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Exorcism, Yoga Nun & UFOs

Exorcism by Laymen

Good morning,

I agree wholeheartedly with your response RE lay people and exorcism.

It is indeed important to note that the only person to benefit from this so-called prohibition would be the devil.

I think Jesus' words in Mark 9 sums this subject up succinctly and there is no arguing with Jesus' words:

John answered him, saying: Master, we saw one casting out devils in thy name, who followeth not us, and we forbade him. But Jesus said: Do not forbid him. For there is no man that doth a miracle in my name, and can soon speak ill of me. For he that is not against you, is for you. (Mark 9:37-39; see also Luke 9:49-55)

And in terms of the power the angels have over the demons, I read this recently which was written by an exorcist on this subject.

Thanks for all that you do. I appreciate every email I receive from you and they truly enrich my life.

     Kind regards and God Bless



Nausea & Anger: Yoga Nun

Dear TIA

I am not easily shocked but I found the photographs of the Yoga “Nuns” of Kerala to be quite disgraceful. In particular the photograph of the women lying on their stomach with legs apart, hands gripping the ankles. This is a revolting photograph and caused a feeling of nausea and anger within me, that these women would call themselves “Nuns”.

A true Nun would not be concerned with the body but only with the Soul, and she would never put at risk her female dignity in this way. No woman should adopt such a pose and no self-respecting Roman Catholic should engage in pagan practices such as Yoga. Vatican II has undone the good work of the early Missionary Priests and Sisters. This is so typical of what Francis promotes.

Apparently, everything native is to be treasured while the Novus Ordo church merrily dispenses with our glorious traditional values. There is no hope in the medium term of any change. In fact the situation will probably deteriorate. When Francis goes, he is likely to be succeeded with an even more liberal, communistic and WOKE replacement. He has ensured this by “packing” the College of Cardinals with those of his ilk.

It is interesting and very disappointing, how in the missions fields, many of the faithful have reverted to native customs. I am not surprised because I believe it takes many centuries and many generations, for a truly strong and resistant faith to take root. Vatican II was clearly the work of Satan who did not wish to see the true conversion of these poor Souls in the mission fields.

God bless all at TIA and may your great work, in exposing such horrors in our Church, continue.

     Yours faithfully

     C.P., Ireland


UFOs & Redemption


Praise be to Jesus Christ and Virgin Mary!

I would like to comment on the comment about angels and planets (here).

I was thinking about UFOs a lot, but about 30 years ago heard on TV one NASA ex-employee saying that there are no UFOs, only fallen angels aka demons. Why is he so sure? Because during his investigation into UFOs, he came very close to them, actually dangerously close.

How did that happen? They personally and incarnated approached him more than one time saying that he had to leave them alone. They were dressed in long coats, big hats on their heads, dark glasses on their noses, all black. They smelled like sulfur. And - there were no feet, there were hooves. After that, he left them alone and left his job.

So, this is from a man who worked on planetary-cosmology-universe creatures. But let's say, there is a universe and stars and possible living creatures with, let's say, souls.

Jesus said He has come once and for all, He has died once and for all, and there will be no Last Days until the Gospel is preached to all people.

We are not in a position to go there and preach the Gospel at all. We do not have any technology to go even to the Moon, (an official statement from NASA.) much less to go to millions of galaxies? And, if we cannot go there, will Jesus go there? He cannot according to Gospel, because He descended or became incarnate, suffered, died, and resurrected only once and for all.

Will He do it again to bring the love of God to them? In that case, the Gospel is lying. His words cannot be true. But He is THE Truth. So, He cannot go there into the dark universe, and logically therefore there are no other people.

What do you think?

Also, English is not my language, and expressing my thoughts is not as easy and precise as I would like to do and could do in my language.

     Best regards and God bless you all,

     S.M.K., Carinthia, Austria


TIA responds:

Hello S.M.K.,

May Our Lord and Our Lady be always praised!

Your argument is perfectly valid to prove that there is no human life on other planets.

It could be expressed in another way, which was what the Church used to say before Vatican II and the nefarious adaptation of the Conciliar Church to the wrong theory of evolution, which paved the way for the acceptance of “more advanced extra-terrestrial civilizations.” The formulation used to be this:

“The Redemption of Our Lord Jesus Christ was universal. So, if human life were to exist on other planets, those people should also be descendants of Adam and redeemed by Our Lord. Now, there is not the least evidence that humans could have been transported to other planets. So, there is no human life on them.”

Regarding UFOs and devils, the Catholic Church always taught that between God and men, there are angels. In the ranks of all the possible beings, there is no place for other type of creatures. This is the complete listing of life, from the lowest to the highest: mineral life, vegetal life, animals, men, angels and God. Consequently, there is no place for extra-terrestrial individuals of super-advanced civilizations.

Hence, the UFO phenomena should be some trick of the Devil to prepare his way to be adored by men. Some experts in Ufology believe the extra-terrestrials are devils of the air who take the shape of small green entities with large heads to fool men and make them believe that the UFOs tripulants are inhabitants of other planets gifted with a much more advanced knowledge of the universe. At a certain moment they will probably come down to “help men” by curing all their diseases and resolving all of their “social and ecological crises.” In repayment for these favors, they would ask for men to adore their leader, who happens to be Satan.


     TIA correspondent desk


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted April 27, 2023

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