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Moscow’s Fifth Column - I

Russia Is Fooling Traditionalists

Phillip Mericle
On May the 31st, 2014, the Palais Liechtenstein in Vienna, Austria, was scene to an unusual sight. Marking the 200th anniversary of the Congress of Vienna, a “discreet” meeting – invitation only – convened behind closed baroque doors. Private security was hired to protect the event and all photographs were forbidden. The only reason we even know of this meeting is because of a lone Swiss reporter who, disguising herself, managed to slip in undercover.

The Palais Liechtenstein, site of an unlikely meeting

The list of attendees was as long as it was remarkable. French Nationalists Marion Marechal-Le Pen and Aymeric Chauprade, Count Serge de Pahlen, the chairman of the right-wing Freedom Party of Austria, along with the founder of the far-right Bulgarian Party Ataka and Rightist representatives from Hungary, Croatia and Georgia. Even Prince Sixtus Henry of Bourbon-Parma, a Catholic-monarchist considered by some to be the Carlist heir to the Spanish throne was in attendance.

An unknown Catholic priest was also present, along with the Italian false-right Prof. Roberto de Mattei. Taken together, this rare assemblage saw the leaders and representatives of virtually every significant Rightist movement in Europe gathered together under a single roof.

But what was the purpose of this meeting? What had drawn these disparate European factions together? To answer these questions we must look to the organizers of the event themselves, the source of its funding, its itinerary as well as the call that went out to bring these groups together in Vienna.

The main faction behind the organization, funding and steering of this event was Russia. Its mastermind was the so-called “Putin’s brain,” ultra-nationalist intellectual Aleksandr Dugin.

The not–so-holy alliance

If we look deeper, we realized that the group has historical pretensions. Indeed, in 1814 the European nations that had been ravaged by Napoleon were called together by Tsar Alexander I of Russia to construct a post-Napoleon political order. The resulting union among Russia, Prussia and Austria, the great land powers of their time, became known as the “Holy Alliance.”

Holy Alliance

The 1814 Holy Alliance among Russia, Prussia & Austria

This assemblage of allies was allegedly designed by Alexander to counter the revolutionary impulses of France and to promote the influence of Christian principles in the affairs of nations. Despite earnest sentiments on the part of the Tsar, historians tend to agree that the Holy Alliance was primarily a pragmatic move to cement Russia’s sphere of influence after aiding in the liberation of Eastern and Central Europe from Bonaparte.

In 2014, exactly 200 years later, it seems Russia, now communist Russia, has once again attempted to woo the conservative powers of Europe into a social-political alliance favoring Russian interests. Where once Russia claimed to save Europe from Napoleon, now it claims to be the bastion of virtue against America’s decadence. The United States is presented as the new threat to Western Civilization. It is allegedly the source of all evil and corruption. To get an idea of Russian hypocrisy entailed in accusing the USA of corruption one need not look far.

Thus, the “discreet” meeting in the Palais Liechtenstein was hosted deliberately to foster such ties as might undermine united European friendship with the United States as well as to thwart any resistance to Russian / Communist influence.

With funding coming from Russian businessman Konstantin Malofeev and the ideological itinerary guided by Alexander Dugin, Putin’s pet philosopher, we need only turn to the anecdotes reported by the Swiss journalist to see just how successful the effort has been.

Divide and conquer may be an ancient maxim, but Putin knows its utility all too well.

Russia’s puppets

The reporter gives details: One attendee broke into tears of joy at hearing of Putin’s annexation of Crimea, another had just returned from observing the illegal and blatantly fraudulent referendum following that annexation, affirming the laughable Russian claim there was no sign of pressure or coercion. Yet another guest hailed Putin as the new “Redeemer” and reincarnation of Alexander I, the aforementioned Tsar who led the coalition against Napoleon.

Alexander Dugin with Putin

Dugin, known by some as the new Rasputin, is the promoter of Putin's Fifth Column

Two hundred years before Russia had instigated the Holy Alliance in an attempt to bring Europe into its orbit. About 100 years later (1917), Lenin led the Communist Revolution that killed the Tsar and his family and took over the government. Under this Revolution, Russia became the opposite of that which it had been: It was imperial; it became soviet. It formed the Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics to replace the Russian Empire. Later, the USSR occupied Eastern Europe by force, playing a direct and violent role in the operation of the Eastern States and placing these Catholics nations under the heavy yoke of Communism.

After the social-political-economic collapse of the USSR in 1989-1992, a “new” Russian Federation appeared onstage pretending to be “conservative.” Instead of persecuting religion, it posed as “Christian” with good relations with the so-called Russian Orthodox Church – an institution known for being directed by the KGB and existing as a puppet of the State. It also allegedly approved laws against homosexuality. This was tailored to feed the communist propaganda presenting Russia and its head, Putin, as the good antagonistic pole to the corrupted West, principally to the decadent United States (here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here).

Now Russia has been repeatedly caught financially supporting far-right parties in Europe, funding their elections, and even fostering ties among the up-and-coming youth of the Continent. For example, a group known as the German-Russian Young Leaders Conference has been actively cultivating links between the future leaders of Germany and Russia. Their website went defunct in early 2022, likely embarrassed at its deep ties with the belligerent party of the Ukrainian invasion.

The same historical pattern

Russia has a long history of attempting to sway European politics and bring the smaller disparate States of the Continent into its orbit. The pattern has not changed, although today’s Russia spreads Communism. The so-called revival of the “Holy Alliance” shows us that while the actors may have changed, the theme has not. At the end of the 2014 Vienna meeting, it was decided to meet in Moscow the following year, with future annual meetings alternating between Europe and Russia.

Given the dearth of information on the latest shrouded meetings, it can be presumed that security was tighter going forward than it was in 2014. We can only speculate what propaganda the leaders of European Conservatism were fed as their generous hosts lavished hospitality upon them, all the while regaling them with tales of how Russia – the child of Bolshevism whose errors have spread throughout the world exactly as Our Lady of Fatima said – can alone save us all.



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted August 7, 2023

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