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German Rapper, Tainted Blood & Piccarreta

Frankfurt Cathedral Performance


I was seeing that infamous performance at the Frankfurt Cathedral. The Cathedral served as coronation site for the Holy Roman Emperors. The last coronation in Frankfurt was for Francis II in 1792.



German Priest Raps Gospel from Pulpit


It is sad to see this priest trying to be funny with his rap (see here and here).

I admire the German people for their seriousness and organization. But I don’t believe they have too much charm. When I see a priest like this one abandoning his normal seriousness and his priestly dignity to be funny, I become sad.

He does not realize how ridiculous he is.

Anyway, this episode is nothing but another sad consequence of the general apostasy of the Conciliar Church.

I pray all these extravagances will finish soon with God’s chastisement.

Keep up the good work.

     In Jesu et Maria,


Rapping German priest


Montana against Tainted Blood

Dear TIA,

Politicians in the State of Montana are trying to pass a bill forbidden people who received the Covid vaccine to donate blood. They allege that 80% of the blood in banks of blood is contaminated with spike protein, which passes to the patient who receives it.

It is a tragic consequence of a vaccine that was advertised as “safe and efficient” to finish with the Covid…

The promoters of the vaccine should be prosecuted for a crime against humanity.



Church Condemnations of the French Revolution


I've seen many articles about being counter revolutionary but is the Church really condemning the Revolution? I can’t find what the Magisterium has to say for example on The Declaration of Rights of Man.


TIA responds:


We are sorry you could not find the condemnations of the Church against the French Revolution and the Declaration of Rights of Man.

These condemnations were easy to find, however, in our first search. Indeed, here is what Wikipedia affirms:

“At the outbreak of the French Revolution in 1789, Pius VI witnessed the suppression of the old Gallican Church as well as the confiscation of pontifical and ecclesiastical possessions in France. He saw the events as a sign of opposition against the social order ordained by God and also viewed it as a conspiracy against the Church. The Pope condemned both the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen and the Civil Constitution of the Clergy and supported a league against the Revolution. He issued two briefs - Quod aliquantum (1791) and Caritas (1791) - to condemn the ecclesiastical reforms that were proposed.”

The main document by Pope Pius VI vigorously condemning the French Revolution is the brief Quares lacrymae, which you may read here. If you go to § 8 you can read the condemnation of the principal rights of man defended by the French Revolution.

For more documents of the Magisterium on the same subject matter, you may read:
  • Quanta cura and Qui pluribus by Pius IX, passim;

  • Immortale Dei by Leo XIII, §§ 5, 11, 12, 16, 20, 37, 38, 39;

  • Mirari vos by Gregory XVI, passim;

  • Radio-message of Christmas 1949 by Pius XII, § 28.

     TIA correspondence desk


Divine Will & Luisa Piccarreta

Greetings in the Divine Will,

Although I have just recently read some things about this Divine Will movement, from Fr. Terrence Staples & Patrick Madrid among others, I was wondering if you have anything written on this. A very good friend of mine from Guadalajara came up to the L.A. area to promote a book of Luisa Piccarreta called the “24 Horas de la Passion” He’s now dedicated his life to promoting “La Divina Voluntad.”

Online I’ve found so far nothing but warnings AGAINST it from a number of Catholics who I respect & look to for guidance, including even Fr. John Hardon (R.I.P.).

Any links to articles examining it would be helpful.

     Thank you,


P.S. My goal is to learn the truth and not lose a friend. He’s extremely invested both psychologically and financially (and obviously spiritually) in this “movement”. It’s all very, very new to me..


TIA responds:

Greetings C.W.,

Thank you for your inquiry.

None of the staff at Tradition in Action are well acquainted with Luisa Piccarreta, however, we have come to the same conclusions as you after doing some brief research on her writings.

First, Luisa Piccarreta was declared to be a "Servant of God" on November 20, 1994 at which time her cause for beatification was also opened. This occurred after John Paul II abolished 141 canons on requirements for beatifications and canonizations in his 1983 Code of Canon Law, so we cannot be assured of her holiness, see here.

Apparitions and writings that have not been approved by the Church should be read with caution, if at all. Luisa Piccarreta's works fall into this category. There is much controversy surrounding her writings, which were placed on the Index of Forbidden Books in 1938, and are still not officially approved by the Vatican.

It appears, as you mention, that Luisa Piccarreta promotes a union with the "Divine Will" over and above what any Saint has reached in the past, and that Our Lord chose to reveal this new secret to her alone.

Followers of Piccarreta's works seem to exalt this hidden knowledge almost to the status of a new Revelation, which they consider themselves fortunate to have found. This article explains some of the problems with Luisa Piccarreta; however, the website is progressivist so be aware of some misleading information, such as the reference to Sister Faustina and Divine Mercy.

Perhaps in the future, we will find the time to do more research into Piccaretta's works. For now, we hope these considerations are of help.


     TIA correspondence desk


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted March 23, 2023

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