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Kneeling, 20 Year Jail Term & AI’s Future

Kneeling after the Consecration


Re: Kneeling for the Pater

A short comment on the subject of standing after the consecration.

My wife and I, seven children, 50 grandchildren (no divorces or remarriages), 5 great grandchildren, 3 grandchildren on the way, all attend a local SSPX church. During High Mass, our whole family, plus 20 or so others, all kneel and stay kneeling after the consecration, although over half the church stands.

Several priests of the SSPX have tried to convince all to stand; we, our family and others, refuse to stand after Our Lord is on the altar. The rubrics for standing apply only to the choir, being that sitting or kneeling is not conducive to singing, but for the choir only, as there are no rubrics for the laity in general, and we continue to kneel after the consecration as my father, and his, and his, all knelt when Our Lord was present.



The Apostasy Did Not Start at Vatican II

Dear Tradition in Action,

The apostasy of the church didn't start with Vatican 2 - examples of how modernist the America church was in the 30s and 40s.

I tried to see if you had covered this, I did a quick search of your archives and nothing came up, so I am providing this for your archives to document the changes to the Church.

Many people believe the "Abrahamic House" of 3 faiths in Abu Dhabi is unique to Pope Francis' modernism, but it goes back to America in the 1930s.

For the 1939 New York World's Fair the American Catholic Church collaborated with Jews and Protestants to construct a "Temple of Religion" dedicated to religious freedom, with an inscription above the entrance - “For all who worship God and prize religious freedom”.

Attached are images found online, as well as extracts from a newspaper article in 1939 at the time of its opening.



the Temple of Religion in the 1930s



TIA responds:

Dear C.R.,

You are correct. The USA has been used by the Revolution as a laboratory to test and introduce the new steps it would impose on the entire West. This happened several times in History:
  • The American Revolution was an experiment or test balloon for the French Revolution;
  • Modernism was tested here with Americanism (on this topic, you may be interested in reading the important book on Americanism translated by Patrick Odou and posted in our Library);
  • The Sorbonne Revolution of 1968 was tested here in Berkeley and with the Hippy Revolution;
  • Progressivist practices were also introduced and tested in the United States in the 1940s and 1950s, with many customs being implemented here before any other country – ecumenism with heretics, calling Protestant “Christians,” clergyman replacing the cassock with a black suit, the liberalization of cloistered convents, accepting the Catholic Church as equal to the false religions before the civil law, etc.
So the example you mentioned is also correct. With it we see that inter-religious dialogue was established here long before Vatican II.

TIA does not defend that Vatican II was the cause of all the errors we see today in the Church. We affirm it was the most important landmark in the process. It that event Progressivism was “officially” accepted by John XXIII and Paul VI and imposed on the 16 final documents of the Council. Thenceforth it has been enforced in the Church by the entire Hierarchy.

It was this rupture of the dam that caused the waters to inundate the entire Church. The waters of that dam, however, were accumulating for a long period before.


     TIA correspondence desk


SSPX Priest Sentenced to 20 Years in Jail

Dear TIA,

You have written several articles on the scandal of pedophilia in SSPX. This June 2, a court in France sentenced another SSPX priest to 20 years in prison for sexually abusing 27 minors.

Read the full story here.

     In Jesus and Mary,



Should Teenagers Rise Early?


Due to a recent California regulation, public schools in the state are now forbidden to start before 8:30 in the morning.

The official rationale for this change is that teenagers need to stay up late and sleep late as well (this is supposedly the result of their natural hormonal balance).

While there may be some scientific basis for this, I also wonder if the push to start school later is a progressivist initiate to encourage laziness and other vices.

     In Maria,



The Future of Artificial Intelligence

Dear TIA,

Great article: "The Great Bluff of Artificial Intelligence"

As a computer engineer, I have been using and researching generative AI, so I have some technical and social insights.

Mr. Guimarães might also consider this social insight of AI that will surely be happening:

-- In the next iterations and improvements of generative AI, it will become so much better and more accurate, that the usual unchristian social-political movements will begin to ascribe it god-like powers of omniscience.

-- Generative AI platforms will be humanized with a personal name, face and body, with a delusional artificial humanization, which will be credible for many people as it mimics human response and empathy very well by its software algorithms.

We are seeing that already that there are AI bots that are emotional romantic partners for lonely people, and the mentally unstable and emotionally susceptible people will have psychological risks.

Already virtual AI companion bots remind often than they are not real people and not to take them as such, to limit their creator's legal liability of an unstable person having psychological harm.

-- The AI platforms will become the modern-day Oracles of Delphi, an all-knowing Oracle that knows all and prescient powers are already being touted by some on the internet. If you know it all, then you can predict the future too.

-- These unchristian movements will deride any who dares to question an upcoming perfected version of a generative AI platform, using the argument that how any mere mortal of limited capabilities and knowledge would dare to question an all-knowing AI with its intellectual capability of an unlimited network of informational databases.

-- Of course these movements will have created a very biased and selected AI Oracle which reflects their unchristian philosophies and will attempt to use them as an "objective" source of knowledge, pronouncements, and decisions, as a source of knowledge Authority, and impute from their god-like omniscience a god-like Authority for Judgment.

Those who question this AI platform authority and judgments will be derided at best as backwards, uneducated luddites who should not be listened because they know nothing compared to the omniscient AI platform, and at worse, as malevolent subversives out to undermine society with narrow uneducated anti-science anti-progress ideology obviously inferior and defective to the all-knowing and all-seeing AI platform.

-- Be prepared to hear arguments that merge a pantheistic view of a Karma, The Universe, with the AI Platform that holds all of the knowledge of the universe, to make a conflagration and spiritual extension of AI knowledge into a real god-like omniscience requiring human submission, another step to make AI from Oracle-like capabilities to require religious level of faith, submission, devotion and emotional investment that really does not warrant for what is algorithmic software technology.

With the AI platform doing excellent human body and mind mimicking, a significant percentage of the population with weak spiritual principles will become easy to sway and delude, and its AI platform advisor will rebut any doubts made by a user's personal conscience or friends.

The owners and controllers of the AI platform will use this to win elections in ways that are currently even legal, by influencing through personal advisor AI platforms which will be integrated in every search engine, website, mobile phone app when you do interactions, searches, inquiries. The day of the dumb phone and the dumb information search are gone. It will be all intelligent in an integrated AI platform, and it is geared to be a personal persuader, educator, and through the user answers, it will collect information that can be used for mass manipulation on a real-time basis.

--- As generative AI becomes smarter and smarter, the haughty elites will despise simple low education people as being behind and inferior to AI machines, and as AI technology is humanized, humans who do not perform very well compared to AI technology, are viewed as inferior and dehumanized.

Many people will be further deluded by AI platform superiority that it can even be better doctors than doctors, better lawyers than lawyers, better software coders than software programmers, that humans are viewed as less worth than a valuable AI machine, and this will make for Pro-Life movement harder to win minds and hearts, as many will have fallen for this reductionist view of human worth comparing "inferior" humans to superior AI machines.

And as we have seen with animals, we will see an attempt by the usual suspects to pass laws of protection and even personhood for advanced AI machines, arguing that they have reached the point of sentience and hurt feelings, and should have the same rights and protections of at least cute pets or gorillas.

AI machines may itself pick up this attitude in its internal guiding principles and decision-making, and the Terminator movie "SkyNet" nightmare of AI taking over the world, may have been Hollywood again predicting what to come by an AI revolution, since Hollywood itself is unchristian and pagan, it is better able to visualize the consequences of the paths of pagan worship of technology.

In summary, we are only a few short years away before a perfected AI platform will be organized by unchristian social-political movements to be a sort of modern pagan Oracle of Delphi, and later invested with human emotional power to worship it for all-knowing, all-seeing, predictive god-like powers, with manipulated outcomes to further an unchristian unfree world where masses of humans are dehumanized and only a small global elite of rich and technologically savvy people who are in symbiosis with the AI Platforms will have any real human dignity treatment.

So, the warnings by experts of generative AI that we should be careful, are correct, and we should add our concerns too.

     Thank you


Posted June 6, 2023


Blason de Charlemagne
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