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Objection: You Gave No Evidence that
Judaism Destroyed Christendom

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Dear Mr. Guimarães,

I have read your website for years and I enjoy it very much. I have lately been especially interested in the "two Lucys" controversy [click here]. Clearly you and Miss Horvat have advanced a hypothesis that, given the evidence, is almost irrefutable – that the earlier Lucy and the later Lucy are not the same people.

Furthermore, your June 6 article "A Sister Lucy Favorable to Judaism" shows how important it is for Catholics to come to grips with this strange evident deception.

However, that same article contains certain statements that I must contest. Toward the end of the article you write:
"Judaism persecuted the Church from her very beginning, was the ferment of all heresies, and directed the conspiracy to destroy Christendom and the Catholic Church from the Middle Age to our own day."
It seems to me that you have somewhat overestimated both the malice and the capability of the Jews. In this, I’m afraid, you are not alone. Many traditionalist writers tend to make the same mistake. For example, one well-known Catholic authoress, who is generally excellent, has in her books accused the Jews of not only being the source of all heresies and of being the malicious intelligence behind the destruction of Christendom, but has even suggested that they may have perpetrated the Bubonic Plague. Unfortunately, these conjectures of hers are supported by nothing that can be described as evidence.

Neither do you support your assertions with evidence. But evidence is required. What kind of evidence is required? I believe, the kind that answers the following questions: What papal encyclical has ever warned that Judaism has directed the conspiracy against Christendom and the Catholic Church? Which Ecumenical Council has ever determined that Judaism is the ferment of all heresies? Which saints or Church Fathers have ever held such opinions?



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Guimarães responds:

Dear Mr. G.E.R.,

Thank you for your kind letter, your support, and your request for evidence on the role of Judaism against the Catholic Church and Christendom throughout History.

1. In another place on this website, analyzing the visit Pope John Paul II to the synagogue of Rome in 1986 and the surprising declarations he made there, I presented a long list of Popes and Councils with the respective judgments they made against Judaism [click here]. In that list, you can find many affirmations supporting that Judaism always fought against the Catholic Church and the Catholic Faith.

2. Also the Talmud, one of the principal books of the Jewish religion, contains many statements against the Catholic Faith that I also transcribed in that article.

3. The affirmation that Judaism was the source of all heresies was made by St. Pius V in his Decree of February 26, 1569. Here are the words of his text:
“We know that this most perverse people have always been the cause and seed-bag of almost all the heresies.”
In the same analysis I gave the source I used for this quote.

4. Regarding the persecutions Judaism instigated against Catholics, they are proverbial according to the words of Tertullian: Synagogae Judaeorum fontes persecutionum [the synagogue of the Jews is the source of the persecutions]. In my article, I presented a chronology of direct and indirect persecutions Judaism made against the Catholic Church (click here). They seem to confirm that Tertullian’s maxim remained true at least until the end of the 19th century.

5. That Judaism was the source of all heresies and the principle architect of Protestantism, the French Revolution, and Communism – and therefore a destroyer of Christendom – was common knowledge among Catholics everywhere until World War I. Many very respectable works written by Catholics of great fame at the the end of the 19th century and beginning of the 20th century, such as Msgr. Henri Delassus, Msgr. Jouin, Cretinneau-Joly, Leon de Poncins, among others, proved with a great luxury of details based on serious Jewish sources the plans of Judaism to destroy both Christendom and the Catholic Church. In that article I also offered a few examples of Jewish sources claiming that Judaism was responsible for Protestantism, the French Revolution, and Communism (click here).

6. It was only after World War II that an attempt was made to erase the previous evidence of 20 centuries of History demonstrating how Judaism fought against the Catholic Church. Even though I am a convinced anti-Nazi Catholic and I lament the brutal massacre of Jews in the war, I cannot permit a sleight of hand be made to subvert the entire past of the Catholic Church in the name of an exaggerated sentimentalism for such victims. This exaggeration only favors Judaism and Progressivism.

7. Regarding Jews spreading the Bubonic Plague, which you mentioned, I have never heard anything about this.

I hope that items 1 to 5 will provide you with the requested evidence.


     A.S. Guimarães

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted on June 12, 2006

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