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Transgender Priests & Akita Apparitions

Laughable Opposition

Dear all,

This report says that the majority of German Bishops are offering blessing ceremonies to homosexual couples “in defiance of the Vatican.”

What a joke! The Pope has been promoting, protecting, embracing gay couples for a long time. Any call for following authentic Church teaching coming from the Vatican will be ignored given the Pope's example. What is that old saying – actions speak louder than words.

You can ignore this report on this laughable opposition. The German bishops and Pope Francis are walking hand in hand. The ultimate aim of both is destruction of the doctrine of the Catholic Church.



Transgender Priests: Women Priests

Dear TIA,

It is interesting that the German Bishops have approved transgenders to enter the seminary and become priests. Now, if a woman – who will always be a woman – makes a surgery to cut her breasts and installs a silicone male genital between her legs is ordained a priest, do we have a male priest? No, we do not. Is this not a way to sabotage the tradition of having  only male priests? Yes, it is.

So, here we have another goal of these progressivist German Bishops. Besides the abomination of approving transgender surgeries and these new type of perversions unknown in History, now women can become priests in Germany as long as they go through one of these surgeries.

Read the story here.



Apostate Catholic Schools in the Philippines


Catholic schools promoting Islam

These are photos of Catholic schools (Augustinian-Recollect, Dominican, and Jesuit respectively) promoting the heresy of Islam.

They are denying the militant church and heroic deeds of Pope Urban and his crusades, John of Capistrano, the Battle of Lepanto in 1571, Belgrade in 1456 and 1717 and Sumilon in 1813 all in the name of unity.

They even promoted the Masonic hero Andres Bonifacio and the Marxist Ninoy Aquino. Bonifacio was an anti colonial leader who killed many priests. What makes it worse is that one of the universities is named after Thomas Aquinas who preached against Islam.

     R.B.R., Philippines


Woman Arrested for Praying against Abortion


A lady was arrested some days ago in Westminster for standing in front of an abortion clinic and praying in silence. Draconian and intrusive laws recently approved in England allow the police to arrest persons who stand and pray in silence in certain zones where abortion clinics are located.

It is a totalitarian measure that goes against all possible rights since it penalizes what a person is thinking in his mind.

We have seen in the last two years many abuses of authorities mandating lockdowns and obliging people to use masks in the streets. With this law in England we go still further.

It reveals that natural rights are abolished and we are entering a universal dictatorship.

When modern authorities speak of democracy they lie. Democracy does not exist any longer. We are in a police state.

Read the news report here.



What is Your Position on Akita?

Laudetur Jesus Christus to you all in Tradition in Action,

After reading of one of your topics, I have some additional questions about the Akita apparition and would like to know your opinion about it.

I return to “The Lady of All Nations”: here.
  1. In Akita, the Virgin Mary was speaking to Sister Agnes JUST through the statue. BUT - the statue represents “The Lady of All Nations” from the apparition which wasn’t approved by the Church. Why would the Virgin Mary speak through the statue from a non-approved apparition? See here.

  2. I would like to add, the Virgin Mary told Sister Agnes about “the fire from heaven” (the same fire was mentioned in the non-approved Garabandal apparition etc…)

    I think about our times – are we living in the times that Jesus Christ warned us about in the New Testament?

    • And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man deceive you. For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many. And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. (Mat 24:4,5)… For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect. (Matthew 24:24)

    • And he doeth great wonders, so that he maketh fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men. (Apoc 13: 13)

    • What if we are living in predicted times of false miracles…? The Virgin Mary in La Salette mentioned it as well:

    • Let the Pope beware of miracle workers, for the time has come in which the most amazing prodigies will take place on the earth and in the sky…

    • The demons with the Antichrist will perform great prodigies on earth and in the air, and men will become ever more perverse. ...

    However the Virgin Mary in Akita doesn’t speak about apostasy, which is bigger punishment than any material punishments…

  3. Together with it I would like to respond to one of your topics about more frequent Marian apparitions… .not all of them can be from the Virgin Mary… See here.

  4. Akita apparition showed after Vatican II and happened in Novus Ordo Missae monastery… See here. (interesting discussion here and here.)

    Bishop Ito was a big fan of “The Lady of All Nations” non-approved apparition… See here.

  5. I am also very suspicious about too many crying and bleeding statues in the last times… I think we should be very careful about all miracles in our times…

So what do you think about Akita? I would appreciate your opinion about it.

God bless all of you who make TIA.

     B.C., Czech Republic


TIA responds:

Et Maria Immaculata, B.C.,

Thank you for your email with its very interesting information.

We at TIA have not made the detailed research into the Akita apparition that would be needed for us to take a solid position on it.

We have posted several comments by readers citing different prophecies that in their general lines appear to be in accord with those of Fatima and Quito – both Church-approved apparitions. These general lines include a Great Chastisement of fire to come on the earth to punish mankind, and especially the Hierarchy and Clergy for their complicity with immorality and heresies. These general lines also include the final victory of Our Lady and the installation of the Reign of Mary.

Among those prophecies mentioned by our readers, sometimes the Akita apparitions are quoted. We have posted those comments without taking a position, because all our pages of comments have a disclaimer at the bottom stating that those comments do not necessarily express those of TIA.

Now, you ask us to take a position.

Several points of suspicion you mentioned in your letter are sound and lean us to agree with you.

Further, in one of the links you provide, serious doubts are presented by a former Akita strong believer. The dubious points include:
  1. The most serious fact is that scientific analysis of specimens of the blood, sweat and tears from the statue were tested by three different scientific institutions, and were found to be human that came from three blood groups: O, B and AB. The blood, tears and sweat of an individual all belong to the same blood group. So, why this serious disparity that indicates the specimens came from three different persons?

  2. Why is there no mention or condemnation of Vatican Council II and its doctrinal errors and liturgical abuses?

  3. Why is there no mention of Fatima or Communism, which Our Lady said would be spread everywhere by Russia, “the scourge chosen by God to punish the whole world”?

  4. Why was the stigma only on the left hand of Sister Agnes? When stigmata occur among mystics, they are on both hands and feet. To have only one stigma is something quite novel, which leads one to put in doubt its supernatural origin.

  5. Why did Sister Agnes stress that it is more important to pay attention to the “content” rather than the “form” of prayer without making any caveats about avoiding the charismatic style of prayer that has infiltrated our Holy Church since Vatican II? Does this not promote the charismatic prayer inside the Church?

  6. Why does Sister Agnes refer to the angel that appeared to her as “she” and “her” when angels are traditionally represented as men and addressed as “he” and “him”?

  7. The statue of the apparitions itself was carved by a Buddhist and modeled after Our Lady of All Nations. Although the invocation by itself is legitimate and beautiful, it has been (and is being) used to promote Progressivism which is an extension of Modernism, condemned by St. Pius X as the “synthesis of all heresies.” Further, the Marian doctrine spread around the Our Lady of All Nations statue conflicts with the traditional teaching about Our Lady.
We do not know whether these doubts have been disproved or explained, but they are points that must be addressed satisfactorily in order to include the apparitions of Akita in the roll of those apparitions that can orient us in the Apocalyptic times in which we live.

Regarding your observations about these times, there is a distinction between the coming Chastisement and the End of the World. This Chastisement will purify mankind for the Reign of the Mary, a new era to glorify Our Lord; the Last Punishment will be the end of History and will immediately precede the Final Judgment.

Scriptures and other confirmed apparitions substantiate the predictions of Fatima and Our Lady of Good Success, as it is demonstrated by Margaret Galitzin in her series entitled The Judgment of Nations.


     TIA correspondence desk


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted March 16, 2023

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