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Overturning Hierarchy & Indifferentism

Incomprehensible Damage


The article on Overturning the Hierarchical Edifice coincides with the book Three Popes and the Cardinal. In that book written in 1969 the author states there has been an un-poping of Paul Vl due mostly to collegiality among the world's bishops and their paying mere lip service to the bishop of Rome when necessary.

The late Rev. Fr. Gommar Depauw most likely had in mind this article's exposition, among many other things, John Paul ll and his personal preferences concerning the Papal office and exercise of Papal authority. A few days after the death of JPll, Father Gommar posted on his site, "Perhaps almighty God in his incomprehensible mercy has forgiven JPll for the incomprehensible damage he has done to the Roman Catholic Church."

The recent occupants of the Papal office have used the office to replace its purpose and function by destroying it in reference to the manner in which it was exercised before Vatican ll.

St. Peter, pray for us,
St. Pius V, pray for us,
St. Pius X, pray for us.



Increasing Confusion


Re: Overturning the Hierarchical Edifice of the Church


I remember that we were taught that the Priesthood was above all callings & then came Religious Life & finally the Laity. Vatican 2 obliterated this by teaching that all states were equal & all were equally called to perfection....

That confusion just gets worse with the passing of time!

     Sr. U.M.


Modesty as a Gateway to Tradition

Dear TIA,

Thank you for providing a good orientation on Catholic modesty. I urge you to continue to promote this forgotten virtue on your site, not only because it is important in and of itself, but because I believe it is a gateway to Tradition. Modesty was the first aspect of traditional Catholicism that I took an interest in. At the time, I was shocked to learn that the jeans and t-shirts I was accustomed to were immodest, as most Catholics I knew dressed this way. Still, almost without thinking, I began wearing long skirts and dresses exclusively.

I like to say that my clothing "evangelized" me. I was raised in the Novus Ordo and was hardly ever taught about the essential link between body and soul. I did not know that the way we dress, speak, and walk has a great ability to elevate (or lower) our soul. Wearing skirts and dresses helped me to understand this well, and decorum naturally began to make more sense to me.

Also, my clothing became a constant reminder that I had dedicated myself to Christ and the counter-revolution. It set me apart from others, and I saw that I had to behave differently as well. Modesty helped me gain moral courage and set aside human respect. People saw me as the "skirt girl," and some had cruel things to say about my outfits, but I knew I had to continue along this path.

Some people have suggested that modesty is a lesser issue, or even that it is a sin to dress in a way that makes us stand out. However, the opposite is true (in our secular age, at least). If we truly strive to become good Catholics in our time, then we must be different. Modesty is the first step toward becoming counter revolutionary. If we are dressed in casual, immodest clothing, how can we expect to behave with dignity?

     In Maria,



Novus Ordo & Traditional Latin Mass

Dear Mr. Guimarães

May the peace of the Eucharistic Jesus and the Imaculata be with you.

Do you address anywhere the topic of a priest who offers the Traditional Latin Mass and celebrates the Novus Ordo? The closest church in our area is where both the Novus Ordo is celebrated and the Traditional Latin Mass is offered. Is this a concern? The closest location where only the Traditional Latin Mass is offered is about one hour and 30 minutes away.

Your feedback would be much appreciated.

May God bless you and all of your work.

     In Christ's love,

     Quis ut Deus!


The Editor responds:

Dear Mr. M.G.,

Thank you for your elevated wishes.

TIA has dealt with a similar issue in this answer. You may find there an explanation of general principles that certainly will help you.

In a nutshell: The fact that both Traditional Mass and Novus Ordo Mass are being said in the same church sends the message that both are equally good. This is not true, because the New Mass has a clear flavor of Protestantism, intentionally introduced in it to foster a union with this heresy without asking it to renounce its flagrant errors. Rather, it changed the Catholic Mass to accommodate these errors.

So, to go to the same place where both Masses are said favors religious indifferentism. People who see you going to the Traditional Mass in these conditions may believe that you are indifferentist.

Nonetheless, the Traditional Mass said there according to the rubrics is valid and fulfills the Sunday obligation.

In principle, therefore, it is preferable to go to another Traditional Mass in normal conditions. However, if you have to travel three hours (1-1/2 hours goimg and 1-1/2 hours returning) this may be included in what the Church considers a grave injury and can justify you not going to that distant Mass.

Regarding the application of these principles to your individual case, there are many particular circumstances that can be present that can incline you to do one thing or another. I do not have conditions to foresee all these circumstances and give you a precise advice. This is a matter that you should weigh according to your upright conscience, then decide on your action and respond for it before God.

Here you have all the criteria I can give you to make a good decision. I hope you will apply these principles correctly.


     A.S. Guimarães


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted May 31, 2022

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