungarian soccer player. Collapsed and died during a training warm-up. News Story

50. 23/06/21, France. Christophe Lemeiter, French sprinter. Retired from French Championships and Tokyo Olympics. A coach said he failed a physical, after negative reactions to coronavirus vaccine.

51. 25/06/21, USA. Ethan Jovani Trejo (16), soccer player, collapsed on the field during training. News Story

52. 26/06/21, Russia, Dead. Maxim Dubrovolski (17) collapsed and lost consciousness during a Football League game. Moscow. Died before the ambulance arrived on the scene. News Story

53. 27/06/21, Singapore. Unnamed teenager (16) suffered cardiac arrest after weightlifting session 6 days after first Covid-19 injection. He was in critical condition in hospital. News Story

54. 28/06/2021, Las Vegas, Nevada, Dead. Chino Yelum Cajetan Nsofor (13), Football player, collapsed and died during practice. News Story

55. 28/06/21 (estimate), USA. Kyle Warner(29), Professional mountain biker, suffers from pericarditis after Pfizer shot, possible end of career. News Story

July 2021

56. ??/07/21, Philadelphia PA, USA, Dead. Ivan Hicks (16), Footballer, died during scrimmage. Coroner found an enlarged heart and scarring. Verdict cardiovascular disease. Tested positive for COVID.

57. 03/07/21. Chinelle Henry (26) collapsed on field with teammate Chedean Nation. Only a few days prior, the club boasted on Twitter that it was “Vaccinated and ready to face Pakistan Women! ” News Story

58. 03/07/21. Chedean Nation (35) collapsed on field with teammate Chinelle Henry. Only a few days prior, the club boasted on Twitter that it was “Vaccinated and ready to face Pakistan Women!” News Story

59. 04/07/21, Nagoya, Japan. Ryōsuke Hirata (33), Japanese baseball player. Diagnosed with “atypical angina”.

60. 06/07/21, Japan, Dead. Yusuke Kinoshita (27) Baseball player collapsed during practice. Died 03/08/2021, five weeks after COVID-19 vaccination.

61. 08/07/21, Toronto, Canada, Dead. Jenn Gouveia (31), Toronto mother, collapsed and died suddenly on Sunday while out for a run in High Park. News Story

62. 10/07/21, Dead. Mike Salase (39), Northland rugby league player, died while playing a game. CPR attempts failed. News Story

63. 12/07/21, Jaroslaw, Poland, Dead. Vladimir Dorozhkin (38), coach and athlete. Died the same day as he got the COVID vaccine. “Vaccinated just after noon, died at midnight." Cardiomyopathy. News Story

64. 12/07/21, Egypt, Dead. Imad Bayoumi, footballer from Egypt. Collapsed and died during a friendly match in Egypt, a tribute to his friend Ayman Handal who died earlier. News Story

65. 13/07/21, Dubai, Dead. Chris Eubank (29), boxer, son of famous boxer, Sebastian Eubank, died of heart attack. News Story

66. 13/07/2021, Pennsylvania, USA, Dead. Andrew Roseman (17), Junior High School Baseball Pitcher died unexpectedly. News Story

67. 15/07/21, Dead. Arthur Zucolini (29), former basketballer. Died of cardiac arrest while sleeping. News Story

68. 18/07/21, Portugal, Dead. Marilio Costa Leite (48), Portuguese professional long-distance runner. Died two days after receiving a Pfizer COVID vaccine. His body was found in a ravine. News Story

69. 19/07/21, UK, Dead. Maqsood Anwar (44), British cricket athlete from Wales. Had a heart attack and died. Paramedics tried to revive him for 45 minutes, unsuccessfully. News Story

70. 21/07/21, USA. Kjeld Nuis (31), Two time Olympic Gold Medalist and World Record holder speed skater, develops pericarditis after Pfizer shot. News Story

71. 23/07/21, Germany, Dead. Tim B. (27), SV Hamberge football player from (Schleswig-Holstein), collapsed after returning from a football tournament and died. News Story

72. 24/07/21, Germany. Unnamed football player (unknown age) of TuS Hoberge-Uerentrup Bielefeld (NRW) collapsed on the pitch with cardiac arrest. News Story

73. 24/07/21, Little Rock Arkansas, Dead. Devon DuHart (16), football player, mysteriously died of a seizure in his sleep. He was not well after a recent practice. News Story

74. 25/07/21, Charles City, Indiana, USA. Carly Stevenson, Wartburg College shot put and discus athlete, collapsed and was rushed to hospital with blood clots in her lungs and heart. She had trouble speaking and breathing and then her heart stopped. She was resuscitated three times. She lost her balance, head control, hand and arm movements, and communication skills. News Story

75. 26/07/21, Netherlands, Dead. Whitnee Abriska (19), female handball professional passes away after cardiac arrest while on vacation. News Story

76. 28/07/21, Germany, Dead. Jascha Zey (16), U19 player of Eisbachtaler Sportfreunde (Rhineland-Palatinate), died suddenly and unexpectedly in hospital. News Story

77. 28/07/21, Georgia, USA, Dead. Joshua Ivory (15) Football player collapsed and died during game. Coroner’s report said cardiac dysrhythmia triggered sudden cardiac arrest. News Story

78. 31/07/21, USA. Daniel Brito (23), the Phillies minor-league infielder, had been hospitalized since collapsing on the field with a stroke. News Story

79. 31/07/21, Dead. Sofia Graham (27) preparing to compete at 2021 NPC North Americans and NPC USA’s. Died of a heart attack in her sleep. News Story

August 2021

80. 02/08/21, Detroit USA, Dead. Stephen Sylvester (15), Detroit Central Catholic High School football and track athlete, collapsed and died during conditioning practice.

81. 04/08/21, Kansas USA, Dead. Tirrell Williams (19), Fort Scott freshman lineman, died after collapsing with a stroke on field during practice. News Story 1, News Story 2

82. 06/08/21, Germany. Unnamed SpVgg. Oelde II District league player collapsed on field revived by his opponent, Julian Pietsch from VfB Schloß Holte 2. News Story

83. 07/08/21, Belgium. Rune Coghe (18), Belgian KFC Eendracht Hooglede footballer, suffers cardiac arrest on pitch. News Story

84. 08/08/21, Dead. John Meadows (49), Bodybuilder AKA ‘Mountain Dog’, died of ‘blood clot’. News Story

85. 08/08/21, Georgia USA, Dead. Quandarius Wilburn (19), Football player, collapsed during a Panthers conditioning practice and later died. He appeared to be in very good physical condition when he reported to his first college preseason camp. News Story 1, News Story 2

86. 10/08/21, Australia. Chris Cairns (51), New Zealand cricketer, suffered a massive heart attack and a ruptured aorta. He underwent heart surgery and was taken to a Sydney hospital for further vascular surgery. News Story

87. 12/08/21, New Zealand, Dead. Lee Moses (29), Palmerston North Marist football player, died during training session. News Story

88. 12/08/21, Germany. Unnamed female Freudenberg footballer collapses in women’s Westfalenliga Wacker Mecklenbeck against Fortuna Freudenberg (Baden-Würrtemberg) shortly before the end without opposing influence. News Story

89. 13/08/21, France, Dead. Franck Berrier (37), former French professional footballer, collapsed of a heart attack while playing tennis. He retired in 2019 due to heart problems. News Story

90. 13/08/21, UK, Dead. Roy Butler (23), Irish footballer Watford FC, dies with massive brain bleed after J&J vaccine. He suffered severe headaches and general malaise within one hour. By Saturday August 14, he was vomiting and having convulsions. News Story

91. 14/08/21, USA, Dead. Dimitri McKee (17), Lee High School Football player, passed out and died after practice. News stories attributed his death to heatstroke. News Story

92. 14/08/21, Kenya, Dead. China Olympics Champion Gilbert Kwemoi (23) collapsed in his home (after a short illness) and claimed he had a headache. He died on the way to hospital. News Story

93. 15/08/21, Spain, Dead. Alena Hatvani-Kosinová (46), Czech female bodybuilder, died after being rushed to hospital in Alicante, Spain. News Story

94. 15/08/21. Jeremy Chardy (34), Veteran French tennis player, Former World No. 25, suspended his season after “Violent, near paralyzing pain” after Covid-19 vaccine in mid-August. News Story 1, News Story 2

95. 15/08/21, Italy, Dead. Marco Tampwo (19), Atletico Fioghi footballer from Rome, died of a cardiac arrest. News Story

96. 16/08/21, France. Samuel Kalu (24), Bordeaux pro footballer, suffers cardiac arrest during a game. News Story

97. 16/08/21, Germany. Manfred Lehner (62), SV Niederpöring (Bayern) goalkeeping coach, suffers heart attack after training. News Story

98. 18/08/21, Belgium. Joppe Erpels (vaccinated) from Arendonk ended up in intensive care after a race. Three young Belgian (Kempen) cyclists suffer heart issues following a race. Riders from Acrog-Tormans BC. Joppe Erpels from Arendonk ended up in intensive care, Xander Verhagen from Geel had problems at training and Yarno Van Herck suddenly felt stabbing in his chest during the Herman Vanspringel Diamond. News Story

99. 18/08/21, Belgium. Xander Verhagen (vaccinated) from Geel had problems at training. Three young Belgian (Kempen) cyclists suffer heart issues following a race. Riders from Acrog-Tormans BC. Joppe Erpels from Arendonk ended up in intensive care, Xander Verhagen from Geel had problems at training and Yarno Van Herck suddenly felt stabbing in his chest during the Herman Vanspringel Diamond. News Story

100. 18/08/21, Belgium. Yarno Van Herck (vaccinated) suddenly felt stabbing in his chest during the Herman Vanspringel Diamond. Three young Belgian (Kempen) cyclists suffer heart issues following a race. Riders from Acrog-Tormans BC. Joppe Erpels from Arendonk ended up in intensive care, Xander Verhagen from Geel had problems at training and Yarno Van Herck suddenly felt stabbing in his chest during the Herman Vanspringel Diamond. News Story

101. 18/08/21, Belgium. Jente van Genechten (25), footballer, collapses on field due to cardiac arrest. News Story

102. 19/08/21, UK, Dead. Alex Bruce (20), English rugby league player. Found dead in hotel room the morning after his pro rugby league debut. News Story

103. 20/08/21, Dead. Orlando Gallucci (49), Personal trainer and athlete, died of cardiac arrest after the 2021 NPC Worldwide European Championships. News Story

104. 22/08/21. Fabrice N’Sakala (31), Besiktas defender, collapses on pitch during game. News Story

105. 22/08/21, UK. Pedro Obiang (29), ex-West Ham star, suffers myocarditis 10 days post-vaccine. News Story

106. 22/08/21, Italy. Francesca Marcon (38), Italian volleyball player, suffered pericarditis after 2nd Pfizer shot. Shortness of breath and chest pains. News Story

107. 22/08/21, Venezuela, Dead. Alexaida Guedez (30), Venezuelan National Marathon Champion, collapsed and died in a 5k race. News Story

108. 22/08/21, Slovenia, Dead. Aidan Sharanovich (45), former Primorja striker, also played in Slovenian league for Primoria. Suffered a severe heart attack, resuscitated, died several days later. News Story

109. 23/08/21, USA, Dead. Jimmy Hayes (31), former Bruins player, unexpectedly dies. He had Cocaine and Fentanyl in his system. News Story

110. 24/08/2021, Luxembourg. José dos Reis (29) collapsed on the field and was resuscitated. News Story

111. 24/08/21, USA, Dead. Jack Alkhatib (18), Columbia High school footballer, collapsed on the field and died. News Story

112. 25/08/21 New York, USA. Vinny Curry (33), New York Jets defensive end, will miss entire 2021 season. Diagnosed with a rare blood disorder in July and removal of his spleen, Twitter post. Planned to return mid-September but developed blood clots and started blood thinners – no physical contact for 3-6 months. News Story

113. 29/08/21, USA, Dead. Donadrian Robinson (Donnie) (17), Columbia High school footballer died. News Story

114. 29/08/21, Germany. Unnamed Germany C-League Dillenburg, a player (unknown age) from Hirzenhain collapses, game cancelled. News Story

September 2021

115. 1/10/21 Canada, Dead. Jacob Downey (18), Peterborough Petes hockey player in 2019-2020 season, passed away suddenly after medical emergency. News Story

116. 01/09/21, Australia, Dead. Cameron Dale(29), Australian sailor, died after suffering a ‘catastrophic’ stroke. He was youngest solo sailor to circumnavigate the globe. News Story

117. 01/09/21. Greg Van Avermaet (36), former Olympic road champ, quits Cycling World Cup after COVID shot. News Story 1, News Story 2

118. 02/09/21, Belgium. Greg Luyssen (22), Professional Cyclist, ends cycling career after heart failure. “I was in the chasing group during the Kortemark Race when I suddenly became unwell,” he says. “I felt a huge pressure in my chest and it was so bad that I had to leave the race. I was taken to hospital and diagnosed with heart failure. I already had fever a number of times for no apparent reason after my second Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccine, but I had never thought about the relationship. Further tests have shown that my heart muscle is affected and that my body now reacts poorly to intensive activity.” News Story

119. 02/09/21, Tokyo Paralympics. Belgian wheelchair tennis player Joachim Gerard (32) collapsed with heart problems at Tokyo Olympics. News Story

120. 03/09/21, Columbia SC, USA, Dead. David Patten (47), three-time Super Bowl champion with Patriots, died while riding his motorcycle – he suddenly “went left of center” and struck on an oncoming Chevrolet sedan. News Story

121. 04/09/2021, France. Diego Ferchaud (16) from ASPTT Caen suffers a cardiac arrest in Saint-Lô. News Story

122. 04/09/21, (27) Dead. Jens De Smet (27), footballer, collapsed on field, died of heart attack. News Story

123. 04/09/21, Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire, UK, Dead. Dave Hyde (29), Henley Football Club Rugby player, collapsed and died after match, suffering two cardiac arrests. News Story

124. 05/09/21, Germany. Unnamed Referee collapses during game. SC Neuburgweier – FV Ettlingenweier II (Baden-Württemberg). News Story

125. 05/09/21. Florian Ploner (22), handball player for SC Ferlach, collapses during game. Symptoms pointed to a cardiac arrest or stroke. News Story

126. 05/09/21 PA, USA, Dead. Jalen Leavey (19), former Philadelphia High School football player. Collapsed and died unexpectedly after a college game. News report says death due to natural causes, from a previous medical condition. News Story

127. 6/09/21. Paul Zipser (27), Bayern Munich forward (basketball), underwent a successful surgery for brain hemorrhage related to J&J. News Story

128. 06/09/21, Italy. Unnamed soccer player (13) from Janus Nova club, Saccolongo (Italy) collapses on the field with cardiac arrest.

129. 07/09/21, Great Britain, Dead. Dylan Rich (17), soccer player, collapsed on the field and died of a double heart attack during a game in England.

130. 09/09/21, Germany. Unnamed player from Birati Club Münster suffered cardiac arrest in a regional league game against FC Nordkirchen II Eriksen. Game canceled. News Story

131. 09/09/21, Italy, Dead. Christian Blandini (20), a University of Catania volleyball “rising star”, died of a sudden cardiac arrest. A university statement described the industrial engineering student’s “sudden death.” Catania requires students to have a Covid-19 “Green Pass” showing vaccination. News Story

132. 10/09/21, Germany. Lucas Surek (24) from BFC Chemie Leipzig collapses from myocarditis. News Story

133. 11/09/21, France, Dead. Frédéric Lartillot (49) Ain / France: suffers heart attack in the locker room after a friendly match. News Story

134. 11/09/21, Italy, Dead. Andrea Astolfi (45), sporting director of Calcio Orsago (Italy), suffers a heart attack after returning from training and died with no previous illness.

135. 11/09/21, Denmark. Abou Ali (22) collapses with cardiac arrest during a game in Denmark. News Story

136. 11/09/21, Netherlands, Dead. Sebastiaan Bos (19), Laren ice hockey player passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. News Story

137. 12/09/21, France. Dimitri Lienard (33), FC Strasbourg midfielder, collapses during game. News Story

138. 12/09/21. Santo Giuliano (33), Professional Dancer, Suffers Heart Attack 5 Days After Receiving Pfizer Shot. News Story

139. 13/09/21, Germany. Anil Usta (61), Turkish national playing for Vfb Schwelm (Ennepetal), collapsed on field with heart problems. News Story

140. 14/09/21, USA, Dead. Parys Haralson (37), former star player at Justice at Madison Central, then Tennessee and in the NFL died suddenly and unexpectedly at home in Jan Jose, California. News Story

141. 16/09/21, India, Dead. Avi Barot (29), Saurashtra cricketer suffers cardiac arrest, died. News Story

142. 16/09/21. Imogen Allen (24), female equestrian, champion show jumper may never ride again. Hospitalized with a severe reaction to Moderna Covid vaccine with two massive blood clots on her lungs two weeks after her first vaccination. News Story

143. 17/09/21. John Stokes (21), NCAA Tennessee State University golfer, had myocarditis four days after his second Pfizer dose. Spoke out against vaccine mandates. News Story

144. 18/09/21, Germany. Kingsley Coman (25) from FC Bayern Munich had a heart operation after an arrhythmia. News Story

145. 18/09/21, Canada, Dead. Francis Perron (25), University of Ottawa Gee-Gees defensive linebacker, died suddenly after a game in Toronto. The University of Ottawa earlier launched its mandatory vaccination policy, “anyone who intends on coming to campus for any reason must be vaccinated.” News Story

146. 19/09/21, France. Unnamed FC Nantes soccer player (19) suffers cardiac arrest during training.

147. 19/09/21, Germany, Dead. rk Splisteser volleyball trainer from SG Traktor Divitz collapses dead on the sidelines within one hour. News Story

148. 21/09/21, Augsburg. Unnamed assistant referee of a Kreisliga Augsburg game in Emersacker, collapses with heart problems. News Story

149. 21/09/21, Germany. Helen Edwards. At the women’s World Cup qualifier between Germany and Serbia in Chemnitz, the English linesman suffered heart problems and was carried off the pitch. News Story

150. 21/09/21. Antoine Méchin (31), French triathlete, suffers pulmonary embolism following Moderna vaccine. News Story

151. 22/09/21, Wisconsin USA. Tom Felton (34), collapses during golf game. News Story

152. 22/09/21, Germany. Nicky Dalibor (36), (Saxony-Anhalt) collapsed and was resuscitated on the pitch. News Story

153. 26/09/21, Germany, Dead. Benny Taft (33), football player and coach of SVU Unterferrieden (Bavaria), suffers cardiac arrest in a game, died on the 27th. News Story

154. 27/09/21, Venezuela, Dead. Guillermo Arias (31), Camaguán FC, Guárico state in a game with La Villa FC. He collapsed and died on the field. News Story

155. 27/09/21, Germany, Dead. Mr. Steidel (61), referee, suffers cardiac arrest in a game of Lauber SV (Bayern). Game abandoned. News Story

156. 27/09/21, Italy. Unnamed rider (20) suffers a heart attack at the end of a tournament.

157. 28/09/21, Germany. Hoher Hagen (17), JSG soccer player, collapsed during game and was revived in Hannoversch Munden. News Story

158. 28/09/21, Italy, Dead. Antonello Campus (53), football coach for a Sardinia youth team, collapsed and died in Sicily during practice with team.

159. 28/09/21, USA, Dead. Unnamed twice vaccinated teenager (16) collapses while playing soccer and died a little later.

160. 29/09/21, Germany, Dead. Dietmar Gladow, Team leader from Thalheim (Bitterfeld), suffers a fatal heart attack before the game.

161. 28/09/21, Mexico, Dead. Leticia Rico Gonzalez (51), triathlete. Died of a heart attack during Cozumel triathlon competition in Quintana Roo. Resuscitation attempts unsuccessful, pronounced dead at hospital. News Story

162. 29/09/21, USA, Dead. Unnamed high school football player collapsed during practice and died in the hospital.

163. 30/09/21, Germany. Unnamed (17) footballer collapsed during the A 2 regional league game between SV Hoßkirch and TSV Sigmaringendorf. He suffered cardiac arrest and was resuscitated. News Story

October 2021

164. 01/10/21, Germany, Dead. Bruno Stein (15), goalkeeper from FC An der Fahner Höhe in Gräfentonna, Thuringia, died. News Story

165. 02/10/21, USA, Dead. Major Wingate (37), American basketball player and former Tennessee basketball captain (Springfield Armor, Shanxi Zhongyu, Tofas Bursa), died unexpectedly. News Story

166. 02/10/21, Dead. Jake Kazmarek (28), a bodybuilder, Moderna shots 31st August & 28th September 2021. Died Four Days After Vaccine. News Story

167. 02/10/21, Holland. Ceylin del Carmen Alvarado (23), Dutch, reigning European champion Cyclo-cross rider out of action due to ‘disturbed blood count’. News Story

168. 03/10/21, Canada. Josh Archibald (28), Edmonton Oilers hockey forward, out indefinitely due to myocarditis. News Story

169. 03/10/21, Austria, Dead. Ernst Scherr (64), ex-goalkeeper coach and talent scout, unexpectedly died.

170. 03/10/21, Germany, Dead. Timucin Sen (Hesse) Football player collapsed on pitch 10 Minutes before the end of the game. Resuscitated. News Story

171. 3/10/21, Dead. Niels de Wolff (27), Belgian White Star Sombeke football club player, collapsed with cardiac arrest after a game with Warbrook team. Revived with CPR and defibrillator. Died in hospital three days later. News Story

172. 4/10/21, Dead. Hayden Holman (22), Sugar City, Idaho marathon runner. Collapsed during St. George Marathon in Utah. Initially revived. Died in the hospital. News Story

173. 04/10/21, Germany, Dead. Alexander Siegfried (42) from VfB Moschendorf unexpectedly collapsed and died. News Story

174. 04/10/21, Dead. Benjamin Taft (33), German footballer/coach collapses with heart attack after game. News Story

175. 06/10/21, Dead. George Peterson (37), AKA “Da Bull” Bodybuilder, won the Classic Physique competition at 2019 Arnold Classic, died days before competing in a top bodybuilding competition. Suspected brain haemorage after receiving two doses of covid vaccine which was an Orlando Olympics requirement. News Story

176. 06/10/21,. Florian Dagoury: World’s Top Static Breath-Hold Freediver diagnosed with Myocarditis and Pericarditis 40 days after second Pfizer vaccine – Instagram, News Story

177. 06/10/21, Germany, Dead. Bern Bauer (61), Trainer DJK Concordia Ludwigshafen (Rheinland-Pfalz). News Story

178. 07/10/21, Italy. Unnamed athlete from Colverde (17) collapses with cardiac arrest while training.

179. 08/10/21, France, Dead. Benoit Sabard(49), SC Massay player suffers a fatal heart attack during the game. This is the third death of the year at SC Massay, after that of Jean-Philippe Roux (73?), former president of the club and deputy mayor of the town, and that of Franck Martin, former player and former vice-president. News Story

180. 8/10/21, Dead. Dean Chiazari (31), canoe rower. Died of a heart attack. News Story

181. 09/10/21, Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico, Dead. Alberto Olguin, PGA golf caddy for Manuel Torres, collapses on the course during PGA Tour Latinoamerica event due to a heart attack. It was the second PGA caddy death (19 June). News Story

182. 09/10/21, England. Ryan Bowman (29), Shrewsbury professional striker, was treated with a defibrillator after half an hour of play with extreme heart problems.

183. 10/10/21, Italy. Pompeo Tretola (18), soccer player suddenly faints on the field, is revived by his teammate. News Story

184. 10/10/21, France. Unnamed Saint-James player (40) suffers a heart attack after warming up before the game, collapsed in the change room, saved with defibrilator by a firefighter on the opposing team. News Story

185. 10/10/21, Italy, Dead. Unnamed long-distance runner from Biella (59) dies of heart failure during a race.

186. 10/10/2021, Germany. Unnamed female player In the match between Wacker Mecklenbeck and Fortuna Freudenberg in the Women’s Westphalia League, collapsed near the end without any opposing influence.

187.10/10/21, Dead. Simone Bedodi (40), Italian baseball player and coach of the Park Ranger baseball team, Died in his sleep. News Story

188. 11/10/21, Germany. Marcel Herder, Guest coach, collapsed on the edge of field Mühlwiese (Saxony) Resuscitated. News Story

189. 11/10/21, Norway. Daniel Aakervik (17), one of Norway’s greatest cross-country skiing talents, suspended his season after a severe reaction to COVID vaccination. News Story

190. 12/10/21. Ewan Fraser (30), Glasgow field hockey player, collapsed with cardiac arrest, during a match. News Story

191. 12/10/21 Germany, Dead. Lukas Bommer (25), goalkeeper of HC TuRa Bergkamen, died suddenly and unexpectedly.

192. 12/10/21, Macedonia, Dead. Julija Portjanko (38), Ukrainian-born Macedonian handball player (Kometal Gjorče Petrov, Arvor 29, Macedonia national team). Surprise death, in car with her husband, returning from Greece. News Story

193. 13/10/21, Mexico, Dead. Hector Manuel Mendoza (16) died of a heart attack while training. News Story

194. 13/10/21, Brazil. Fellipe de Jesus Moreira (18), professional footballer, suffered a double heart attack. Released from hospital 3rd November. News Story

195. 14/10/21 UK, Dead. David Jenkins (31), Olympic silver medalist diver and British diving coach unexpectedly died. News Story

196. 14/10/21, Italy, 27 years old. Gianni Moscon (27), multiple cycling champion, to undergo an operation because of severe cardiac arrhythmia. News Story

197. 14/10/21, Italy, 53 years old. Unnamed AH footballer (53) suffers a heart attack while training.

198. 14/10/21, UK. Ryan Bowman (29), Shrewsbury striker, collapsed treated with extreme heart problems, recussitated with defibrillator. News Story

199. 14/10/21, Germany, Dead. Unnamed Referee collapsed and died during a game Kreisliga B match between SC Daisbach and FSV Taunusstein in Aarbergen (Hesse). News Story

200. 15/10/21, Gold Coast, Australia. Ava Azzopardi (14), female soccer player, collapsed on the pitch kept in an artificial coma in hospital. Later recovered. News Story

201. 16/10/21, France, Dead. Christophe Ramassamy (54), AH player and former referee, collapsed and died of a cardiac arrest during a match. News Story

202. 16/10/21, Padua Italy, Dead. Dr. Filippo Morando (37), soccer player in Padua, Italy. Collapsed with severe chest pain during a run. Resuscitated by others present, went to the hospital but was discharged. Died 5 days later. News Story

203. 17/10/21, Italy, Dead. Jaber Fathallah (32), Tunisian basketball player for Italian team Portitodo Messina match against Reggio Calabria. Collapsed during game with heart attack. Died in hospital. News Story

204. 17/10/21, France, Dead. Unnamed soccer player (41) collapsed on the field and died, apparently due to cardiac arrest during a soccer match in Avignon. Member of Rasteau’s senior football team. News Story

205. 17/10/21, Brazil, Dead. Adans João Santos Alencar (38), former Brazilian footballer for Bruski FC, suffered a sudden cardiac arrest in Blumenau in the Santa Catarina Championship. News Story

206. 17/10/21, Italy, Dead. Haitem Fathallah (32), Italian Fortitudo Messina basketball player, collapsed with cardiac arrest in a game against Reggio Calabria. Resuscitation failed and he never regained consciousness. News Story

207. 18/10/21, USA, Dead. Lexi Riggles (16), a Hanover College senior and 2018 Danville High School graduate who played basketball for the Panthers and Warriors, died unexpectedly. News Story

208. 18/10/21, New Zealand, Dead. Sean Wainui (25), Star NZ rugby player, died in a solo car crash into a tree, a week after getting vaccinated. News Story

209. 19/10/21. Megan Roth (34), Marathoner, running trainer and sub-elite runner. Suffered a cardiac arrest and collapsed During the Boston Marathon. Onlookers performed CPR on her and saved her life. News Story

210. 20/10/21, Italy, Dead. Ronald Biglione (26), Argentine Deportivo Club Independencia football player, hospitalized with blood clots (thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura) after 2nd shot. Died 5 Nov. News Story

211. 20/10/21, Germany, Dead. Hans-Günter Kinnen (65), Weiler-Volkhoven tournament coordinator, youth manager, former player. News Story

212. 21/10/21, NSW Central Coast, Australia. Cienna Knowles (19), Australian equestrian star, hospitalized due to blood clots, vomiting, fever, wet in sweat, heart palpitations, headache, sore muscles & joints like hell, blurry vision after Pfizer vaccine. News Story, Instagram

213. 21/10/21, UK. Nathan Baker (30), Bristol city footballer, collapsed during the game. 2 fans were also treated for medical emergencies. News Story

214. 21/10/21, USA. Dvan Douglas (41) won a national championship with the Buckeyes. Career cut short by blood clots. News Story

215. 24/10/21, Germany. Elly Böttcher (17) from Rostocker FC collapses in away game in Hohen Neuendorf of the women’s Regionalliga Nordost without opposing influence. News Story

216. 24/10/21, USA, Dead. Carl Madsen (71), NFL official died in his car, stalled in a lane on I-65, after working the Kansas City-Tennessee game. News Story

217. 25/10/21, France, Dead. Michael Engelbert (37), Ortho (La-Roche-en-Ardenne) footballer, died suddenly of a heart attack after a game and having a shower. Resuscitation unsuccessful. Pronounced dead at hospital. News Story

218. 25/10/21. Halil Elitok (25), SG Gahmen midfielder collapsed on pitch due to cardiac arrest. News Story

219. 27/10/21, Austria. Raphael Dwamena (26) Ghanaian forward. Collapsed with severe heart problems before the ÖFB Cup match between Linz Weiß-Blau FC and Hartberg TSV. He had a known heart condition since 2017 and was wearing an implanted cardioverter-defibrillator. News Story

220. 28/10/21, Germany. Unnamed football player suffered cardiac arrest (NRW) Dersum. Rescusitated by Josef Stefens and Jürgen Koop. News Story

221. 28/10/21, Germany, Dead. Selim Levent, Hertha BSC co-trainer, died suddenly and unexpectedly while on vacation. News Story, Twitter

222. 28/10/21, Bridgeville, Pennsylvania USA, Dead. Jayson Kidd (12) collapsed during basketball practice at school and later died. News Story

223. 28/10/21, New Jersey USA (New Zealand rugby player). Tevita Bryce (28), Montclair Norsemen rugby player, collapsed during game from 2 heart attacks and a stroke caused by a blood clot, heart stopped for 28 minutes. News Story 1, News Story 2

224. 28/10/21, Balochistan, Dead. Mohammad Islam (30), Raziq football player collapses mid game, pronounced dead at hospital. News Story

225. 30/10/21, Spain. Kun Agüero (33), striker from FC Barcelona had to be replaced in a game due to heart problems. He went to hospital for examination.

226. 30/10/21, Germany. Benedikt Kirsch (25), captain of SpVgg Bayreuth (Bavaria), collapsed on the pitch. Julian Pietsch from VfB Schloß Holte 2 resuscitated him. News Story

227. 30/10/21, Dead. Doudou Faye (35), Senegalese basketball player suffered heart attack. The Tunisian basketball championship paid tribute to one of its eminent members. News Story

228. 31/10/21, Spain. Sergio Aguero (33), Barcelona star striker suffered chest pains and collapsed in match, now being treated for heart problems. News Story

229. ??/10/21, Tennesee, USA. Shelby Grace Allen (17), Dyer County Bowling Team member in Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital, Memphis, after developing Guillain-Barré Syndrome. News Story

November 2021

230. 01/11/21, Italy (23), Dead. Vittoria Campo Italian soccer player collapsed with cardiac arrest, died in hospital. Her brother Alessandro (25) died 1/9/2021. News Story

231. 02/11/21, USA, Dead. Emil Palsson (28), Sognal midfielder collapses due to cardiac arrest during game. News Story

232. 03/11/21, Austria, Dead. Boris Sádecký (24), vaccinated Slovakian @bratislavaCAPS ice hockey star, died after collapsing on the ice during a match in Dornbirn, Austria. News Story 1, News Story 2

233. 03/11/21, USA, Dead. Jordan Tucker (late 20's), former Longridge Town FC Captain, died suddenly.

234. 05/11/21, USA, Dead. Dusan Pasek (36), @bratislavaCAPS CEO, 2 days after Boris Sádecký. News Story

235. 05/11/21, Spain. Caroline Graham (26), FC Barcelona women’s footballer. Complained of a rapid heartbeat and chest pains during a game and replaced. Cardiac arrhythmia. News Story

236. 05/11/21, Italy. Daouda Peeters (22), Belgian footballer, Juventus midfielder. Diagnosed with neuropathy, sensory disorders and motor difficulties. News Story

237. 05/11/21, Belarusia, Dead. Konstantin Wajgin (or Vaygin or Vaigin) (57), Belarusian biathlete and coach. News report only refers to death, not cause. News Story

238. 06/11/2021, Dead. Shawn Rhoden (46), Mr. Olympia 2018, dead from cardiac arrest. News Story

239. 06/11/21, Scotland. Jamie Hamilton (19) Hamilton Accies defender left the field with chest pains. News Story

240. 06/11/21, Brazil, Dead. Luíz Antônio dos Santos (57), Brazilian Olympic long-distance runner (1996), cardiac arrest. News Story

241. 07/11/21, Germany. Unnamed Vaccinated football player suffers a stroke during a district cup match, with one-side paralysis, transported to hospital by ambulance. News Story

242. 07/11/21, Germany. Unnamed Referee collapsed in 20th minute of a women’s game in Thüringen. News Story

243. 07/11/21, Germany. Unnamed football player collapsed in Landesliga Staffel 2 NRW FC Arpe/Wormbach against BSV Menden (NRW) without opposing influence. News Story

244. 07/11/21, Norcross High School, Georgia USA. Isaiah Banks (16), Norcross High School football player died at home of a medical condition unrelated to football. News Story

245. 07/11/21, Russia, Dead. Aliya Khambikova, 21, Female Russian volleyball player. Died of unstated illness (not COVID). News Story

246. 08/11/21 Houston, TX, USA, Dead. Jamarcus Hall (16), Houston High School football player, died on the same day the Hilltoppers football team was scheduled to play at Senatobia in the first round of the Class 4A playoffs. News Story

247. 08/11/21, USA, Dead. Kim ‘Alarm’ Kyeong-Bo (20), a rising star in the Overwatch League playing flex support for the Philadelphia Fusion, died. News Story

248. 08/11/21, UK, Dead. Tom Greenway (38), Champion jockey, dies. News Story

249. 08/11/21, Paraguay, Dead. Nelson Solano, (21) footballer, collapsed and died from heart-attack. News Story

250. 08/11/21, USA, Dead. Pedro Feliciano (45), New York Mets Pitcher, died of a heart attack in his sleep. No Vax status discovered yet. News Story

251. 08/11/21 Houston, TX USA, Dead. Willis Forko (37), Liberian-American footballer (Real Salt Lake, Bodø/Glimt, national team). Obituary

252. 10/11/21. Murphy Jensen (53), Grand Slam Champion, recovering after sudden cardiac arrest while playing tennis at a pro-celebrity charity event in Colorado. Hit his head in the collapse and has fractures at the base of his skull. News Story

253. 11/11/21, Germany, Dead. Jörg Heinle (40), former striker and coach of Spvgg Detter-Weißenbach (Bavaria), an anesthesia nurse at the Franz von Prümmer-Klinik Bad Brückenau and family man died suddenly. News Story

254. 12/11/21, USA, Dead. Dejmi Dumervil-Jean (22), former (2018) Louisville football player, died. News Story

255. 13/11/21, Denmark. Luther Singh (24), FC Copenhagen footballer, hospitalized with a ‘mysterious illness’. News Story

256. 13/11/21, Bulgaria, Dead. Ivo Georgiev (49), Bulgarian footballer (Debrecen, Korabostroitel, national team), heart failure. News Story

257. 13/11/21, Poland, Dead. Jarosław Pacoń (49), Polish footballer (Stal Stalowa Wola). Died unexpectedly. News Story

258. 13/11/21, Uruguay. Sabrina Soravilla (25), Uruguayan Nacional player, diagnosed with a career-ending heart condition 7 months after receiving her first Sinovax COVID shot. News Story

259. 14/11/21, Australia. Michelle Goszko (44), Aussie cricket great, in ICU after stroke at 44. She is fully vaccinated. News Story

260. 14/11/21 Athens Greece, Dead. Stevan Jelovac (32), Serbian basketballer, playing for AEK Athens, collapsed during during individual practice. In hospital was diagnosed with a stroke and died on December 5th. News Story

261. 15/11/21. Julio Lugo (45), Dominican former Boston Red Sox shortstop, died of a heart attack in his sleep. No Vax status discovered yet. (Houston Astros, Tampa Bay Devil Rays, Boston Red Sox), World Series champion (2007). News Story 1, News Story 2

262. 17/11/21. Sarah Gigante (21), Olympic cyclist and reigning Australian time trial champion, had a severe reaction to COVID-19 vaccine, severe chest pains and repeated hospitalizations after the Tokyo Olympics, myopericarditis. News Story

263. 17/11/21, Panama, Dead. Adonis Villanueva (27), Panamanian Club Deportivo del Este midfielder, may have hit his head in a game. (2 different stories) Later, after arriving at home, collapsed with a stroke. He died in hospital several days later on November 23. He woke up shortly before he died and a doctor asked him to move his hand, which he did. News Story 1, News Story 2

264. 18/11/21, Finland, Dead. Kim Suominen (52), player and coach at Turku Ball Club, passed away unexpectedly. News Story

265. 18/11/21, NY USA, Dead. Carmyne Payton (15), NY student, with no prior health issues collapses, dies at basketball tryout. News Story

266. 18/11/21, Dead. Unnamed Aragonese athlete (27) who participated in the Behobia-San Sebastian, died in a hospital in the capital of Gipuzkoa. The runner had apparently fainted and suffered cardiac arrest while contesting the event and was immediately evacuated to the hospital. News Story

267. 19/11/21, USA. Cooper Teare (22), world class runner, collapsed during the 2021 NCAA Cross-Country Championships while competing for the University of Oregon. Covid vaccine booster shot two weeks earlier. He complained about problems with his heart and doctors worked to bring down his heart rate. News Story

268. 20/11/21, NJ USA, Dead. Unnamed boy (14), in Dumont NJ, died Saturday afternoon after collapsing at an elementary school basketball court. The New Jersey teen was scrimmaging with other teens at Grant Elementary School when he collapsed. The young athlete was rushed to Hackensack University Medical Center but did not survive. News Story

269. 22/11/21, USA. Duggar Baucom (61), Citadel Basketball Coach, collapsed on sideline vs. Duke. Transported to hospital. News Story

270. 23/11/21, UK. John Fleck (30), Sheffield United star footballer, collapsed during the game with Reading, transported to hospital, released. News Story

271. 23/11/21, Japan, Dead. Riuler de Oliveira Faustino (23), Brazilian footballer (J.FC Miyazaki, Shonan Bellmare), heart attack. News Story

272. 24/11/21, Italy, Dead. Unnamed cyclist (15) collapsed and died in his father’s arms. News Story

273. 24/11/21. Adama Traore (26), Sherrif Tiraspol winger collapsed on the pitch clutching his chest in game with Real Madrid. News Story

274. 24/11/21, UK, Dead. Leon Taylor (36), Darlaston Town footballer, suffered from “an illness” and died the next day. News Story

275. 24/11/21, US. Charlie Wyke (28), Wigan striker, collapsed in training the day after his 1st Pfizer shot. This story says he did not have a COVID shot, but that contradicts what he said. News Story

276. 24/11/21, Philippines. Roider Cabrera (30), Filipino professional basketball star, collapsed with cardiac arrest in the locker room after a tournament at the Ynares Sports Arena, Pasig City. News Story

277. 26/11/21, Mali, Dead. Guimbala Tounkara (34), AS Police and former midfielder for Djoliba and USC Kita, died after a cardiac arrest, shortly after an AS Police training session. He went home, and then to a friend’s shop, but collapsed with a cardiac arrest and died before reaching hospital. News Story

278. 28/11/21, Russia, Dead. Valentin Rodionov (16), Russian Dynamo Moscow ice hockey player, collapsed on the sideline after colliding with a protective board at the side of the ice, but died a week later. The head coach said “he passed [a medical examination]. He was an absolutely healthy, strong guy, cheerful, full of strength and energy.” News Story

279. 30/11/21, North Carolina USA, Dead. Fatimah Shabazz (22), a key N.C. A&T volleyball player, died of complications from an aneurism. Was Cincinnati Northwest HS 2016 co-conference player of the year. Earned a degree in pre-physical therapy. News Story

280. 24??/11/21 Victoria, Australia. Paul Dimattina (47), Former Western Bulldogs (Australian Rules Football) midfielder, in intensive care after adverse reaction to Pfizer Covid booster shot. And now he has COVID symptoms. News Story

December 2021

281. 01/12/21, Scotland, Dead. Siobhan Cattigan (26), female Scotland rugby international who won 19 caps for Scotland, died. Cause of death not yet released. News Story

282. 01/12/21, USA, Dead. CJ Hunter (52), died of unspecified causes. News Story

283. 01/12/21, Russia, Dead. Arina Biktimirova (19), taekwondo champion, died suddenly at home. Won a gold medal, as champion at the European Taekwon-Do ITF Championships in Crete, in November. News Story

284. 01/12/21, Melbourne, Australia. Ben Madgen (36), South East Melbourne Phoenix basketballer, in hospital with pericarditis after 2nd Pfizer shot. Tweet

285. 02/12/21, Italy, Dead. Romina De Angelis (43), female volleyball player who collapsed while playing padel (a racquet sport like tennis) with friends. Suspected aneurism. News Story

286. 02/12/21, Egypt, Dead. Adham El-Selhadar (53), Egyptian football manager, collapsed and died on the sideline of a match after his team scored a winning goal. News Story

287. 03/12/21, Adelaide, Australia. An unnamed Adelaide Crows football player went to hospital diagnosed with pericarditis (heart inflammation) two weeks after his first Pfizer shot. Percarditis destroys heart cells. The Adelaide Crows inexplicably did not release his name, citing “privacy” but it will soon be obvious because he will be out for at least 3 months. News Story

288. 03/12/21, Germany. Kwabenaboye Schulz (23), FC Carl Zeiss Jena player collapsed after the final whistle in their game against Berliner AK, the same game as Ugur Tezel. They had 4 games in 11 days after quarantine. Team appears to be blaming it on Coronavirua, not the vax. News Story

289. 03/12/21, Germany. Ugur Tezel (24), FC Carl Zeiss Jena player, collapsed during their game against Berliner AK and was replaced. Same game as Kwabenaboye Schulz collapsed. News Story

290. 07/12/21, Melbourne, Australia. Jake Lever (25), Melbourne Demons star player (AFL), appeared weak as he dropped to the ground during his first training session in pre-season. He had 20 minutes of medical attention.

291. 05/12/21, Italy, Dead. Fabio Pedretti (24), from Gardone Valtrompia, collapsed and died while running the Uno di Monticelli, a night trail running event on the hills of Franciacorta in Monticelli Brusati. In the final km of the 20 km race he collapsed and could not be resuscitated. News Story

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