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German & French Farmers & Heretical Popes

Our Lady of Good Success Can Fix It


Re: Do teach your children to greet guests

Advice on how to act, good manners, deeper Catholic teaching.... All very sad that I never had it.

I missed so much. Born 1960, just before Council of Destruction. So I missed vast amounts, got straight out lies (some innocently passed on lies),

But worse, I wasn't able to pass it on to my children, who are now young adults. And they listen to their Mom, who ignores blatant discrepancies.

Heartbreaking. But Our Lady if Good Success can fix it. Surely, She can.



La Salette – Poem


Poem - La Salette 1846

Mary sat there weeping
sitting all alone
crying for her little ones
resting on a stone.

She was bathed in brilliance
a light that glowed within,
scattering the shadows
from a world awash in sin.

Scattered on the mountain
were all her lambs that bleat;
An antichrist had struck the church
and scattered all her sheep.

For ten long years the tyrant
had seized the ship of state.
Napoleon was an antichrist,
a mongrel dog of hate.
On her head were flowers
nesting in her hair,
Roses plucked at heavens throne
where Aves fill the air.

Hanging from her shoulders
an iron cross so strong,
laced with roses on her breast,
each Ave like a song.

The world is full of sorrow,
cruelty, and despair,
but I remember Mary's voice
telling me "take care."

Invincible is ignorance,
So few of us are saved.
Our Lady Queen of La Salette,
unto your heart I pray

     Patrick Fealy


Bad Influence of Hinduism

Dear TIA,

It has been an edifying experience reading your articles and understanding the revolutionary tendencies in our modern culture and Church.

I am a convert from Hinduism to Catholicism. My parents currently continue to practice Hinduism. I am now married with a child on the way.

My question is, when my parents become older and need assistance, it had always been my desire to care for them in their older age. However, with my desire to raise my children to be strong in their faith, I worry that having household members not practicing and worse, Hindu deities in our house, may interfere with their spiritual development. How do you think I should balance my desire to care for my parents and to protect the faith of my children?

Thanks for your work!

Dr. S.G.

TIA responds:

Dear Dr. S.G.,

We are very glad to know that you have benefited from our articles.

Regarding the problem of living with your new Catholic family in the house of your Hindu parents, we see two possible solutions:
  1. To move from your parent's house and have your own home with a Catholic ambience;
  2. To explain to your parents that you converted to Catholicism and that you do not want your children to be influenced by Hinduism. Hence, you ask them the favor to remove their symbols from the sight of your wife and the child she carries. If they agree, part of your problem is resolved. If they do not, you should lean toward the first solution, which is the better.
Living in a different house does not imply that you should stop caring for your parents. If you find a house not far from theirs, you may continue to frequent their house and assist them in their psychological and physical needs.

We hope this answer can be of some assistance to you.


     TIA correspondence desk


Farmers Protest in Germany & France

Dear TIA,

In the entire second week of January German farmers went in public manifestations protesting the socialist measures taken by Chancellor Olaf Scholz against agriculture farmers and livestock farmers. They drove their tractors to Berlin creating a chaos in the freeways and in the city. The video below (in Portuguese) presents a good footage of the final manifestation in central Berlin, under the Brandenburg Gate.

From Germany the movement spread to France. I am sending you some footage of the farmers that raised up in all France paralyzing Paris and blocking many highways in various parts of the country.

Although they protest against their governments, we know that the socialist policies of those governments are complying with socialist guidelines of the European Union.

The media is practically ignoring the farmers' movement.



Historical Precedents of Heretical Papal Documents

Dear TIA,

Praise be Jesus, Mary, and Joseph!

I hope this Christmas season is finding you well in body and spirit. I have found much helpful information on your site and through your other various publications.

Please forgive me in advance, for the length of this question for I must give it a preface.


Some time ago, I read thoroughly the book written by Arnaldo Xavier Da Silveria "Two Timely Issues: The New Mass and the Possibility of a Heretical Pope" of which I am sure you are familiar with. I believe, if I am not mistaken, that your position is aligned with the views expressed in this work, because of its connection to Prof. Plino.

In these two studies there is a chapter entitled; "Can There Be Heresy in the Documents of the Pontifical or Conciliar Magisterium"; within that chapter the author lays out his argument that such a case is possible - though no historical examples of official documents of the papal magisterium are cited - other examples of papal errors are given, but heretical pontifical documents specifically - do not seem to exist in the pre-conciliar period.
The author concludes, "Considering the reasons presented, we do not see how to exclude, in principle, the hypothesis of heresy in an official document of the pontifical or conciliar Magisterium that does not include the conditions that would make it infallible."

So, it seems that what is being argued is that no such errors in pontifical documents of the Magisterium i.e., Decretals, Apostolic Constitutions, Encyclicals, Declarations, etc. have ever existed in the pre-conciliar period. I have also read your interesting and well written article, "Can a Pope Err in Doctrinal, Liturgical and Canonical Matters?" which does not cite any erroneous pontifical documents of the Magisterium that I could identify, but rather, imprudent acts, omissions, etc. in their, "...personal teachings and actions."

So, my questions pertain to "official acts of the pontifical Magisterium" properly not "private teachings/actions." of the popes.

Question #1
Is there any example that you can cite the source to for heresy in the documents of the Pontifical and Pre-Conciliar Magisterium?

In anticipation that such official documents do not exist, I would like to proceed to my 2nd question. If such documents do indeed exist, please disregard the following question - thank you.

Question #2
If the idea that heresy can be promulgated in official acts of the papal magisterium is just a thesis and not a proven fact in the pre-conciliar period, why is adopting this thesis preferable to TIA over any other thesis (I am thinking specifically of the thesis of Sedevacantism)? Essentially, I am asking why should someone believe your thesis of what has transpired over any other thesis and why you are so sure that your interpretation of the current crisis is the correct one at the expense of disallowing and disapproving of the Sedevacantist one to the point it seems of ruling them to be outside the Church?

Additional reasoning:
A thesis is really just an educated guess. Of course, the more facts and sound reasoning it is based upon the more solid the thesis and argument appears - yet it remains what it is - an educated guess. Is the Sedevacantist position vs. there being heresy in papal and conciliar documents really so weak by comparison, or could it also not factor into human reasoning that something so terrible as the Sedevacantist thesis (and the consequences that follow from it) are so repugnant to Catholic sense that such human reasoning and repugnance could easily cause one to lean towards following a more favorable thesis of there being heresy coming from the papacy itself? A line of argument that would go something like this:

"No God would never allow 99.9% of the hierarchy to slip into heresy and lose the faith and their office and thereby potentially lead millions upon of millions of Catholics into idolatry and hell. This cannot be! So, we must look elsewhere to other arguments that are more favorable to Catholics in general."

These days, I wonder... I am thinking of the doctrine of the "fewness of the saved", of which, I am aware one can argue that it is not dogmatically defined. Yet, it has immense weight from the Fathers, the Saints, many theologians, exegetes, etc." and conversely to deny it has very little support (if any at all) from anyone considered orthodox. Even Holy Scripture contains many instances of the majority of the Jewish people falling into idolatry.

Again, I apologize for the length of this inquiry, I know you have a keen eye for taking apart questions and making distinctions, I look forward to your response and thank you in advance for your assistance.

      In Christ



TIA responds:

Dear J.D.S.,

Thank you for taking seriously the book The New Mass and the Possibility of a Heretical Pope. The book is the best point of reference on these two crucial issues.

Your reasoning leads to this question: “Is there any example that you can cite of a source  for heresy in the documents of the Pontifical and Pre-Conciliar Magisterium?”

We answer: Yes, there are several examples, which you may find reading these two articles on the historical precedents of resistance to papal errors, here and here.

To wit:
  • St. Hillary of Poitiers, St. Athanasius and St. Jerome report the fact that Pope Liberius signed a semi-Arian document.
  • Pope Zozimus wrote two letter praising the heresiarch Pelagius.
  • Pope Vigilus approved the conclusions of a monophisite council.
  • Pope Honorius favored the monothelitism and was later condemned as heretic by St. Leo II and the Council of Constantinople.
Here you have some historic precedents of papal documents containing heresies.


     TIA correspondence desk

Posted February 1, 2024


Blason de Charlemagne
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