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Carols, Armed Forces & Sex Shop

Beautiful Carols

Dear TIA,

Thank you so much for today's carol from Spain, so rousing and celebratory of the coming Christ Child, it truly brightened my Gaudete Sunday!

I want you to know I shared the link to this carol (Dime Niño, De Quién Eres - Tell Me Child, Whose Are You) with the good diocesan priest who had offered our traditional Latin Rorate Caeli Mass yesterday. I felt it fitting to do so because after Mass, across coffee and tea, the conversation at the table had turned to the topic of a certain modern Christmas carol.

The priest identified for us the fallacy contained in the popular, "Mary, did you know?" Father pointed out that while the melody may be appealing, the lyrics, as sweet as they sounded, actually asked the wrong questions of Mary because Mary definitely knew her baby boy was the Son of God!

So, in sending your link to Father for his enjoyment, I remarked that this traditional carol was one that asked both the right questions AND gave the right answers!

After I listened to the orchestral version of "Tell Me Child, Whose You Are", this of "The Little Drummer Boy" delightfully followed on YouTube, performed by the same Spanish orchestra and chorus! I look forward to the carols and hymns you will feature. I hope this rendition is among them!

Thank you for all you do. I certainly look forward to your newsletters. I also sent your bookstore link to 2 people, hoping they will avail themselves of your great offerings now at an irresistible Christmas discount, telling each how I read the story of Our Lady of Bethlehem last Christmas Day in one sitting beside my fireplace and recommending your collection of Our Lady of Good Success.

     God bless you,



Cleaning the Political Arena

Dear TIA,

Two recent events that could well be influenced by the massive demonstrations against Communism in Brazil:

Peru’s communist president Pedro Castillo tried to close the Congress in an attempted coup d'État. The Congress retaliated and impeached him. The Armed Forces entered the pictured and arrested Castillo. Peru's vice-president Dina Boluarte has already assumed the presidency.

The socialist Cristina Kirchner, Argentina's vice-president and ex-two term president was found guilty of corruption and fraud and sentenced to 6 years in prison.

I hope that the Armed Forces in Brazil will enter the picture soon as well, and send back to prison the fraudulently elected Lula da Silva as well as the president/dictator of the Brazilian Supreme Court Alexandre de Moraes. It is what the people are asking for in the streets - persistently for more than 40 days.

     In Jesu et Maria,



Practices that Drain the Holiness from Marriage


Re: 'Catholic' sex shop in St. Louis

Could it be that the main reason many Catholic married couples condone and accept sexual acts among homosexuals is because they imitate these acts in their own lives? Many Catholics seem to think that any sexual behavior is allowed in marriage if it is consensual. If these couples are ignorant of the fact that oral and anal intercourse are sinful for everyone - single or married - well then, they need to realize their error.

These sodomic practices drain all holiness from the Sacrament of Matrimony, and Catholic couples addicted to these lustful acts are well advised to find a good and holy priest to whom they can confess these sins and return to a good and holy life as a Catholic husband and wife.

Some, sadly, have chosen these acts as a form of birth control, which likely intensifies the seriousness of their sins. This is not an easy topic to bring up in any group but sharing this information can be done quite well via the internet.

We can't fall for that old 'liberal' trick... 'Who are you to judge?'... but should take Our Lord's words seriously, when He told us to "admonish the sinner," beginning with ourselves, of course.

As Catholics we must all 'Pray the Rosary' and ask Our Lady to guide Catholic couples in a life of holy Matrimony and Parenthood.



A Vital Point

Dear TIA

Re: 'Catholic' sex shop in St. Louis

I just read with horror your article about the 'Catholic sex shop' but can I ask where the reference is that the priest Coggeshal approves the endeavor? This seems a vital point.

I am of a mind to contact him first and ask him if he will be publicly distancing himself from this, but would like to know first, if possible.

Thank you and God bless your fine work.

     Fr. M.R.

TIA responds:

Rev. Fr. M.R.,

Thank you for your words on our work. Coming from you they mean a lot to us.

You may indeed call Canon Coggeshall and ask a public position from him, because, yes, we have evidence that he knows perfectly about the website Catholic Intimacy and is avoiding a public condemnation of it.

A group of around 50 of his parishioners delivered a petition for him yesterday to, as far as we know, do exactly that: to use his authority to remove that immoral website from the Catholic public domain. Before they delivered this document, several of them had addressed the topic with him and one of his fellow-priests, and both were reluctant to deal with the topic publicly.

Now, as you correctly implied in your request, a public scandal demands a public sanction. It is basic in Catholic Morals. Since the Pastor and another of his priests do not want to make it, nothing seemed better to us than to put a little fire under their feet to encourage them to do what is right.

We did not mention it in our Picture of the Week because we did not know for sure whether that petition would be delivered or not. We mentioned that he tacitly approved the action of the couple because he refuses to act publicly against the scandal.

As a side note, it is interesting to note that we received many furious messages addressing that point: “How dare you accuse a priest without indisputable evidence?” And then they went on to charge TIA with slander, lies, bad journalism etc. We have three observations on this attitude:
  1. It is a psychological position that creates the same atmosphere that produced the cover-ups of homosexual priests and pedophile priests, which has so greatly damaged the prestige of the Church.

    It is a false idea of respect. The love of the faithful for the priest should come from the love we have for Holy Mother Church, and not the other way around. A priest who does not follow good morals does not represent the Church, but is crucifying her. So, he must be admonished. If he does so publicly, he must be admonished publicly. Those who take a position of pulling out their hair when a lay faithful justly criticizes a priest are feeding an ambience that propitiates cover-ups.

  2. If a person puts himself in the shoes of a client of Catholic Intimacy website – that is a person who commits those perversities in his married life – when he sees someone making accusations that those practices are not Catholic, to save himself he will use the priest as a shield. Then, there is nothing more efficient than to accuse the accuser of insulting the priest. It diverts the attention from his moral perversities and removes himself from the danger zone.

    Curiously, none of those furious messages against TIA stressed the horror of that website’s content...

  3. Although indisputable evidence is better than an ensemble of circumstantial evidence, we believe that – taking into consideration the widespread moral decadence of the clergy for the last six decades – the latter is enough to raise an honest suspicion on the bad behavior of a priest, as long as the accuser is not biased or moved by personal reasons.
Asking your blessing,


     TIA correspondence desk


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted December 13, 2022

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