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Unknown Saints & Sinful Hierarchy

Unknown Catholic Saints


I give you credit; you celebrate and remind us of Saints that -- up until TIA has been writing -- I have only heard of through the Eastern Orthodox Church, and SINCERELY venerated. It is not just St. Lazarus, it is St. Lazarus the Iconographer.

We have lost much in the New Church.

     Fr. T.J.H.


Turmoil in Australia

Dear TIA,

Thank you for taking the time to answer my question on Indigenous Land Rights.

Very interesting subject as there is some turmoil in Australia in regards to this subject.

     Thank you



Trad Priests & Laity


Re: Should Laymen Defend the Church? Could They Criticize Priests & Bishops? Marian Horvat, Ph.D.

Most of the objections boil down to a simple "How dare you, a layman, question a priest?" as SSPX Fr. P. in his sermons recently alluded to.

Even before this article was posted, I was aware that other priests of traditional or conservative orientation have spoken heatedly about how the role of the layman is to obey and pray, and never to question a priest or criticize him.

See also - Questions by Atila Guimaraes and no answers given by Fr. Pagliarani SSPX.



Noisy Environment, Noisy Minds

Dear TIA,

May I express my delight at the beautiful article by Christina Herath about our noisy world. It was most beautifully written and indeed encapsulated the problems of our modern lifestyle.

I spent six years in a convent boarding school and then two years in a teacher training school, followed by seventeen years in a convent institution. Throughout the latter seventeen years, I rarely left the convent. In the institution which was dedicated to the reform of wayward girls, talking was forbidden and the silence was golden. A silence broken only by the ringing of the bells and the occasional commands or hand claps from a Sister. It was very interesting how such an institution could be managed efficiently without talking. How much we are inclined to talk and how little we need to.

For girls and women, our model in this regard must always be the Virgin Mary. She of course, was a model of silence and humility. She never drew attention to herself. We are told by Anne Catherine Emmerich that Our Blessed Mother had a most beautiful smile but she never laughed. I cannot even imagine Our Lady laughing. When girls and women behave as they should, they have great power and influence. The power of good example. There is no more edifying site than that of a modestly dressed, humble, virtuous woman who is happy to remain in the background and listen rather than talk.

What are parents to do in this noisy technology driven world? I would encourage parents to ban television and to heavily censor radio. I would certainly not allow modern pop or rock music to be played in the home. I would encourage reading of suitable books and I would encourage prayer. I would also impose silence at certain times during the week. This would be a discipline for the children and allow them to be calm and reflective. We all need times to reflect and times to listen to God and ponder the mysteries of the world to come. Silence is especially difficult for girls and imposing silence would help to train them in the ways of sacrifice,

A noisy environment leads to “noisy” minds and I often think the prevalence of conditions such as ADHD may well be due to the lack of silence in our world. Silence is a great discipline as is custody of the eyes. Both help us to look inward and to be reflective. We know Our Lady pondered many thing in her heart and I believe we could all be better served, if we pondered more and talked less.

     Yours faithfully,



Sinful Hierarchy

Re: Bridging the Gap: From a Hierarchical to an Egalitarian Church

I’m a follower of the N O Mass as there is no other within fifty miles or so. I understand the mystery behind this Great Celebration of JESUS’s human death to HONOR the FATHER AS NO SINFUL HUMAN COULD. So far I do have a watchful eye.

I have read many books of “private” revelations. The latest: The DEVOTION TO THE MOST PRECIOUS BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST. In which HE says how disappointing His Church has become … like the kings of France.

I do not like the use of sports as analogies to Jesus’ Gospels. I ignore and pray while this goes on. I do not like the bishop Sean O’Malley with his hiding behind to protect his pension. He is no shepherd.

At this point there are few holy priests that try to bridge a gap in this sinful hierarchy that reaches to the top. The words of Francis are often full of heresy and his actions are scandalous. And so are all the popes who have followed men since Our Lady was sent to Fatima. Her Fiat is her Will to GOD and GOD’S are the same. May JESUS DEAL ACCORDINGLY TO THOSE WHO INSULT HIS MOTHER. Jesus and Mary asked Sister Lucia to reveal the whole secrets, starting in 1929. No pope has done so… listening to men instead of GOD.

I used to listen to Fr. Chris Altair of Divine Mercy until I got tired of his wishy washy stance concerning the Consecration. People would ask in comments and he would not answer correctly, passing on his indecisiveness. As he has videos it is his duty as a preacher to know!!! And he is a problem for this age. As Catholics it should be our business to know. GOD BLESS YOUR EFFORTS. Too bad the seminaries bred vipers!

Thanks again for the books on St Marianna de Jesus Torres.

I thank mother Mary, Jesus, Mother Mariana and the first Founding Mothers… all Saints!




How to Correct Character as an Adult?

Dear Sir or Madam,

I struggle with same-sex attraction and porn addiction. What are some practical steps that I can take to overcome such sins?

I do not live in a Catholic household and will receive no support from either friends or family in conquering these defects. I have previously forgone a modern smartphone in favor of a so-called 'dumb' phone and severely limited any Internet usage.

It will be no surprise that I am a sensitive and feminine individual in emotion and deportment. I am easily seduced to sin and lack any willpower. I am weak physically and go unnoticed in public settings. I am anything but a Catholic man.

I will not need to tell you that all these issues can be avoided by correcting a child when young. I am approaching the mid-twenties and now having to reform the whole character. It is a serious struggle against the perverse will in order to win my soul for Christ.

I would also like to mention that I have spoken to a priest acquaintance about these issues but I did not receive a response.

I never renounce my faith and lose the desire to be a pure masculine Catholic no matter how deep in sin I may have fallen. I always return by the grace of God. I wish to stop falling in these most grievous regards and establish my place in God's kingdom. I am in no place to have a family at this time and may never be given my past. I am also in no place to take a leadership role and lead men to Christ.

I ask for any advice or referral you deem necessary.



TIA responds:

Dear R.B.,

It is good that you have never renounced the Catholic Faith.

Here are some suggestions to improve your life:
  1. Pray to Our Lady of Good Success to give you the strength necessary to conquer your defects. We suggest you to make a Novena to her for this intention;

  2. Try to pray the Rosary daily – the whole 15 decades;

  3. Make some resolutions such as not to browse the Internet, and certainly to avoid all immoral sites;

  4. The same warning applies to immoral printed material: Burn what you have and do not acquire any more of this type of material;

  5. Make efforts to walk and talk in a manly way; how you behave influences how you think.
We hope these advices can help you to start to return to a Catholic life worthy of this name.


     TIA correspondence desk


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted February 28, 2023

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