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The U.S. Is Bad, but
Putin Supports Morality

To Toby Westerman:

Your articles presenting Vladimir Putin as a bad man are wrong. He is doing a great job regarding morality, while we in the United States are going downhill.

Take a look at these two sets of pictures and tell me: Which military people are better formed and oriented?


Above, the U.S. military; below, the Russian military


Westerman responds:


1. First of all, Putin seems to have his own problems regarding appropriate distance from children. The source for this picture (first below at right) is the very unconservative BBC. There are also articles on the Internet asserting that Russian president Vladimir Putin is himself a homosexual.

Is Putin a homosexual?
2. The assumption implied in L.H.’s pictures seems to be that all U.S. servicemen and servicewomen are homosexuals, and that all Russian service members are God-fearing Christian warriors. Anyone with any insight into human behavior recognizes this assertion as absurd.

It has only been with the social engineering of Obama that homosexuals have found open acceptance in the military. My personal belief, after speaking with veterans of various ages for a number of reasons, is that the number of homosexuals in the U.S. military is very small, about 5%, especially if compared with the number of God-fearing soldiers, sailors, Marines and airmen for whom homosexuality is not an option.

I know from a reliable military source linked to the intelligence service about a 2013 CDC survey that put the number of homosexuals, lesbians, etc. at 5.6%. This source also believes that some homosexuals may be joining the military in order to seek situations of "discrimination" and, if "discovered," publically attempt to destroy the "offending" individual. He specifically quoted the case of Lt Cmdr Modder. A Marine Corp chaplain, Modder was reported by his homosexual assistant who spent time asking Modder provocative questions which eventually led to legal action against Modder.

The noise generated by cases such as Modder's give the impression that there are more homosexuals in the military than actually are. The media spin and support from the Obama administration undermines, according to my trusted source, military morale. (1)

To boil it down, America's military, which is the finest on earth, is being destroyed by what I would call Satanic activity.

We cannot justly condemn the vast majority of loyal and upright members of the armed forces for the actions of those who hate the military as much as they hate the United States - and I would add, hate traditional Christianity.

3. The image of the Russian soldiers kissing the Cross and the priest sprinkling Holy Water on a jet present a number of problems.

A. First, the Russian society which produced these soldiers is not particularly religious. Abortion, fornication, divorce are prevalent in Russia (unfortunately, as in the U.S.).

B. One may find chilling the use of Holy Water (one assumes a valid priestly ordination) and the accompanying blessing used on a weapon which will most likely be used to support Russian aggression (Ukraine, Baltics, Arctic) or assist the expansion of Russian allies, particularly the Peoples Republic of China in the South China Sea. Russia is especially occupied with frightening Japan with bombers flying close to the Japanese home islands and with military activities in the Kuril Islands, once Japanese but occupied by Moscow since WWII. Russian bombers also fly close to the U.S. coastline.

4. Russia also uses religion as a tool.

In 1920, after the Bolshevik Revolution and the Russian Civil War, the Soviet military was officially atheist. The military that before had been the bulwark of the Tsar and Orthodoxy became the instrument of savage persecution of all that had remained of the old order and religion itself.

By 1941, slightly more than 20 years following the Communist triumph in the Russian Civil War, Soviet dictator and mass murderer Josef Stalin (who incidentally has acquired a new coat of whitewash courtesy of Putin) used religion to rally the Russian people against the Nazi invasion of June 1941. Before and after this brief respite, the communists viciously assaulted every aspect of religion, sending thousands of priests and ordinary believers to their deaths in prison camps.

In the 1930s, the Italian Communist Antonio Gramsci anticipated Stalin’s use of religion. Gransci advocated the use of elements of a nation’s social framework to introduce communist ideas and eventually dominate the targeted society. Instead of persecuting religious individuals, Gramsci advocated the use of such people to advance communist ideology.

The use of religion as a Marxist tool has precedent in both communist theory and practice.

5. Putin’s sympathies are overtly pro-communist. His KGB background, his reverence for Soviet/Russian spies past and present, and his well-known statement about the collapse of the USSR being the worst geopolitical catastrophe of the 20th century all confirm the virulence of these sympathies. Most recently, Putin has given a national award to the leader of the Russian Communist Party, Gennady Zyuganov, which included a statuette of a Bolshevik war hero.

Putin the “Christian Warrior” is also instrumental in arming the Islamic Republic of Iran with the atomic bomb. Putin’s Russia also stands behind the savage and Stalinist regime in North Korea.

6. At home, Putin is facing a dilemma as great as that of Stalin’s during the early days of WWII. Russians are becoming extinct, because the Russian population is in serious decline. Abortion is still a popular form of birth control, and alcoholism is taking a serious toll among the male Russian population. Population decline and alcoholism are not signs of a religious society.

Following Stalin’s example during WWII and Gransci’s theoretical concepts, Putin is using religion in an attempt to prevent Russia from imploding. Putin and his circle are still aiming for a re-formed Russian Communist State, and religion is supposed to give him the time to bring the new Soviet State into fruition.

Putin is using his time well, allying Russia with the Peoples Republic of China, pressuring Europe, expanding militarily into the Arctic, acquiring bases in Latin America, and encouraging a reverie for the old Soviet Union.

7. I do not doubt that the Russian people are capable of great religious feeling, but the true and profound expression of this devotion to the Divine will come only with the long-awaited conversion at the hands of the Blessed Mother. Among the signs of such a conversion will be not only be the banishment of abortion, fornication, divorce and other such activities, but also the acceptance of the teachings of the Catholic Church and the recognition of the Holy Father as the Vicar of Christ on earth.

      God bless,

     Toby Westerman

Footnote 1. I recognize that there have been, and presumably are, homosexuals who are serving with quiet honor, some even displaying heroism. I would urge such individuals to rethink their beliefs and find their way to traditional Christianity. My critical remarks were directed toward those who do not care about the United States, put their own ideology first, and are actively seeking to destroy the military and all those who disagree with them. Traditional Christianity is one of their targets.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted April 14, 2015



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