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FBI, Crackdown & Papal Resignation

Sen. Hawley on FBI Spying on Catholics

Dear TIA,

Please watch this video. The FBI director cannot answer any of the questions about his agency spying on traditional Catholic groups, “I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know how it happened...”

It is just incredible!

Frightening, the FBI is using Gestapo tactics!



New York Post on TIA

Dear TIA,

The New York Post published a piece on the reactions of Traditionalist Catholics to the FBI memorandum. Mr. Guimarães is quoted in a place of importance in the article along other Catholics leaders.

I took a snapshot of the part where he is mentioned, attached.

It is really absurd that the FBI is being used to persecute good citizens while it leaves Antifa and BLM free to make urban guerilla warfare in our cities.

     Keep up the good work.


New York Post quotes Atila Guimaraes on FBI issue


Crackdowns Begin

Dear TIA,

The Catholic Herald reports that Liverpool and Leeds are already “cracking down” on Latin Masses in parishes churches. See the article here.

Well now, by cracking down they mean the bishops of Liverpool and Leeds have completely CANCELLED all Traditional Latin Masses in their parish churches in the wake of further restrictions on access to old rite liturgies announced in Rome last week.

This is just the aftermath after the “rescript” the pope recently issued. We have not even gotten to the new edict he is planning to issue in March.

It is frightening and enraging. I hope the reaction will be strong enough to cause the Bishops to have second thoughts about doing what these bishops just did. Or have Catholics become too soft and indifferent?



Synod Art

Dear TIA

I would like to thank Rita Stewart for her series on the Synod's Art. It was enlightening but I cannot go so far as saying it was enjoyable (unless you consider root canals enjoyable).

I get the impressions that the hippy leftovers from the 60's are taking their last stab at trying to destroy Holy Mother Church.

Although we know in the end the Immaculate Heart of Mary through the Sacred Heart of Jesus will prevail, it looks like the journey is going to be quite painful. Thank God as Catholics there is meaning in suffering. Many souls in Purgatory may be saved by offering up the pain this Synod appears ready to inflict on the orthodox faithful.

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us.

O Sacred Heart of Jesus have MERCY on us.

Keep up the good fight. Viva Cristo Rey!!!

     Deacon D.L.,D.O.


Hair, a Woman’s Crowning Glory

Dear TIA

Re: Shaved Hairstyles for Women: A Rejection of the Natural Order

The excellent article by Miss Elizabeth A. Lozowski is so well researched and argued as to require no extra supportive commentary. It is always a sheer joy to read such contributions on your website.

A woman’s hair is indeed her crowning glory. I received an insight into this while serving in a convent industrial school. At times I was required to assist the Sisters with the processing of newcomers. Cutting the hair was part of the induction process. I would gather the girls’ hair for Sister to use her very large scissors and cut it to well above the collar line, with a few short snips. As the tresses fell to the floor they were always “watered” with the silent tears of the newly arrived miscreant. Even in the case of young girls the cutting of the hair was a most traumatic event. …

We must hope and pray that girls and women return to the ways of obedience and acceptance of the role Almighty God has ordained for them. It is a glorious role and a vital role if we are to see a return to societies based on good order, sound principles and the fear of God, which only Catholic civilization can provide.

     Yours faithfully

     C.P., Ireland


 Papal Resignation No Longer in Sight


This is the tenth year of Francis’ papacy. Up till now, he is always giving ‘hints’ that he will resign, following the example of Benedict.

Now he seems to have had a change of mind. In the recent trip to Congo and South Sudan (Jan 31-Feb 5), he had his normal visit with the Jesuits in the country and let them ask questions. Anyway, one of the Congo Jesuits asked him if he was really planning on stepping down. No he said, this resigning should not become “the fashion” or “a normal thing. It is not "on my agenda. I believe that the pope's ministry is 'ad vitam' (for life). I see no reason why it should not be so."

Pope Francis holding hands with African Jesuits

In South Sudan, he met with a dozen Jesuits. You can see them all holding hands together in a circle. Since when does the Pope hold hands with priests? Oh, I forgot, since Vatican II and the change to a democratic church where everyone is equal…

They asked the same question. "Are you considering resignation?" He replied "No, it has not crossed my mind."

The question is why? Why this change of tune? Do you think the humble Francis is drunk on power and being the constant center of attention, and no longer wants to give it up? Or does he want to stay in long enough to completely destroy the traditional movement in the Church and put an end to any hope that his resignation would give a pope more lenient toward Tradition?

I would really like your take on this.



TIA responds:


The agenda of Progressivism is to destroy the monarchical structure of the Church and, therefore, to make the Pope look as much as possible like a president of a modern republic. To this effect, the resignation of the Papacy made by Benedict XVI was a very useful step.

Card. Ratzinger made the suggestion to John Paul II several times that he should resign. But JPII was enjoying being the center of attention so much that he disregarded those suggestions. Suddenly, he went to the Gemelli Clinic for some minor problems and died in an unclear way.

Card. Ratzinger was elected Pope. After a reasonable time he resigned. He still lived for a good while after.

Pope Francis replaced him. After a pontificate that is becoming long – this is his 10th year anniversary – he has received the suggestion to resign several times. He has been leaving a door open to this possibility, publicly stating this intention to eventually resign on more than one occasion. But now, on his recent trip to Africa he closed that door abruptly and tightly. It seems that, like John Paul II, he is greatly enjoying being the center of attention. By the way, he has also started to go to the Gemelli Clinic for health problems…

If he does not follow those suggestions – so fitting for the purposes of the Revolution – we wonder whether what happened to JPII can happen to him: a sudden and strange death.

This is our suspicion.


     TIA correspondence desk


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted March 2, 2023

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