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Socialism, Intolerance & Diocesan Synod

Socialism v. Capitalism: Halloween Edition


Please watch this video, which in an elementary way says it all about the difference between Socialism and Capitalism.



Jewish Women Contest Kentucky’s Abortion Ban

Dear TIA,

This article from the Los Angeles Times gives more evidence that Judaism allows for abortion, at least according to Jews.

See the article below.

     In Jesu et Maria,


Kentucky Capitol Pro-abortion demonstrators

Abortion-rights supporters demonstrate at the Kentucky Capitol. Kentucky’s Supreme Court has set a November hearing in another case challenging the state’s near-total abortion ban.
(Bruce Schreiner / Associated Press)

Jewish Women Cite Faith in Contesting Kentucky Abortion Ban

Bruce Schreiner

Associated Press - Oct. 9, 2022 - Louisville, Ky. — Kentucky’s sweeping abortion ban is being challenged by three Jewish women who have brought a lawsuit arguing that it violates their religious rights under the state’s constitution.

The legal challenge, filed in state court in Louisville on Thursday, says the state’s Republican-dominated Legislature “imposed sectarian theology” by prohibiting nearly all abortions. The lawsuit bears similarities to legal challenges to abortion bans in at least two other states.

“Plaintiffs’ religious beliefs have been infringed: they are Jewish and Jewish law (“halakha”) asked and answered the question of fetal personhood thousands of years ago and rabbis, commentators and Jewish legal scholars have repeatedly confirmed these answers in the intervening millenia,” the Kentucky lawsuit reads. “While a fetus is deserving of some level of respect under halakha, the birth giver takes precedence. Jews have never believed that life begins at conception.”

Read more here.


Jewish Intolerance


The known 19th century Jewish writer Bernard Lazare has this text on the need of intolerance.

It is interesting to know what an insider of Judaism thinks…


On The Need for Intolerance

Bernard Lazare

Tolerance is the characteristic of ages without beliefs, it is the virtue of spirits without faith.

Intolerance is the leavening of great ideas; it is the virtue of grand ideas, the virtue of vigorous and great souls. Nothing is worth as much as what we think, otherwise we think nothing, we believe nothing.

The truth of these two axioms only ceased being obvious the day it was desired to base social relations on mutual hypocrisy, when it became necessary to forgive our neighbor's vices in order to forget our own. And so now the reproach of intolerance has become the most terrible one that can be addressed to any man who, due to the exaltation and affirmation of his own opinions, tends to trouble the customary peace.

From this time forward, any policy that doesn't benevolently assure that all forms of government are good, the apostle who doesn't salute the rival religion with good-nature, the critic who refuses to speak of all works with the same banal indifference, all of these will receive nothing but the hatred of their fellow citizens, offended in their repose and tranquility.

It is possible that tolerance is the obligation of he who judges. He who seeks the beautiful wherever it is capable of showing itself can find it in Shakespeare and Alighieri, in Goethe and Rabelais. But wasn't it Goethe's duty to admit to be beautiful only that which Goethe saw? And what powerful reason could have incited him to write Faust if he had perceived alongside this poem something of an equal beauty. The artist must be intolerant, just as the philosopher is intolerant, the sociologist is intolerant, and the priest is intolerant.

No being animated by a sincere faith, valiant and forward looking will admit there is a better or even equivalent faith.

If he admits there's a better one, why didn't he choose it?

And if he preferred a mediocre ideal to a superior one isn't he like a poor madman who casts aside an inestimable perfume in order to satisfy himself with a vague odor?

If he conceives of a faith equivalent to his he can only decide to choose by virtue of considerations exterior to that very faith, and in truth he will be without convictions or belief. Nothing that has been great in this world was founded with tolerance, and sectarians alone have been creators. …

Read more here


Questions on a Diocesan Synod

What do I do?

I love your website and while there are some minor topics I might not agree with you on, I felt a special presence of God's love in Medjugorje, your knowledge of traditional Catholicism reinvigorates my faith and is a great guidance to me. I read all of your works on Mother Mariana and Our Lady of Good Success, and my children, husband and I pray one of the prayers from Mother Mariana's Apostolate as part of our nightly rosary.

As a practicing Roman Catholic, mother and wife, I was supposed to take part in the Synod for our diocese. I wrote in scathing criticisms of the closure of our Churches during COVID when we needed it, not just mass (but the Eucharist) the most. I expounded upon about the loss of tradition and the whitewashing of sin which is what I feel is truly turning people away from our faith and the waste of time trying to promote Ecumenism when our Church is faltering. Who are we to bring more people here when we can't figure out why people are leaving? I spoke to my parish priest about my submission and he recommended me for the Synod meeting.

Unfortunately, days before the schedule meeting, the Bishop came down with COVID and had to the date of the Confirmations of our children in almost all the parishes in our Diocese (yes he shouldn't have had so many scheduled since he was actually supposed to be there, but he doesn't do those any more as he is too busy).

Anyway, I digress. The result of that schedule change meant Mothers and Fathers couldn't attend.

Attached is the synopses that was produced. What do I do? I explained to our Diocese Office, when she tried to explain to me this was just a summary, that unfortunately it was presented and written as if this represents a majority opinion. That my Church, unlike Disney or any content for children these days, is to be a safe space for me in which I should not have to expose them to depravity, like they would be exposed to at a Mass where we would be explicitly welcoming LGBTQ people. I don't want to have to explain to my children that it is now commonplace for people to not know whether they are male or female or can switch back and forth.

Even a local school district took up a vote on whether to install litter boxes in school bathrooms because people don't even know that they are human any longer and identify as cats!

This has to stop and I feel helpless and I pray, but my heart is breaking and I don't want to remain a quiet part of the masses.

What should I do?

Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts and I truly value your insight and input!



TIA responds:

Dear V.J.,

Thank you for your words of praise for our work. We will do our best to answer your questions.

Unfortunately, the Hierarchy of the Church has been infiltrated with Progressivism, and efforts are being made at every turn to promote egalitarianism. The Synod that your Diocese hosted is one example of this new democratic view of the Church. Traditionally, the Church Hierarchy has never held meetings where lay people have equal say with the clergy. It is in effect putting into practice the agenda of Progressivism to have a "Synodal Church." Read these articles (here, here and here) to better understand what the goal of these synods is.

We do not advise you to participate in any synod event for the following reasons:
  1. The progressivists will not listen to your traditional arguments. This is evident when looking back on Vatican Council II. The conservatives had prepared topics to discuss, but were silenced by the progressivists. The goal of your Diocese's Synod is to create a democratic, egalitarian church. Nothing you will do or say will change this, because the leaders only pretend to listen to the people in order to justify their actions in destroying the monarchical character of the Church.

  2. By participating in the Synod, you will be supporting the idea that the Church should be democratic. The laity should not be telling the Church Hierarchy what to do – though if the Hierarchy preach against traditional teachings of the Church or perform actions not in line with Catholic morals, the laity should resist them, see here.

  3. The better way for you to combat Progressivism is to speak out among your fellow parishioners to help them understand its agenda and the need to resist it.
You asked us what you could do. In order to help you, we list some suggestions:
  1. Try to find a traditional Latin Mass where the priest preaches true Catholic doctrine. Your children will then benefit from the sacrality of the Mass, which will help to form them in the Catholic Faith. They will not be exposed to the errors so common in Novus Ordo parishes.

  2. As a Catholic mother, your duty is first to your home and family. You can guide and instruct your children in the traditional teachings of the Catholic Faith, while keeping an ordered home that will contribute to their formation.

  3. You could consider starting a ladies' group that meets regularly to discuss the progressivist takeover of the Church and how it can be countered by Catholic home lives and by supporting the ladies’ husbands in their duty to lead the family and the fight for the Church.

  4. You already pray the Rosary together with your family, which is excellent. If you make a ladies group, try to do the same with its members. Indeed, the Rosary is the best weapon against the enemies of the Church, who are seeking to destroy her from within.

  5. Then, you could choose a book to read to guide your group discussions. Consider reading True Devotion to Mary, Revolution and Counter-Revolution, or a book from our family collection – Restoring the Family, Courtesy Calls Again, or Catholic Manual of Civility.

  6. In this group you should not be afraid to discuss the ways in which your Diocese is falling away from Catholic doctrine. Making others aware of the problems is an initial step to resisting the progressivist errors and starting a restoration.
We hope these suggestions may help to resolve the problems you mentioned in your letter.


     TIA correspondence desk


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted November 10, 2022

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