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FBI Spying on Traditional Catholics

TIA on FBI Watch List

Dear TIA,

What an honor for TIA to be attacked/watched by the FBI! In normal circumstances this would not be so, but given that the FBI became an organ of the Deep State to harass those who do not agree with it, to be watched by the FBI for being a consistent Traditionalist Catholic, is an indisputable proof that your work is making a difference.

I would appreciate if you could share with me your take on this issue.

Keep up the good work.

May God and His Most Holy Mother bless you.



The Editor responds:

Dear G.L.,

Thank you for your noble words.

Actually, this news report that surfaced some days ago was not a surprise for us at TIA. In January 2007, the Southern Poverty Law Center website issued two documents – The Dirty Dozen and the Two Treatises – accusing 12 Traditionalist Catholic organizations in the U.S. of being radical and anti-Semitic. Tradition in Action was included in those 12.

Some days after the attack was made I answered it in detail on the TIA website, showing the vacuity of the charges as well as the biased and hateful inspiration of the initiative.

Some years later, the FBI issued a public warning that those organizations were being watched, based on the data offered by the SPLC.

The new document that entered the public sphere days ago and is raising waves all around country seems to be a rendition of that old warning, with the difference being that the initial 12 organizations were reduced to 9. TIA continues to be in the list.

Since I already answered those charges 16 years ago, here I will look only at the significance of this new warning.

Soon after the Biden government was installed, the FBI invaded the property of former President Trump and gathered up everything it could find in order to incriminate him.

It is an expressive episode that tells us a lot about the goals of the FBI. Unfortunately, far from being an organization to guarantee order in the United States, it became an instrument to punish those who do not agree with a certain socialist/communist agenda. You called the men behind this agenda the Deep State; I call them the Secret Forces.

I read with sympathy that the Attorney Generals from 20 States have asked the FBI to explain this discrimination against Traditionalist Catholic organizations. I also saw that, moved by the general indignation the document produced, one of the heads of the FBI retracted with an unconvincing excuse – the document should not have been released, it was only for internal circulation.

For us at TIA, what this new episode reflects is that we are leaving the regime of democratic liberty and respect for one’s beliefs and entering the dark zone of a growing dictatorship.

However, the problem does not stop here. Indeed, with the new electronic technological advances that have been made since 2007 – in the Internet, Google, Facebook/Metaverse, Twitter, Whatsapp etc. – and the universal use of cell phones and other similar devices, the intrusion into one’s privacy has become much more invasive than the control exercised by the FBI, which can just censor landline phones and send agents around the block to spy on one’s personal life.

In other words, the owners of these mega-companies are much more efficient in spying on us than is the FBI. Now then, if the FBI uses the technology of these companies, it will be efficient; if it does not, it will not.

By the way, on January 10, 2023, an international agreement among all the European countries and the countries of the Three Americas – the North, Central and South Americas – entered into force. It prescribes that henceforth the governments will record all communications – landlines and cellular phone information, emails, Google meetings, Skype and Zoom calls, et al. – which can all be used against the users.

Is this not the establishment of an international dictatorship in these Continents?

So, to respond to your question about my approach on this news report, I say that we at TIA have to be prepared for everything if we want to continue – as we do – to fight the Revolution, defend the Catholic Faith and restore Christian Civilization. Everything includes being watched by the FBI as well as by those intrusive mega-companies.

This being the case, I hope we are prepared to face whatever comes, with the indispensable help of Our Lady and her Angels.


     Atila S. Guimarães


An Honor...


Re: FBI Document Cites SPLC on 'Radical-Traditional Catholics'

I guess you folks made it to the 'honor roll.' May God have mercy on us all!

As for me and my house, we will follow the Lord!

Laudetur Iesus Christus; semper laudetur.



FBI is Blacklisting Traditional Catholics


Watch "BOMBSHELL REPORT: The FBI Is BLACKLISTING Traditional Catholics!" on YouTube.

Thought you should know about this. Seems you would be on the list under watch.

It’s a badge of honor, means you are doing something right.

Like the martyrs in the past, who refused to worship the false Gods, and proclaimed the truth of the one true Church of Jesus Christ.



FBI Latest Run on Americans


I assume you know, but in case not, Mark Wauck has a write-up of the FBI's latest run on Americans: watch here.



Parody of Vatican II Hymns


Here is a funny hymn parody of Vatican 2 music on the latest news about the FBI against Traditionalists.



20 AGs Confront FBI

Dear TIA,

Yes, you are entering on stage…

Look at the reaction that the attack on Traditional Catholics is producing. Life Site News reports the fuzz…

     May Jesus and Mary bless all of you at TIA.


Virginia AG leads 19 states in demanding FBI come clean
about ‘anti-Catholic’ memo, church spying

The attorney general of Virginia and those of 19 other states have demanded that the FBI immediately cease the targeting of Catholics and produce ‘all materials’ related to its recently leaked ‘anti-Catholic’ memo.

In a Friday letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray and U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland, Virginia AG Jason Miyares slammed a memo targeting so-called “Radical Traditionalist Catholics” as “anti-Catholic” and “un-American,” and demanded that the FBI “produce publicly all materials” relating to the document.

Read more here.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted February 14, 2023

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