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Russia, Abrahamic House & Indian Catholics

Site in Portugal


Is there an associated TIA website in Portugal?

If not, what Catholic website there would you recommend, if any.

     Thank you very much.


TIA responds:


TIA does have a website in Portuguese, although not in Portugal, but in Brazil. It can be accessed here.


     TIA correspondence desk


Errors of Russia & Conciliar Popes


Re: An Insider's View: Russia's Propagandizing of Europe's Right

Pax Christi

Our Lady of Fatima’s request to consecrate Russia by the Holy Father in union with all the bishops of the Catholic Church was never done because the Church was infiltrated and the bishops were the bearers of Russia’s errors and were inebriated to the brim by Russia’s lies - be it evolution, the invention of viruses, Theosophism, Communism, Socialism or all others sisters of Satanism. Following this, many nations have been annihilated in the name of independence, including my own country, India. (Look at Ashok the 'great' and M.K. Gandhi’s backgrounds)....

Even the remedy given by Our Lady many never knew till now, and the conciliar Popes like JPII perverted everything by ignoring St. Louis de Montfort's meditation and adding to the rosary, changing the words of Scriptur; especially the "Ave Maria gratia plena Dominus tecum benedicta tu in mulleribus" is being vandalized in all the modern translations ...

The sole purpose of the modernists is to degrade every truth and call them nothing more than fables, so that it can be updated whenever they like...

I think it's usury, which is a classic move of the people be they Jews, apostate Catholics, atheists... but the sole power comes from Satan in all they do... i.e., ending up as a slave to him.

I pray that people come forward, starting with virologists and immunologists who still have the faith to see with the eyes of faith, to come up with solutions rather than to stay in the outermost room of the castle feasting with beasts.

As a medical man, I have been thinking it through and through, and my thoughts end in Our Lady's word's: Russia will spread the "errors" (not inventions as we call them proudly) and many nations will be annihilated... By God's mercy it has not taken place in all realms at the same time. But in our age all realms have been infested already... Complete re-evaluation in union with Christ is needed... and Our Lady can help us here... That's the Fatima message.

The entire human race must obey this or we will all perish as Our Lord Jesus Christ has warned. Only constant fidelity to Our Lady in whatever we do can save us...

I share this amidst the chaos that has been rooted in the medical field - not since the pandemic but even before that - starting obviously from 1960! And even before that in Russia (perverted truth as inventions).



Abrahamic House’s Idea Born in the U.S.

Dear T.I.A.,

The Idea of an “Abrahamic House” came from American Jews way back in the 1950s.

I thought I would send this for your records of the Church Revolution in Pictures. Even many “conservative” Catholics who attend Novus Ordo masses and believe nothing changed with Vatican 2 are (rightfully) aghast at the Abrahamic House built in Abu Dhabi and Pope Francis' endorsement of it.

This concept came out of Jews in America in the 1950s. At the Jewish run secular Brandeis University, in the 1950s on one plot they built the “Three Chapels” of nearly identical buildings - a Jewish synagogue, a Protestant chapel and a Catholic chapel. The construction of the university began in 1948, and the Liberal Catholic Cardinal Francis Spellman helped fundraise for this Jewish University.

The Chapels opened in 1955, and the notorious Liberal Bishop Richard Cushing (who got Fr. Leonard Feeney excommunicated) consecrated the “Catholic” chapel.

Three Chapels Brandeis University

Brandeis University Three Chapels Blessed by Archbishop




Still on Indian Catholics

Note from the Editor:

I continue to receive letters – some hate mail included – on my article on the Syro-Malabar Catholics of India. The objectors say that I took the wrong approach when I said that the tradition of that Rite was to say Mass turned toward the Altar and that after Vatican II things changed. I reported that now the Malabar Synod has imposed a unified liturgy and the more traditional Catholics rebelled. My objectors say that the tradition of that Rite was to say Mass turned toward the people and now the Vatican wants its priests to say Mass turned toward the Altar.

To make my point in that article I based myself on an interview that Bishop Joseph Sarampickal, the head of the Syro-Malabar Rite in Great Britain, granted to Catholic News Agency. It was published on December 8, 2021, before Francis’ recent impositions. In it the Bishop affirmed straightforwardly:

From time immemorial, the Church of St. Thomas Christians and later, its continuation as the Syro-Malabar Church in the Catholic communion, celebrated the Eucharistic Liturgy ad orientem (facing the East/altar) as the Western Latin Rite also did,” Srampickal explained.

“After Vatican II, the Western Church adopted the celebration of Eucharistic liturgy ad populum (facing the people).”

The Conciliar Popes, especially John Paul II, tried to modify that tradition. In 1999, the Syro-Malabar Synod issued a formula of compromise in which the major part of the Mass is said turned toward the people and, after the Communion, the rest of the Mass is said facing the Altar; this formula was called the unified liturgy. It was accepted by many and rejected by some. In 2022, under pressure from Francis, the Synod enforced that decision for all Catholics of that Rite. This generated a stronger rebellion.

My understanding is that the traditional priests want to keep the Mass turned toward the Altar and, because of this, they are vociferously protesting the Synod’s decision and refusing the Vatican's recent impositions. However, in reaction to this first group, the more progressivist priests – very outspoken as well – have also rebelled against the Synod, demanding that the Mass be said only turned toward the people.

It is my opinion that the Vatican and the progressivist media are taking advantage of this confused picture to prevent the authentic Catholic traditionalists in India from having an international voice and receiving support. For this reason they have blurred the picture still further by saying that Francis now wants the Indian Catholics to say Mass turned toward the Altar.

I want to do the opposite of the media: support the good Indian Catholics and give them an international voice.

With this attempt to clarify a confused situation, made still more confused by the progressivist media, I hope that my objectors – at least those who care for the truth – will be satisfied with this final answer.


     Atila S. Guimarães

Posted September 12, 2023


Blason de Charlemagne
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