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Bishop Udo, Exorcism & Valid N.O. Mass

Modern Sins Will Not Go Unpunished

Re: The Ungrateful Bishop Udo Is Punished

Wow! What an account, thanks to the TIA Newsletter I received! Were that we could see this happen today, but who knows, maybe soon, for here we are reminded that neither God nor His Holy Mother will be mocked!

This is an exhilarating story and lesson not to be missed!

ENJOY and have hope! God will not allow the accumulating sins of our era to go unpunished!

     God bless you,



Is the Exorcism Prayer a Valuable Spiritual Welfare Weapon?


In this darkest time in history, when more devils then ever have overtaken the earth, we need all the help we can get to fight Satan and his minions.

Knowing, using and relying on our most important and powerful weapon, the Rosary, we who are striving to be faithful and are desirous of saving our souls, our countries and restoring the true faith, want to do all that is possible to bring about the end to this diabolical infestation and aid of preparing for the Reign of Mary.

So, I ask if the recitation of Exorcism prayers will be helpful in achieving this goal and protecting us in this ongoing battle.

I say an Exorcism prayer every day and feel that I am doing something in this mighty battle against evil.

Many priests say only they should say Exorcism prayers. But, that can't be true as the St. Michael prayer, said by the faithful at the end of Mass is an Exorcism prayer.

What are your thoughts?

We need to use every weapon available to overcome the enemy and bring us to victory and the Reign of Mary. I hopefully assume this recitation of the Exorcism prayer is meritorious.

Would you recommend a specific prayer?

     In Maria,


TIA responds:


Thank you for your very cogent and opportune thoughts on the Exorcism prayer.

We agree with you about its importance, and for that reason, TIA recently reprinted the full Exorcism against Satan and the Rebellious Angels prayer in English in a handy size to carry in your pocket or prayer book.

Because we want to encourage praying it and spreading it among your family and friends, we have kept the price quite reasonable. The prayer is 10 cents a copy, 10 cards for $1.00, 50 cards for $4.50, or 100 cards for $7.50. You may purchase it at our Bookstore here.

Regarding the licitness of laymen saying the Exorcism, we have dealt with this topic in depth on our site here. We note, in passing, the older texts in Latin indicate parts to be said by priests or laymen, depending upon who is saying it. Those differentiations in themselves clearly indicate that the Church allowed it to be said by both priests and laymen.

We encourage you in your practice of praying The Exorcism daily, and hope you will spread the prayer because it is quite necessary and useful for these dangerous and chaotic days.


     TIA correspondence desk


You Are Wrong: The N.O. Mass Is Invalid


Recently for months TIA and those who post comments have written and treated the N.O. Mass in articles as if automatically it is a valid mass, for sure a big assumption. World Youth Day at Fatima would be a classical example of such a point of view and conclusion for some. There are no shortage of bloggers calling themselves traditional that have been doing the same for years.

Already in 1969 many, and more since, have written that the N.O. Mass is invalid for many reasons. Those who know much more than me and are far holier than I say a good case can be made for their position - all of them priests.

The late Rev.Fr. Gommar Depauw wrote in his TNT truth and tradition: The New Mass, a Warning: Invalid at its worst and Sacrilegious at its best. It seems that those who write on the business of the N.O. Mass should at the very least let readers know where they stand rather than create a mind game scenario. Fr. Garrigou Lagrange wrote in years past WHEN it comes to matters of sanctification and salvation there is no room for gamesterism.

St. Pius V, Pray for us.


TIA responds:


In the confused times we live in, in which we have seen the conciliar Popes promote all sorts of doctrines with the flavor of heresy or even issue clearly heretical statements, those who resist their progressivist teachings and do their best to follow the immutable Magisterium of the Catholic Church have a hard time finding the correct path in matters that involve subtleties.

In the case of the New Mass, TIA holds the position that Paul VI was a valid Pope who had the power to change the Mass, although he did it with the bad intention of favoring Protestantism. The consequence is that we believe the Mass is valid, but should be avoided because it has the flavor of heresy. For more on this topic you may peruse this page in which we have dealt with the topic at length.

Others sustain that the Mass is invalid, like yourself, and give arguments to support their opinion. We respect yours and others’ opinions, which however cannot be proved as correct until we have a definitive solution given by a truly Catholic Pope.

One thing we believe we should avoid for sure: It is to believe that we are the ones who own the truth and start to condemn and mock the others. It would be an arrogant position and its only result would be to increase the general confusion. We believe that this charitable and prudent position should be upheld by other traditionalist Catholics – you for example – who hold different opinions.

At TIA we are not “creating a mind game scenario” on this topic. To consider this matter as a “gamesterism” is positively a lack of seriousness. We have done the best we could to find the right position and we pass it on to the readers who ask for orientation. We are always very clear, as you can see in our responses to those questions (here and here).


     TIA correspondence desk


Sinner Asks for Prayers & Sacrifices

Hello Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

My name is C.M. and I am writing this email to request fervent and persistent prayers and sacrifices/sufferings offered on my behalf for my salvation and asking Jesus to be Merciful to me and through Mary to grant me perfect and universal contrition for my sins and true and abiding sorrow for my sins.

A little about me, I have lived as a Catholic in Name Only my entire life. I have lived completely selfishly and sinfully and presumptuously and now I am afraid of going to hell. For six years I did not even leave my house except to do minor errands but played video games, committed daily sins of the flesh, didn't work nor pray, and slept all day. I also realize now I have been a habitual liar my entire life. Additionally for ten years, I committed daily sins of the flesh without trying to quit and without any remorse or guilt.

I have worn the Brown Scapular since high school with the idea that I could do what I wanted and would still go to Heaven since I had on the Brown Scapular.

I have committed thousands of mortal sins and as it turns out I have lived as an obstinate recidivist and can count on one hand the good I've done.

I have led a life of complete selfishness and Jesus told Bl. Anne Catherine Emmerich and I quote, "that by prayer and the offering of sufferings for others, many souls that have done no good upon earth may be converted and saved." Even the most selfish sinner could be saved if there were enough people praying and offering sacrifices and sufferings for him/her. That sinner is me and that is why I am turning now to you.

Please offer prayers unceasingly and offer your sufferings, crosses, penances, sacrifices, Holy Hours, Rosaries, Divine Office, and above all your Holy Communions and the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, whatever you could offer for me, for my intentions mentioned above and to help me make reparation for my sins. Please adopt me as your spiritual brother and help me get to Heaven.

Please consider my request and do this favor for me and please pass the message of this email and request along to any prayer warriors and suffering souls you know who would be willing to adopt me spiritually as their son or brother; I truly do need all the prayers and help in terms of sufferings and sacrifices that I can get! If you do this for me, I would be eternally grateful!

Thank you so much!

     Your spiritual brother in Christ


"How often have I thought that I owe all the graces that I have received to the prayers of a person who begged them of God for me, and whom I shall know only in Heaven." - St. Therese of Liseuix

TIA responds:

Dear brother C.M.,

We are praying for you, and passing your request on to our readers. Certainly some will assist you spiritually.

However, if you are really repentant, a better start to show your love for Our Lord would be to make penance. If you remain idle relying only upon the prayers and sacrifices of others without doing any penance yourself, you may have a bad surprise when you appear before the judgment seat of God.


     TIA correspondence desk

Posted September 26, 2023


Blason de Charlemagne
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