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‘Great’ Putin, Noah & Birds of Prey

Supporting Putin

Dear TIA,

It’s with dismay that I write to you regarding your recent articles regarding the situation in Russia. Normally most of your material is enlightening and thought provoking. However, when you turn to politics, especially the articles on the recent events in Crimea and Ukraine (here and here), the content is very poor and resembles the packaged propaganda that we have come to expect from the Western mass media.

Certainly your readership is a little more informed on global politics and Nato’s lust for world hegemony. You may want to step outside the comfort zone and do some serious investigations and truth discovery, just like you do with the Vatican II sect.

     Keep up the good work on the Vatican II sect.


TIA responds:

Dear S.K.,

Thank for you message and the consideration you show for some of our positions.

We are following international politics daily and holding the same line we have for the last 12 years. We have invariably opposed the Western authorities as well as the media when they have supported – and many still do so – Russia and China, based on the false presupposition that Russia has abandoned Communism and China would do the same if it is flooded with Western money. We have consistently held that the regimes of these two countries continue to be as communist as they were prior to the end of the Soviet Union, and that they are just taking advantage of the West. A quick search in our International Affairs’ page provides indisputable evidence of this.

We have watched with concern and sadness many traditionalists and conservatives falling into another trap of Communism. This new propaganda presents Putin as a great man, on the edge of conversion, the hope of those who oppose Freemasonry, Jewish economic dominance, the One World Order, etc. Some go so far as to imagine Putin will be the one who will convert Russia, according to the promises of Fatima…

We believe that these assumptions are wishful thinking with almost no basis in reality. Some few measures Putin took against homosexuality, immigrants who do not speak Russian and the European Union are not symptoms of “conversion.” Rather they are expressions of an astute maneuver to make elements of the Western Right become pro-Russia, that is, pro-Communism.

After the take-over of the Crimea and Russia’s threats against Ukraine, Putin’s intent to rebuild the USSR is becoming clearer. With this, a part of the Center has realized it was being deceived. However, those Rightists who had raised up Putin in a new messiah refuse to accept this reality and are "heroically" rallying around their “persecuted hero” as if his obvious intent of dominance would be nothing but a mirage created by the partisans of the One World Order.

It is sad to see how far blindness and stubbornness can go. We pray that well-intentioned Rightists taking this position will open their eyes.

While we respect them and pray for them, we are sure others - the communists they naïvely imagine to have converted - are laughing at them:


     TIA correspondence desk



Dear TIA,

I hope this finds you well.

Thank you so much for posting my Conchita Wurst comment!

I now realized that not all readers will know that "Conchita" is not just a very Catholic name, representing the Immaculate Conception, but "concha" or "conchita" can also be a slang word, used in some parts of Latin America to signify a woman's private parts (with the literal translation being shell).

There's no doubt that this new-born homosexual icon deliberately chose the name "Conchita" because of its insidious double meaning! His chosen "surname" - Wurst - means sausage, which might be more easily recognizable also in the English-speaking world - wurst, clearly being a sexual allusion as well. The sexual meaning of "conchita" needs to be understood because the priest indeed asks for CONCHITAS!

Maybe you could find a way of inserting this additional information for the readers, without bothering them with too much indecency.

All the best and may God bless your website, from which I personally have been learning, and continue to learn, so much!

     R.W., Europe

Gnostic Modern Art


You wrote in your review of Noah: “Once you have the basic Theosophic line of Aronosky’s Noah, all the rest is filler and Hollywood effects. The real message is that the Bible has the message all wrong. Our real covenant is not with the ‘cruel god’ of Genesis who sent the Flood, but with the Serpent, which wants to help men to become gods, to return to their original state of light.”

Yes: once back in the 'original state of light,' then one has obtained the real goal of all post modern 'art'/occult, Gnostic: Sex, power, and money... in any order... whenever they want them, since you're now god. Then all go to 'heaven' and 'the light.' This was Martin Luther's goal also. He easily obtained his goals since he was god. Power, sex, money... in any order... whenever he wanted them. Then, he went to heaven... and 'the light!'

The "Big Three" or the "Unholy Three", as Miss Hannikman+ and I called them. Rather than the Holy Trinity (Holy Three) as They were called in the Beginning, are Now, and Ever shall be, since we're not God.

     Thank you,


Review of Noah

Dr. Horvat,

Thank you for telling me about this movie Noah. I was thinking, "Oh, that looks like a good Catholic film. It's about Noah and the flood." I should have known !

I'm learning right now all about Gnosticism and ALL types of heresies from the early Church in Fr. Stephen's Councils of the Church class.

Anyway, thanks for saving me the money to rent this film. I won't have anything to do with it. Now it just looks dumb and silly to me.


Points in Common

Hello Tradition in Action,

Last night, while I was seeking and finding the original prayer to St. Michael the Archangel to permanently aid me as I digest the reality that "The Illuminati" cult founded in Bavaria 200 years ago is the chief author of the Progressive Movement and "The New World Order," which George Bush Sr. pronounced in his first term, I stumbled upon your website .

Hurrah that there are Catholics who think as I do and who are willing to fight for their convictions. Congratulations. We have much in common.


Birds of Prey

Dear TIA,

My gift to you today is a courtesy of my Navy Buddy Dave who just sent it to me with the symbol of our country prominently featured.

Best in full-screen with sound up!

Absolutely beautiful! Enjoy the wonders of God's creation!

To watch click here.

     Gary Morella

Series on Limbo

Dear TIA,

Thank you for your series on Purgatory and Hell. I hope that you will also do one on Limbo. Has the post-Vatican II Church changed its teaching on the Limbus Puerorum (Limbo of the Infants)?


TIA responds:

Dear W.M.,

Thank you for your suggestion. We are passing it on to Prof. Remi Amelunxen. We hope he will find time to study this interesting topic.


     TIA correspondence desk


Dirty Clinic


Perhaps if a mother walks into an abortion slaughter house to have her baby eliminated and sees a filthy, rotten, dirty looking clinic, she will realize how evil her intentions truly are. So, in this scenario, sanitary conditions and cleanliness might be more inviting to complete the evil deed.

This new attack on these clinics to make them safer and cleaner may just backfire on the pro-life cause. Is there a difference between a preborn executed in clean surroundings and one executed in unsanitary conditions? Nope!

     Let's keep focused.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted May 15, 2014

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