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Summer Dresses, Angels & Planets

Summer Dresses

Dear TIA,

As Summer approaches, we are facing yet again a deluge of gross immodesty on the part of girls and women. While the standard of dress of men had declined, it has not yet plumbed the depths of women’s “fashions.” Reverend Father Bernard Kunkel initiated a “Modesty and Purity Crusade” in 1944 and set out clearly the standards required of Mary-Like modesty. These standards must still prevail today. They are readily accessible on-line but I just want to focus on one aspect of them.

Modesty requires the female form must be covered but also concealed. This requirement is increasingly ignored even by traditional Catholics. For example, I see young women wearing their veil at Holy Mass but dressed in Jeans. Tight skirts and dresses, while they may cover, are certainly not modest.

The female form is designed to be attractive to men and to rouse passions. This is so procreation can be achieved within Holy Matrimony. The female form can therefore be made visible by a wife to her husband in the privacy of their home, but not to people outside that relationship. In public, girls and women must strive to conceal. This requires wearing only loose fitting skirts or dresses and loose fitting tops. It is a good idea to buy blouses, cardigans and sweaters one size too big to ensure they are a loose fit.

The immodest dress of girls and women leads to impure thoughts in the minds of boys and men. There is ample evidence to prove this. Therefore girls and women who insist on dressing this way are themselves, occasions of sin and as Our Lady told us, leading Souls to Hell.

God bless your great work.

     Yours faithfully

     C.P., Ireland


Angels & Planets


Recently, I listened to 36 year old Matt Walsh, a Catholic conservative father of 6 who has a show on the Daily Wire network, which I really enjoy. He seems to have a real positive belief in the possibility of intelligent life in our universe in addition to humans on Earth.

I do not think there is intelligent life anywhere but on Earth but I think many people agree with Matt.

Catholics were always the group who had the fewest members who believed in life beyond the Earth. I think I might know why Catholics like Matt believe as they do. Perhaps they ponder this: Why would God create such a magnificent, mind-boggling universe with millions of stars and planets and galaxies galore, with nobody around to make use of His creation. Sounds like a reasonable conclusion, except in my opinion, it is wrong.

What about the Angels? Are there not billions of loyal Angels with the ability to go anywhere they wish as long as it pleases God?

They are spiritual entities with intelligence far beyond men. Human beings are of one species but each Angel is a species unto itself. Amazing! Could it not be so that God has created this vast universe for their enjoyment?

Perhaps giving to each Angel their own star or planet or galaxy. Imagine billions of Angels, perhaps on their day off or when they take a vacation, soaring around the universe at light-speed (or faster) just to witness in person the absolute Glory of God and His Creations.

So now we see that, if my thinking is correct, there is no real incentive to imagine intelligent life on other planets if billions of Angels use the universe as their very own vacation resort!



My Opinion on Piccaretta


I noticed your posting about Piccaretta. I will give you links I found after having looked at it, read The Hours and a couple Volumes.

In The Hours, Mary and Luisa are also saying "crucify Him." That is terrible.

In the Volumes, it is said Luisa was abandoned to the demons for 3 years. Like her trial. But in maybe the 2nd volume Luisa is breastfeeding baby Jesus. She looks down and asks if he is a demon and he looks up and assures her he is not. She was Breastfeading Jesus???!!!!!! Blasphemy!

The priests on their radio show of Divine Will say there will not be any priests or sacraments in the Era of living in Divine Will. So it is a New Age perfect world where all our actions are Divine.

We are what Eve was tempted with- to have Divine knowledge, the lie of the serpent. We become gods. It is gnostic and many other heresies. Using Catholic terminology to get the same false utopia on earth. No sacraments, no Eucharist. It isn't Catholic for sure.

It is totally a new revelation, but we know there are no new revelations as Catholics.

They try to talk around that, but nope, what it is is totally new and different.

Do an act in the Divine Will and you will be greater than all the saints. It is a gift but how do you get the gift? Well you have to ask for it. That is special since most Catholics never heard of it. So it is gnosticism. Special knowledge.

It also says during the Chastisments, those in the Divine Will will be protected. What a privilege, huh?

I am angry it was promoted to me by Fr. Jim Blount who gives talks about the Flame of Love with Elizabeth Kindlemann. This also, now that I see the trend, is not good. It says it is the greatest grace since the Incarnation. Really??? Not the Eucharist.

Then she abandoned her motherly duties to spend time with Jesus in church. Her older daughter took over the house and care of her little sister.

I wasted time with both so will share my aggravation to keep others from wasting their time. People into it cannot see it isn't good. I tried to tell someone it isn't from Christ but they had invested so much time and feeling special I guess knowing it.

See links here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here.




Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted April 20, 2023

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