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Women in Bavaria, WYD & Gnosis in Portugal

St. Perpetua vs. Bavarian Women

Dear TIA,

Ave Maria Purissima!

I am truly in shock after seeing the photographs from the church in Bavaria. Such immodest dress and disgraceful poses. Have these women no shame? All this from a church named after the Glorious Assumption of the Most Pure Virgin. The model of modesty and propriety.

When one of the Virgin Martyrs of our Church (St. Perpetua) was being gored to death by a fearsome bull, her only concern was that when she fell, the hem of her gown might have risen up. Yet here in Bavaria we see modesty being mocked. Indeed we see Our Lady and her Divine Son and His Holy Church being mocked.

Such behaviour emanates from Satan and it is no surprise to see Father Gugler all pals with Francis. I am certain they have a great deal in common. Both love to shock and both love to be the centre of attention. Both it seems, will do anything to mock the traditions of our Church.

I thank God for the few Holy Priests who are “rigid” and I thank God for my own rigidity and that of the growing number of traditional Catholics.

Can anyone seriously continue to believe the current Novus Ordo Church is the Church of God?

     Yours faithfully,

     C.P., Ireland


WYD in Portugal

Dear TIA,

Now the media tout the WYDs openly as “Catholic Woodstocks”.

Meaning, of course, there will be the normal rock music and rock festival atmosphere, men and women immodestly dressed and mixing together, and the general lack of any sacrality and pomp of the past.

Then, the latest bit of bad taste: cookies decorated with lifelike photos of the Pope.

Finally, the report that they were expecting one million youth, but only 300,000 signed up. I doubt that many will really attend.

So sad to see Portugal defaced by a WYD.



Gnostic Radio-Show in Portugal

Hello dear TIA,

I thought it would be in your interest and that of your readers to know about this situation:

In Portugal one of the three public radio channels called “Antena 2” is dedicated to classical music and intellectual matters, and a program that has existed for decades on that radio station is called “Argonauta” which is supposedly about background music that actually plays on the show.

What happens and everyone seriously connected to religious matters in Portugal knows, is that the show is Gnostic and specially made to please the secret forces and esoteric elites in the country! Interspersing ambient music (many of them particularly Gnostic and even spells and incantations sung as chants) the program’s announcer proclaims Gnostic and heretical doctrines. He also makes reference to Gnostic sayings of important figures in history who were Gnostics and others who were not but the announcer suggests they were. It is a heretical program specially made for the secret forces.

It is perfectly known that the Portuguese elite affiliated with Freemasonry loves this program, being one of the programs existing on Portuguese radio for the longest time and being broadcast on public radio in Portugal only demonstrates how Freemasonry comfortably and openly controls the country’s institutions.

Each edition of the program is thematic and has some point of Gnosis in its theme. A great curiosity is that the edition of the 30th of July 2023, which precedes the week of the World Youth Days taking place in Portugal (and which are already generating scandals and threatening being scandalous in many ways) was dedicated to “Christianity.” In fact, it is dedicated to the so-called “Christian” Gnosis (of which Saint Irenaeus warned us about) and the culmination of this episode was a saying by Pope Francis (who is often quoted in the various episodes but in this one in a special way) where he praised and appealed to the universalism of all religions. Francis is undoubtedly a pope much loved by heretics and promoted by secret forces openly! A very different situation from the popes of the past!

The program can be heard in the internet here.

Thank you very much for your attention and for your work!



'What Is Habitual Does Not Raise Passions'

Dear TIA,

While reviewing the comments on my recent article, “Is Modesty in Dress for Women Relative,” I encountered this objection:

“It is unfair to use the word ‘relativism’ when speaking about changing modesty standards, for impurity always remains a grave sin. Only the cultural circumstances change leading to impurity. Today, however, revealing clothing no longer has the same effect on people, so it must therefore be acceptable.”

My response is this:

It is true that circumstances do matter with regard to certain actions. A vulgar word in one language may mean something entirely different in another, or an offensive gesture in one culture may be harmless in another (the “thumbs up,” which used to be an insult in Shakespearean England, is a good example). However, these examples describe learned behaviors, not objective realities.

On the other hand, it is God who commands us to adequately cover ourselves, and because of original sin, revealing clothing always presents a near occasion of sin. Yes, modern society is desensitized to immodesty, but the effects of improper clothing have not changed.

Pope Pius XII stated: “The most insidious sophisms, which are often repeated to justify immodesty, seem to be the same everywhere. One of them is found in the old saying: “ab assuetis non fit passio” (what is habitual does not raise passions), which is repeated to overcome the sound rebellion of honest men and women against styles that are too bold.”

In the same speech, he added: “It is a common thing for one to say, though actually in self-condemnation, ‘It doesn’t bother me at all... I see nothing wrong in it...’ And he is right: he doesn’t see anything wrong in it – but this is no compliment to him. He has become morally and spiritually blind through repeated sins. His conscience is dead!”

The last part, about the conscience being dead, is interesting. I believe we all innately have a sense of what is appropriate and what is not. Repeated exposure to immodesty may deaden the senses, but it cannot completely set us at ease. I remember speaking with an acquaintance a few years ago about swimsuits. “At the beginning of the summer, I always feel awkward, like I’m too exposed,” she said. “But then I get used to it.” This comment is telling, and I believe it sheds light on a universal reality.

I will also add that the “cultural norms” argument implies that modern society is more “enlightened” or even more pure than past societies. If it is true, it means we no longer need the aid of modest clothing. This is absurd. As my article makes clear, the changes in fashion were the direct result of the cultural revolution, a rebellion against God.

For more on the Catholic teaching on this topic read here.

     In Domino et Domina,

     Rita A. Stewart
Posted August 1, 2023


Blason de Charlemagne
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