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Uncanny Valley, Czestochowa & Catholic Morals

Will October 2023 Be the Start?


A number of priests and holy souls have warned that in October 2023 begins the start of the chastisements, with the major chastisement starting when France goes into civil war and revolution - in the spring, or March.

You may watch this video and come to your conclusions.

Of course, giving dates always raises some doubt - however, we have been warned that what is coming is coming 'soon'.



Passing the Uncanny Valley

Good evening TIA,

Salve Maria!

I have linked here a video and an article of a conference that was recently held in China showcasing their new androids. It is quite unsettling.

These new advances in robotics are moving at a rapid pace and we are now seeing incredibly lifelike robots that even seem to pass the uncanny valley problem. I had no idea the progress was this rapid. I cannot imagine what they may have behind the scenes that they are not showing us.

     In Maria,



Czestochowa Miracle

Dear TIA,

Re: A Great Miracle of Our Lady of Czestochowa

Ave Maria, gratia plena!

Many, many thanks for giving us material of such an inspiring and meditative quality found in TIA's newsletters. Reading this article today helped greatly to soothe my soul and acts as a counterbalance to all news of evil which bombards us at every turn.

Reading the account [I ended up relishing it twice] of A Great Miracle of Our Lady of Czestochowa, I was deeply touched and in awe by Our Lady's pity upon the broken heart of the butcher. Moved by his sincere remorse and unwavering confidence in prayer, by his abject state and his humility, She gives him and us a miracle unmistakably affirming the immensity and tenderness of Her Power and Love as Mother. With tears in my eyes, to the core of my heart, this story drives home that nothing is impossible for Heaven to those who trust. How fortunate are we to have been given by God such a Heavenly Mother!

I was also edified by how the butcher's actions drew along the populace who followed and then entered the church, imploring and praying. This caused me to meditate on never underestimating the example of “one.”

I took the liberty of sharing this tremendous miracle story and its link with 28 email addresses, one of whom is a Protestant who nonetheless has begun to pray to Mary. May I ask you all to pray for his conversion, that his belief be strengthened by this account?

Thank you for your apostolate. What a great work to be doing!

     Blessings on all,



Pope Denies Moral Mission of Church


Here is an entry, if you wish, to your “Progressivist Document” feature. This is an incredible quote from Francis in January or February of 2017, with my astonished comment below.

“I am glad to express the Church’s esteem for the National Committee on Bioethics, established by the President of the Council for Ministers in Italy 25 years ago,” Francis said.

Everyone is aware of how sensitive the Church is to ethical issues but perhaps it is not clear to everyone that the Church does not lay claim to a privileged voice in this field; in fact it is a source of great satisfaction for the Church when civic responsibility at different levels is able to reflect, discern and act according to a free and open way of thinking and inspired by integral human and social values.

“This mature civic responsibility is a sign that the seed of the Gospel – which has been revealed and entrusted to the Church – has produced fruits, successfully fostering the search for truth and good in complex human and ethical questions.”

Here the Pope denies the moral patrimony of the Church. How can the Pope deny what the Church has always claimed, and especially since Our Lord's teaching is the ultimate source? How can he be so contrary and unfaithful the teachings of the Church? Whose side is he on?



Mary, Patroness of the U.S.

Dr. Horvat,

Thank you, for the reply to my request to present a paper at Our Catholic History Conference in December.

Since you cannot attend, perhaps I may read your short article on Our Lady of Bethlehem at our conference in appreciation of your work.

Our Lady of Bethlehem reminded me of this, of which I relish your opinion. I’m not a historian, but one that dabbles in it to fulfill various creative objectives.


Our Lady of Guadalupe, carved by St. Luke,
in Extremadura, Spain

It vetting and editing some papers for our conference I discovered that there’s a statue in Spain from which Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico gets its name. No doubt you know all about this from Paul Badde’s “Maria of Guadalupe: Shaper of History, Shaper of Hearts” (Ignatius, original German 2004) which I only recently read.

After reading that volume, I surmised that Columbus and Cortes both, at slightly different times began their voyages by attending Mass with Ferdinand and Isabella at the monastery at Castile, where there exists the statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Extremadura (purportedly carved by St. Luke the evangelist)…with a story of its own involving the Moors and Catholic knights that drove the Moors out of Spain.

That Cortes then defeats the Aztecs and sets up statues of Our Lady on the Aztec altars of human sacrifice, and shortly thereafter Our Lady of Guadalupe reveals herself to Juan Diego and millions come into Catholicism, and not long thereafter (against the fabric of eternity) the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo incorporates the work of Fr. Serra into the United States.

There seems to be a Catholic line of history that connects Our Lady of Guadalupe in Spain, to Cortes, to Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico, (of which Fr. Serra had to be intimately familiar since he was stationed in Mexico City at a University before venturing into Baja.) It then seems that Our Lady of Guadalupe inspires Fr. Serra to fill the gap left by the Jesuit suppression and establish a western-Catholic style civilization in California in preparation for the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo that brings the largest land acquisition in the U.S. history into existence.

Perhaps this is more evidence why Mary is the patroness of the United States.

Thoughts… you’re the expert on this, not me. But this is all very interesting.


Posted September 19, 2023


Blason de Charlemagne
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