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NEWS: May 31, 2023
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Bird’s Eye View of the News

Atila Sinke Guimarães
THE GREAT BLUFF OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE – The maestro who directs the powers of this world has begun to play a grand overture glorifying Artificial Intelligence and announcing the arrival of this new “messiah.” More than ever AI is being exalted in his repertoire by the entire orchestra: all of the Media, Academia, High Finance, Technocracy and even Religion. One example is Pope Francis whose press organ – L’Osservatore Romano – has already fallen on its knees to venerate this newcomer.

The rationale – better said, the false narrative – of AI’s prophets follows:
  1. Computers are becoming more and more advanced in technology;

  2. The day is not far off when a computer will be so advanced that it will auto-correct its own mistakes, perfect itself automatically, and generate a better computer; thenceforth computers will increasingly outperform humans with our “more limited” intelligence;

  3. These close-to-perfection computers, which will control entire sectors of human knowledge, technology and art, will, in turn, combine their capacities to generate a single General Artificial Intelligence – GAI – which will encompass all of mankind’s wisdom, science and knowledge of History.

  4. robot taking the world

    AI plans to take over the world; below, Yuval Harari announces the plan boldly

    Yuval Harari
  5. This computer system will bring a great progress in all fields and combat diseases in such way that death will be postponed indefinitely. Since death is not completely eliminated, an alternative way will be offered to men who want to achieve immortality: A man will be able to “download his soul” to a robot or to an avatar. Thus, he will leave his body and "continue to live" in that alter-ego forever.

  6. This GAI – along with the various partial AIs – will govern the world and have the power of life or death over men. They will determine what mankind must do to continue to live.

  7. This new world of AIs and GAI will not be restricted to our planet, but will enter into contact with other planets and galaxies to encounter and benefit from extra-terrestrials who exist elsewhere.
So, as we can see, this rationale invites/obliges us to enter this technological tornado that will end by abolishing all religious dogmas, including the concept of God, the idea of sin and the Redemption of Our Lord Jesus Christ. In other words, this tale was invented to prevent a massive number of souls – practically the totality of those who will swallow it – from attaining eternal salvation.

This narrative is basically what Yuval Harari proposes. He is a professor in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and one of the spokesmen for Klaus Schwab, the head of the World Economic Forum.

I want to point out here some of the weak points and deceptions that characterize this maneuver as perhaps the greatest bluff of History.

Cause & effects; substance & accidents

One of the fundamental principles of philosophy – and of good sense as well – is that an effect cannot be greater than its cause. All effects are potentially contained in the cause that generated them.

Buddhist monks bowing to a robot teacher

Some Buddhists already venerate robots

Now, a computer is a creation of man. The various programs that are inserted in a computer are created by men. Therefore, neither a computer nor a program can outperform man.

Certainly the data of a computer’s memory can be brought to a screen much faster than a man can recall data from his personal memory, just as an automobile can travel much faster than a man’s legs can run. But this is an accidental effect that does not deny the substantial difference between the cause – man’s intelligence – and the effects – the computer storage capability and speed of response.

This simple reasoning shows that there is a sophism, a lie, when the prophets of AI affirm that a computer per se can outperform man in capacity.

If by chance a computer were to outperform man’s capacities, we would have to conclude that an intelligence substantially superior to man’s intelligence – an angelic intelligence – entered the picture and programmed that computer with laws above our nature.

Only admitting a preternatural mind programming a computer superior to a man’s capacities can the proportion between cause and effects be satisfied.

Living persons & lifeless machines

Another “qualitative leap” that the AI’s prophets are executing is the passage from an inanimate computer to a living organism able to analyze and judge men’s behaviors.

On the scale of beings, we know that there are the mineral nature, the vegetal nature, the irrational animal nature, the human nature, the angelic nature and the divine nature. From the vegetal up to the divine nature there is life. From the human nature up to God there is rationality.

Machines are lifeless and irrational products. To attribute understanding and judgment, that is, life and rationality, to a machine is either a fairy tale or a disguise to cover for the Devil’s action in it.

Indeed, between man and God there is no possibility to have another type of life such as “living and thinking computers.” The only rational life between man and God is that of the Angels. In this case, it is not difficult to conclude that those who are inspiring are the bad angels since the AI narrative leads to the denial of God.

Avatars & holograms

Although in Hinduism the term avatar refers to the incarnation of a deity, I would say that the avatar in the modern tech-Hollywood parlance is being presented as a spiritual person very similar to a man. The avatars would be equivalent to those elements that in the New Age movement are called the “ascendant masters” or “spiritual guides” who are “channeled” in the world by their adepts.

A man on the right and his projected hologram on the left

A hologram, above left, reproduces one's physical presence; below, an avatar as the allien body of a man

In Catholic doctrine we learn that each person is accompanied by a good Angel who tries to influence him to practice virtue and leads him to salvation, and by a bad angel, a devil who tries to induce him to sin and perdition. The avatar would be this devil who is akin to the person and represents his vice.

In some videos promoting AI, the avatar is presented as synonymous with a hologram. The hologram, as far as I could understand, is the virtual projection of the person – a virtual clone or a 3D walking/speaking virtual photograph – that per se is indifferent to good or evil. Instead, the avatar is actually a spiritual rational being with which the person can enter into contact. That being is a devil.

So, here again we have a devil entering the AI narrative in a technological disguise in order to communicate with man through computers.


Another step is contact with extra-terrestrials.

When the proponents of AI and GAI become enthusiastic, they imagine that the coming GAI-world will not be restrained to earth. They claim that we have to go meet other “civilizations” that exist elsewhere in the universe. The hierophants of this new religion imagine men entering into contact with extra-terrestrials.

Now then, I believe that there is no such thing as “other extra-terrestrial civilizations.” There are, I am sure, devils of the air who inhabit space and other planets.

Actually, Catholic doctrine teaches us that there are two types of devils: those who at the beginning of time in that great angelic war clearly took a position against God and now are in Hell, and those who took a middle-of-the-road position between St. Michael and Lucifer. The latter were condemned to wander the universe until the end of time, when they will be cast into Hell as well. In the schemes of evil these latter devils are the ones who prepare souls to succumb to the temptations of the devils from Hell.

These “planetary spirits,” as Anne Catherine Emmerick calls them, are the devils of the air who also inhabit some stars/planets.

The colossal tale that there are “other more advanced civilizations” in space1 is a hoax to bring people to enter in contact with the devils of the air.

I conclude, therefore, that the whole story of AI and GAI can be characterized as a monumental bluff meant to bring men to surrender their will and liberty to the Devil, under the pretext that it is an imperative of the technological progress.

Wood print of the War in Heaven

The devils of the air

    1. The story of UFOs in my opinion is a part of the same attempt to make men accept, serve and adore the Devil.

Blason de Charlemagne
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