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Paganism, Satanism and Witchcraft

I Want No Part of Christianity

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I wanted to comment on your very ignorant racist website. If this is how Christianity makes one act by putting up slanderous lies about another race/culture and religion I want no part of it.

You are totally ignorant of any true facts of the Mohawk history and religion... you are a fool, we worship the same God as you, (dah) in our traditional religion, it is not pagan, we do not worship any other gods, thats just wrong. The false face masks are not worn to worship demon spirits. HAHAHA... DO YOU KNOW HOW STUPID YOUR WEBSITE MAKES YOU LOOK?

You have done an excellent job of making yourself the biggest idiot on the Internet. Stupid people as yourself really make life fun for those people that know, you are a big joke that everyone has laughed at, Native and non-native.

I especially want no part of Christianity because it attracts idiots like you and not the true believers in God. Especially when YOUR people are the ones that raped and murdered Native children in the Residential schools. Not to mention the sexual abuse that still goes on today among YOUR priests. You are probably a big diddler yourself, why else would you have so much hate inside of you.

You will be in my prayers that you won't be an stupid idiot [sic] anymore.


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Satan Is a Christian Construction

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On your website you identify Paganism with Satanism. I feel you need to be put straight about this error. Satan is a Christian construct, the epitemy [epitome] of evil, the "other side of the coin" (if you will) to the Christian High God.

A Pagan would NEVER call her or himself a satanist, we do not condone Satanism in any way. We have our own goddesses and gods, and if you wish to make a case against us using them, then so be it, but do not mistake us for a cult which YOU have created.

There are people out there who call themselves Satanists. Generally, they are stupid little teens who wear too much black and watch too many horror movies, either that or they are people who are launching attacks at the Christian Church (e.g: Anton La Vay, Alistar Crowley ). We are not them.

I cannot give you a definition of what a Pagan is or believes, because there is no definition, we believe what is in our heart, our love is for the world and everything in it, including all animals, nature, and beings of all descriptions. Every Pagan has a different outlook on life and a different idea of what Paganism is for them, and that is encouraged greatly.

We do deal with "supernatural" powers, we do hold in high regard some symbols which you may find offensive, for example, I hold the symbols of the triple Goddess (which actually predates your holy trinity) and the Pentagram in very high regard, some of us will not find these symbols as important, they will have their own symbols.

I am not some lay person who does not know what they are talking about. I was raised a Catholic. I have been in the presence of the late Pope John Paul II. I have a degree in comparative world religions, and I am now a pagan, when I searched my heart, when I thought I had nothing left, I found the Pagan in me, that had been there all the time.

Why must you continually attack Paganism? We DO NOT attack your beliefs. Is your belief in your religion so fragile that you must attack anything that you disagree with to re-affirm your faith? All we are is different, and is that not something to celebrate? That in this world we CAN be different, and allow others to pursue their own ends.

I am in no way attacking you or your beliefs in this mail. I want you to try to understand and to leave us to be what we want to be.

We do not hate you.

     With regards,

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An American Witch in Scotland

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I'm 42 years old... I'm an American living in Scotland.

I've been an Eclectic Pagan Witch for well over 15 years, grew up Methodist and then switched to Baptist. Then, I found Paganism, which is closely related to the Catholic denomination of Christianity.

I had loads of dolls... never had a Witch or anything like that... but I chose this religion quite freely on my own. I have studied many religions from Christianity to Buddhism... and this particular religion suits ME. I don't ask that it suits anyone else... nor do I push my religion on anyone.

A doll [Secret Spells Barbie] or toy is not going to "warp" young minds... it's the PEOPLE in different religions that warp them.

There ARE other religions out there, other than Christianity. Take Islam for instance... it is called the sister religion of Christianity. If you've ever been inside a Mosque, if you took out the carpets and mats and replaced them with pews, it would look just like a church and visa versa.

Look at Jeffrey Dalmer (the weirdo that killed and ate his victims), he was raised Catholic... Look at all the Priests who abuse the small boys in the Catholic churches...Look at all the HATE that is caused by one religion disagreeing with another and wanting everyone to be the same...

We're all striving to get to the same place, no matter what we call it. We should all just be glad that our own children haven't turned out to be some weirdo. I am a happy, healthy, well-rounded, very well educated, lady... and I'm very proud of that.

Thanks for listening... and thanks for allowing me to email you on this subject.


Blason de Charlemagne
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