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Sex Shop Scandal & NFP at the Oratory

I Agree with Everything You Said

Dear TIA

Re: 'Catholic' sex shop in St. Louis

Yes, thank you [for answering me], I appreciated the tactful way you handled it and I agreed with everything you said.

I have concerns for their faithful but also their priests.

I did contact the parish but have not heard back. I contacted Mr. Walther and the response was ridiculous. This organization is a public scandal and occasion of sin dressed up as traditional Catholicism, another product of Theology of the Body toxicity.

Perhaps somebody should contact the Bishop.

     God bless you all. A mention at Mass tomorrow for you all will be in order.

     Fr. M.R.


I Contacted the Oratory Headquarters

To Whom it may concern,

Re: Article about “Catholic” Sex Shop and ICKSP

I have reported this article to the ICKSP head quarters and to Saint Francis de Sales Oratory in Saint Louis. I also went on this disturbing sex shop website’s FAQ and this is what it said about whether they have any approval from the Church. They said they don’t.
  • We have requested formal canonical recognition as a Catholic organization, but have not received it yet. Once sufficient time has passed for the appropriate Ecclesiastical authorities to better judge our mission, fidelity, and orthodoxy, we hope to receive that approbation.
Even though this article you posted has caused a lot of concern, I am grateful for being made aware of it. I pray to God they will be corrected and told to pull down their website.

I will let you know of any responses I get to clarify exactly what has been done about the scandal this couple is perpetuating.

     Through the Immaculate and Sorrowful Heart of Mary,



A Parishioner: TIA Is Telling the Truth

Dear TIA,

I read your site a few times a week and like your work. Also I am a parishioner of St. Francis de Sales which was mentioned in your recent picture of the week.

Many, many people here are upset and claim that TIA is calumniating Canon Coggeshall. However, the facts of this case are being suppressed and distorted. Actually TIA is telling the truth, as far as I am aware.

For example, I know for certain that Canon Coggeshall supports Catholic Intimacy because I heard it from several trustworthy persons “in the know.” Canon Coggeshall is keeping this support a secret because of so-called "Puritans" in the parish who would “b*tch and moan”, to use a favorite vulgar expression of the Canon.

Something else that they are trying to keep secret is … that yesterday the 12th of December, a letter with more than 50 signatures was delivered to one of the priests. This letter was asking for the removal of James and Megan Walther, according to the rumors. And for guidance asking if the Walthers' lurid descriptions of anal and oral sex were to be considered sodomy…

What happened, according to my friend X was, Canon Dumain sat down with three men from the church who delivered the letter. The Canon told them to stop talking about the Walthers because “they are handling it” and that if people have questions, ask Canon Dumain.

But the Walthers are still selling sex toys. So obviously the Canons are not handling anything. They are getting away with murder, the murder of souls.

So to conclude, Canon Coggeshall does support Catholic Intimacy, and the priests are trying to stop a reaction from the laity, while also keeping this matter hush hush… Too late I think.

     Yours very sincerely in Christ the King,



Thank You for Exposing Evil

Dear TIA,

I was reading your Saint of the Day, the great St. John of the Cross, and was struck by one of the meditations of St. John that Dr. Plinio commented on. St. John of the Cross wrote: "If you wish to attain holy recollection, you will do so not by approving but by denying."

Dr. Plinio made this brief comment:

This is a magnificent sentence! It is based on a very anti-liberal principle. Optimistic and liberal souls who only want to see the positive side of everything do not have holy recollection, according to St. John of the Cross. On the contrary, those souls who vigilantly see the evil around them, discern it, and then deny it – these are the ones who attain true recollection. Therefore, the discernment of evil is the door that opens the way for holy recollection.

I thought of the recent "traditional Catholic" Sex Shop scandal in St. Louis. Instead of criticizing you, the people should be complimenting you for seeing the evil and denying it, instead of pretending not to see it in order not to “hurt” the offenders: the priest and the Bishop. There is only one way to extirpate evil, and that is to attack it.

We got in the homo-pedophile crisis precisely because Bishops were covering for priests and people were covering for priests to whom they had an emotional attachment. Bad is bad, no matter the person, and the bad should be punished and not given citizenship in the Catholic Church or parishes.

Please, let us all follow the good advice of St. John of the Cross.

Thank you for what you do.

     In the Heart of Jesus and Mary,



Coggeshall Promotes NFP


Re: 'Traditional Catholic Sex Shop'

Please, check in the screenshot below an advertisement for Natural Family Planning taken from Canon Coggeshall's bulletin for this week.


National Family P;anning


A Priest on the Marital Act


[Fr. T.J. is answering to TIA the first question of a reader that we posted on this page: "Could it be that the main reason many Catholic married couples condone and accept sexual acts among homosexuals is because they imitate these acts in their own lives?"]

I think that this is part of the reason why.

I would like to add that in the minds of many, there are three things that add to this:
  • One: because of the contraceptive culture, we have separated the unity of the act: the procreation of children AND the unity of the two spouses.

  • Two: we have made the marital act -- even in the context of marriage -- just 'sex', and even more crass terms. The sense of the dignity of the other person has been lost -- the dignity of the person that we claim to love.

  • Three: we have lost the sense of order and disorder. People want to do away with that term in the Catechism of the Catholic Church: homosexuality is disordered. The term disordered should be explained to include that the marital act outside of man and woman in the marital relationships is disordered. Masturbation is disordered because the act is ordered and oriented to new life. Some other acts are the same way. Yes, the gift of marital love is just that -- a gift from God, but all are called to use the gift respectfully as ordered for new life.

I recently did a homily on this term. Order is defined as ‘the built-in arrangement that belongs to things inherently, and that develops them according to the very natures they possess.’

I would add to that nature is God-given and God-decided, and respect must be paid to His order.

More to add on to what was written: by talking about order and disorder, I do not wish to forget about sin. If the dignity of the spouse is forgotten, it is a sin. Pornography is disordered and a sin. The marital act with contraceptives is disordered and a sin.

Sorry... I did not want to forget this important aspect of our discussion.

     Fr. T.J.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted December 15, 2022

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